What Lace?! Only $50! Sensationnel Cloud 9 Solana Wig

  • Posted on 02 September, 2019
  • HD Lace Wig
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Solana wig:


Color: FLAMBOYAGECHOCOLATE (currently out of stock) :(

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Okay, you guys so that week, I'm going to be doing today is this week from a sin a station. Oh, this is their cloud non-swiss place what place a week. It'S a hundred percent premium fiber. So this is a synthetic week. You guys it's precooked. It has a natural density and a flawless hairline right here. I show the shoot: the difference between the typical synthetic hair, weak lines and their weak hairline, and on the back. It shows you the wick construction right here and in the front, the hairstyle that you can kind of you know do a little versus house stuff with it. I got this week and a flamboyant plan voyage chocolate in the stylist Ilana, so Lana yeah. It is safe. Heat safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, so, oh you guys is so cute and the laces it's 13 by 6, so from ear to ear and a six inch deep part in space. So we're gon na see about that. We'Re just gon na go ahead and open the box, take it out and I'm going to show you guys the inside construction of this cap, this color, it's the same hair color as the model on the package and this card right here. So this is the flam voyage chocolate. I think I really look really good against my skin tone and any skin tone pretty much cuz. It'S like right in the middle. It'S not too light, and it's not too dark. Oh my gosh y'all look at this freaking hair. Like right off the bed, you can see the hairline is plucked. That'S crazy! Alright, Neve about the weight and tuck your head off, I'm gon na show y'all the inside of the week. So this is what the inside looks like. The lace goes from ear to ear. So you only have about an inch or two on the sides here, but you have about this much on to since it six inches back of parting space. And then you have the two columns on the side here and one comb in the back and two adjustable. Straps, the lace is medium to light brown. It looks pretty much like my skin tone. It matches me perfectly honestly. So I just know this thing is going to blend up right into my skin, but I want to do is show you guys what the wig looks like with lace on and there we'll be right back so now. The only reason I have my wig cap on like this right now is to show you guys where the parting is. It still goes all the way up here is will, but it goes all of the way back here on my head. So that's a lot of parting place and y'all could see is more looked right here in the front of the week. So what I'm going to do is go ahead and a style this week you guys cuz this week already looks good like right out of the pack huh. So once I go ahead and start this week, then we're going to talk about more details about this hair. Now what I tell y'all and this hair is like - oh, I really really didn't do much at all to this hair y'all. All I did was cut the little baby hairs and part it down. Then, of course, I added my wet and wild powder contour palette right here in the middle and sweetie. I will tell you guys a con about this about the frontal part. It did not go all the way from ear to ear, so it kind of like was sewn kind of backwards. So I had to end up using my own sideburns right here. So y'all can see. These are my sideburns, which actually makes it look a little bit more natural, then using the front toe sideburns. So that's kind of like a kind of slash Pro okay for this week. I don't know all you have to do really is just tie the hair down when it melts and brush out these curls, and this is how it looks it looks so pretty old-looking balumptuous' booty for the Fall ready for the winter play. This is the perfect end of the summer hair y'all, and not only that y'all can get in plenty other colors. So this is the different colors that this week comes in. It does y'all. So when I was brushing it, I did get some shedding into my brush. If y'all can see that right, there I'll show you guys the the back of the hair. This hair is musty 24 inches. It'S long. It'S cute and I love the highlights in this hair, like this hair also has its own layer, so I didn't have to cut any layers into this weave, so it makes it easier when trying to comb it out and brush it out. It just goes and follows right where it needs to be this weed retails for fifty dollars and 79 cents in total. So when sheering it out, that's how much it will come up at checkout lights. I have a little special code for you guys to use and the promo code is Sam's. Free 20. Don'T tell anybody, I told you guys this and it expires on October 31st of this year, so you guys definitely go and give this week as soon as you can. So you guys can get some money off cuz. You know I got ta help my girls out. Okay, so let me know what you guys think of this week, so I hope you guys enjoyed this video and I will see y'all in the next one. Bye

Simone Chanel: Song in this video is linked below. Check my homie out https://www.spinrilla.com/songs/1848018-codean-french-tips

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