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Sensationnel Cloud9 Kamile is such a cute updated style for a bob. I went from BUSTED to BADDIE Dolls so please SHARE this video & turn on those NOTIFICATIONS (support this content creator )

here's all the What Lace collection wigs I've reviewed in a playlist so check them out Sensationnel What Lace? Collection: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=...

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Welcome to the dollhouse of sugar and yet all day, don't forget to Like comment and definitely subscribe. If you like what you see here in this, you know my doll, so sugar Ericka met you guys today with a review. Well, not really a root. It'S gon na be a review. It'S gon na get be a different kind of review. I'M gon na do it get ready with new portion and laying the wig down. Do my makeup and then I'll come back at the end and talk to you guys about the week so I'll be reviewing sensational cloud9 Camille yeah. I already know the specs on this week is still like a a. She asked great lace. You'Re gon na get three combs to comes in the front, come in the back with adjustable straps. She comes with a 13 by 6 parting area. Like I don't know what more I can say yeah. I know synthetic she's gon na give you um she's gon na be heating up to four inch agrees. So what more can I say about this week since y'all already know all the specs she's been all over YouTube lately, so I'm gon na go ahead and show you out my little review and how I get ready. So here she is. I already took out the package: are you tried on the head and things like that? So what I'm gon na do is I'm gon na go ahead and throw her on apply her, do my makeup and then come at you guys with the UM at the end? Okay, you guys already know all the specs on this, which she has a total of three combs, two combs in the front, coming back with the adjustable straps and then she's gon na come with a 13 by 6 frontal area and then you're gon na get. You know a nice prefect hairline, but you know you still get that as she asked great lace that we don't tell them about, but anyway it's workable, as you guys can see. I'M since I applied the wig first and then did my makeup afterwards. I have a lot better blend as you can see, so I don't get that white cast. You know after I apply my makeup and I try to blend it into my skin. It just doesn't work that way, so I do recommend if you do wear makeup and you want to wear you know a weight from this collection. Do your makeup after him, you know, apply the wig before you get, I'm saying so anyway, um as far as tangling. Yes, she does tangle access limp. Yes, she is tinkling and shedding. Yes, she does shed just a little bit and then also this wig comes off very, very frizzy, so I do recommend just a little bit of serum um. You know just a little bit running through your hands and then run it through the week and then take a wide tooth comb, because what happens is these curls do clump up, so you want to break them apart. So I would recommend a wide toothed comb or either you know, use your hands, but it, but overall she's really really keep I'm. She is under $ 60, so she's, not quite sick. You know she's not quite $ 60, yet but she's getting there. I'M on certain sites so definitely shop around um for your best, you know shopping experience. I purchased her from Miss barn, calm. Of course, I believe the purchase links down below in the description box, but yeah. She is really really cute she's, giving me an old-school Hollywood. Glam I love the glam. Take on this. Bob is really really cute. Um she's, definitely perfect for the holidays. You know you got your holiday cards coming up your office parties. You know you want to start in the living room with your aunties in them. You definitely can do so with this baby. Okay, like she is totally cute, like she'll, get you ready for all occasions, honey, so um. Also, you know. If you were to wear her every day, I would recommend you know like a cute little casual outfit, cute um. You know off-the-shoulder chunky, sweater, nice, Jean booty, you know nice boot, um or you know you can definitely dress her up because, like I said she is definitely perfect for special occasions. I dress her up with a nice dress. Nice, you know, form-fitting dress. If you guys are going out on date night, you can definitely take her to weddings office parties. You can take her. You know for picture day for your family pictures that you're doing for the holidays. I mean she would definitely get you Christmas card already. Baby. Okay, dude huh. You can't tell me nothing. I like damn good okay, like I'm, just I'm giving out old-school Hollywood glam with this classic red, but okay. So let me stop because I asked you must have given looks or two extra night out and let me turn it down cuz I can. I can really go but anyway, if you guys like this video definitely um share is free to share. I do not mind you sharing comment down below we'll kick it up and definitely you know subscribe if you're not subscribed, I don't mind, but if you are subscribed, turn your notification bells on that way, you don't miss a beat or video from me at all. Follow me on Facebook and Instagram. I am a all day on both platforms. Everything that you need to know will be in the description box and you know, like I said, will keep heat up in the comments and I'll talk to you later. Bye dolls, you

Shanise Nicole: I love how you styled applied her and styled her I’m here for this entire beat honey I love a good red lip pie may need to add that to my collection. Love the video❤️

Kie RaShon: I love watching how other women put on their makeup. Learn something new every time. I want to try a red lippie!

Aya_All_Day: These GRWM videos are no joke to edit! I hope you Dolls enjoyed this video & gon head SHARE (it's free) it helps this video get seen.

Simply Sherelle : I agree this lil mama tangled and is frizzy. Love the red lip I need one in my collection I’m such a neutral gal . The whole look was bomb

KL Sunsets: I love this hair, I’ve been waiting on this since the livestream. The soft glam makeup look makes it even better.

Lene aka Money Money: This unit is gorgeous ❤️❤️❣️❣️

Karen Greene: Yours is the most gorgeous Kamile I've seen to date. Love it!!!

Sakita Clark: Very beautiful!!!!!! One of the best install of Kamile that I've seen.

ablckdiamd1: Im with Sis Kie I love watching other sisters put their make up on as well as the hair. You look "Beautiful"!

