Sensationnel Cloud9 What Lace Human Hair Blend Hd Lace Wig "Ezra 28" |Ebonyline.Com


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Brand What Lace

Color 1B

Special Color & Mix Blonde Mix

Parting Hand Tied, 13x6

Features Handmade / Hand Tied, Futura / Heatable, Swiss Silk / Swiss Lace, HD Transparent

Crimp Curly

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I'M trying to see how I want to park this hair because it's definitely giving life, should I do side, part or middle part. I kind of like the middle part, one thing about Sensational when it comes today what lace collection, they're gon na, do it for me every time every time. Thank you, foreign. Sorry! If I'm saying that wrong, but um, so this unit is a pretty much a deep wave unit, it's 26 inches long um. This is the color 1B um. So just like a natural color um, it is a 13 by six. So you can do a side part as well, which I was I didn't know which one I wanted to do. I didn't know if I wanted to do the middle part or the side part, but the middle part uh. It originally comes in the middle part, and it's nice and flat. I had no issues with that. It is pre-plugged uh the plug-in looks amazing. This is one of those units where you can literally cut the lace and just throw her on like you can wear her glueless um. Let me see she is, I would say, she's ear to ear um she's, not as big head friendly. As I would like her to be. I mean she fits, but you know I could have you know more. I could have used a little bit more space with her um. She does come in sensationals like regular, colors um. I don't see any new colors on here um. She does not share it um. This is her natural form, um. The only thing I did different to her was, I just cut um almost like just framed it to my face uh, so just give it something extra, but you really don't have to do anything to her. This is the natural curl pattern. If you want her bigger, I would suggest, like maybe just calm her out, but she doesn't need it though um I feel like this wig is like good for like vacation like if you go on a vacation. This is like the perfect vacation here seriously like just so fast and quick. It has a mesh cap with the elastic band. It did come with the elastic extra elastic band. I think that's it yeah, let's see uh she, oh, she did come with baby hair. So if you wanted the baby hair, she comes with that, but that's it it's nice and simple. So if you want to purchase this unit click round below make sure you like comment subscribe to our Channel. Thank you have a good day. Bye!

Tiffany : Absolutely beautiful love it. Kinda reminds me of my favorite Chelsea. I love ebonyline but lately the shipping takes so long to ship out but they do have the best deals to me

Danielle The Unicorn: Love it!

Alisa Mitchell: Super Cute

Prettieface Productions: cute

Unapologetically _dope78 Blk: Absolutely gorgeous ❤

Ebonyline: @brittbratt305.7

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