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Sensationnel HD Lace Front Wig Butta Lace Unit 31. COLOR: BALAYAGE LATTE




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Foreign, hey thanks for dropping in you guys, um! Today'S wig review is so bomb if you guys are doing so, make sure y'all give this video a big old thumbs. Up also make sure you hit that notification Bell so that you can be notified whenever it is that I post so let's go ahead and jump into this wig review. Okay, so this was sent to me by this was gifted to me by Sensational um. So I did not choose this color. They always just sent me like colors to try. So that's what they sent um. This one has a bunch of other uh, Balayage colors as well as chunky, highlights and Blondes and other stuff. So they have a bunch of colors for this unit here. This unit says that it's pre-plucked and it has HD lace um. The lace is definitely HD. It is pre-plucked to an extent, but I did go ahead and pluck this unit a little bit more. Just for my liking, so if you guys like the way I have it, I definitely did pre. I definitely did pluck the part. Okay, like sorry, you guys my honest thoughts on this unit um, so you get two Combs right here. The comb placement is great because I don't have this wig glued down or anything like um. The Cone placement is great. You get two combs in the front, a comb in the back, as well as your adjustable straps um. Now the wig cap is very small because I'm not able to um pull it past. My um sideburns, so um this this unit is specifically for a middle part. Only so um you, you will need to do something with your sideburns. I personally don't care unless it's like windy or something then I'll like bobby, pin them down, but and like swoop my edges, you know my natural edges, but other than that, like the only that's. My only kind with this unit is that the cap is small, um you're, not able to kind of get that melt. Look with this one, except for like here, which is kind of like a four by four closure. If you will, but it's not bad. Okay, I'm just letting y'all know this one isn't, isn't you can't Like Glue this one down? I love the color on this. The color job is so cute um, so it does have this kind of like uh all right blonde. Well, this specific one has this bright streak in the front um, and then it has like highlights all throughout the wig. The streaks are um, really cute they're, like a freaking sandy blonde color or whatever um. This unit, I want to say, is about 26 inches because it's very long and it's curled all the way down to the ends. So I do. I did um take a paddle brush and I just kind of like brushed it upwards. This unit is it's no tank. It'S been no tangling so far on this unit, um, especially with it being very long, so I'm like okay, I really like the way that the the hair is doing on this unit, like it's just gorgeous y'all um. The Parting space is also pre-plucked, and you get about six five to six inches of parting space like it really goes back there and it looks super natural y'all. Like I really like this unit, this is really cute. I was thinking I wasn't gon na, like the um, the color, but babies is giving it's giving yeah get this unit like this is Bomb. I haven't tried a butter lace in a a long, but a lace in a long time and um it's it's giving like. I really like the way the ends are looking they're very full and bouncy. This color combo is gorgeous. I would have never tried this color um, so I'm glad they sent this to me. I have nothing bad to say about this unit other than the cap. It'S small but get this one y'all. If you thinking about it like I give this one a 9 out of ten just because of that cap, but if the cap was bigger, this would have been like a a hundred percent. A hundred you know, like I said this uh was gon na, be short and sweetened and to the point like like I just plucked, it cut the lace and I went like boom. This unit is Bomb y'all, since I throw on and go if you're, not gon na plucker. I will say that the plucking took me, maybe about maybe, like 20 minutes, total to get it plucked, but it comes already natural if you guys want to wear it um. How it comes I'm just very extra, okay um, but yeah that wraps it up for this video. Okay, let me know what you guys think down in the comments of this Wiggy: let's go, and as always thanks for watching foreign

Nizzy Mac: I’m in love with this one! The length and the color got me feeling like a baddie!

Anika Capree: You look stunning I’ve been thinking about trying a butta lace wig for a minute and you sold me!

Chenese Henderson: Nizzy I'm definitely here for this unit your skin pops against the color beautiful

Miss Khrissy: Nizzy 1st of all you ARE SO PRETTY! I really love this look on you babez!

latesha-kharizma: This was my fav to review! Its so pretty on u Nizzy! ❤

★Sexy Hair: Pls do a review in _Glenna_ by _Sensationnel_ in the stockcard color; u will *ROCK* her, sis!

Malibu Jackson: Yes, it's the color for me....beautiful on you

Lindsay Erin: this color!

Sammy Da Goat: Second Comment Cuteee Honey Blonde Pretty Face Beautiful Look

RENEE MCLEMORE: Ok you are gorgeous

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