WeezyWigReviews: Yassss Baby Girl! You did that as usual! I'm editing my video now on that eyelash application those looked perfect! I will never go back to the old way! If you weren't going anywhere I hope you made Bae take you out b/c that look needed to be admired up close & personal Doll! Keep Slayin Niece I love watching your vids!

Bella DaKid: Such a beautiful classic modern day old Hollywood look especially with the cat eye, red lip & white top

Tracey Boyland: Loved the GRWM. I love this unit. It just looks like you went to the shop and got my hair done

Stephanie Dudley: Girl you look amazing and slaying that unit

Jae Dun: You slayed!!!! She’s definitely gorgeous on you.

Mich Brooks: This is beautiful , looking at the stock card it's completely different. Thanks for the video.

FlawlessAndFancy: I've seen several ladies review this unit, and they all looked lovely in it, including you. I just watched Gwladys' review on this unit, and she had a hell of a task fixing it to her liking. Straight out the pack the wig was already fluffed out and tangled! I think she was sent someone's returned unit!

Twani Bonner: Sis you slayed!

Kim J.: You are so pretty! And every unit u get u slay it! Hands down my favorite YouTuber!!!

Sassy D: So cute! Thanks for sharing!

passionatereader isme: great honest review

Briee Bri: love it sis!!!

Yvonne J: First and foremost, you did a fabulous job! Secondly, I'm on the fence with this unit -- as soon as I hear words like 'frizz' and 'tangles' -- I'm running for the hills although this unit is fire but again...frizz/tangles @ its cost? Hmmm...this surely has to go in my "rotational!"

Jus Mek: Girllll the WHOLE Christmas card!!!! The hair n that red lip!!!!!!!!

Simply Windy: Yaass you slayed this look!

SAWLIFE: That eyeliner pen is STUPID BLACKKKK I LOVE !!!!! I love GRWM btw. I’m so enjoying this video

2Cole4U: Classy, Beautiful!!!!

Fee-Bee Romero: This wig is so pretty, i have it so i know lol. You look beautiful in this, I love your makeup. Great video

qtbeddecor: I like the description you gave for the lace. LOL Your make up is beautiful, and the lip color was the cherry on top!!!! xoxoxoxoxo

Lily-Love Toppar: Wow! You slayed both the wig and the makeup!! This is the best review of this wig. Is this hair/ fibres rough to the touch? Are the ends of the hair itchy, prickly or scratchy?

DyminMonique: This hair and lip sooo gorge

SIMPLY MARVELOUS 4: Yesss sis you killed it!

IsThatYourHairrr: You look so cute, Aya boo. That red lippie yaaasssss. ColouredRaine is my faaaave! You are def ready for the livingroom this Thanksgiving.

Silky Saks: You stayed honey. Love the wig and makeup look

SAWLIFE: I’m so obsessed with this song and that RED LIP SETTTTTT IT OFFF BABY

Dominican Princess: Very beautiful as ALWAYS and your makeup is gorgeous ❤.

Wiggin Out: You look gorgeous ... I have kamille sitting at home. I haven't opened her yet. I'm disappointed at the tangles and frizz ‍♀️

Arnita Vonzell4: Ain't mad at you.... BEAUTIFUL....BEAUTIFUL. Great review and that red is gorgeous on you...Kamile is very pretty...love it.....Stay blessed and safe

Monica Davis: Love the hair and makeup. Melanin poppin!! I must get Kamile. What did you use to adhere her?

Love Yourself: Yessssss Slayed....Hair Done, Makeup Done, Everything Did Gorgeous

Magikalblackness: Yessss tutorial with a hair review love it That's my supa sexii #fairywigmuva

Iona: Can you tell me what you use to get shine on your wigs. You always have them looking fresh like out of the beauty salon.

Jazz Zz: What product are you using when u dried the hair with the hair dryer in the first half of the video ? To give the wig a more natural look .

Nikki Faith Rosser: Hunnie amazing that makeup is beautiful

70’s Fashion &Hair Channel: Hey Aya, I love your video, but I wanted to ask you if you have heard anything about the new YouTube rules where on Dec 10th, the FTC has declared that any videos that they or us (deemed family friendly or kid friendly will be allowed to exist on the platform but no monetization, no likes, no shares, no notifications whatsoever, and if you don’t say your videos are family friendly, YouTube along with the FTC will fine each video made with a fine up to 42,350.$ I’m asking if you know about this because the wig and hair review community is real quiet and haven’t made any noise about this, and ANYONE who is monetized on here is in danger as of Dec 10th. The FTC even made a video to express their plans for YT creators as far as fining someone 42,000$ if they for whatever reason don’t put their videos in the child friendly category.

Georgina Cobbins: How long did it last?

Meekah Lynne: Bomb af videoYou wear the hell out of a red lippie

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Joistrength: What did you apply to the hairline in the beginning...was that mousse?

Copper Colored Soul: What is that you're using on your eyebrow (besides the pencil)?

ItsMe A.:

iamgoddessgold: What wig are you wearing in the intro?

Jessica Rabbit: Busted in your natural state with that flawless skin??!!?? Chile what you smokin on?? Gimmie some


SAWLIFE: Defff old Hollywood glam the tangling at this length is ridiculous and annoying, audry did the same thing

Kimberly Natasha:


S G: Bella !

Kaelyn BrowzBeauty: love this video but the transitions are kinda making me dizzy lol!!

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