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Hey guys welcome back to my channel, you already know what it is. I am doing a big unboxing for you guys. I could barely hold this like 10 pounds of hair, honestly, it's probably more than that, but I have Burmese curly hair for you guys, and I wanted you all to see it so much hair to show. So, let's get right into it. We are back with another banger, okay, you guys, so I'm back. We have all of the hair right here. I can't even pick it all up literally so we're just gon na start going through these, because I have to not only do inventory do this unboxing. So you guys can all see the hair what it looks like and everything. So let me just get through all of this closures. Frontals everything everything is inside. I know you guys have been patiently waiting and I thank you guys so much so, let's see, let's see, I'm gon na just grab some random bundles. So this is three bundles of 22 inch. Burmese curly here are the three bundles, beautiful, beautiful, nice and bouncy natural. All the blue beans, curly hair, comes natural, color. Okay, you guys look at that, so beautiful. Let me take one bundle out of this Bunch really quick here. It is looking good looking good 22 inches. I love it. This is what that wave pattern normally looks like all the time. Like, I always say, some of the bundles come a little tighter. Some of the bundles come a little looser, but of course, once you wet the hair put the product on it, that you prefer, of course, the less that you scrunch up the hair, the less curly it'll get the more weight you put on the hair. So when the hair is air drying leave it as it is, and it'll dry just like that, the more you mess with it, the bigger the hair, is definitely gon na get. So when I make my custom way, people always ask me: can I put a little bit less hair in the wig, so it's not so big and so untameable most definitely so, let's see what's on the net? Oh 18, inches 18 inches is one of my most popular lengths, 18 and 20. To be honest, so literally, if you see it on the website, QB wigcollections.com, you better grab it. You better grab it. Here'S 18 inches. Looking very pretty. This is three bundles as well. Very, very pretty very soft. I love it love it love it love it. Let me find some long lengths for you guys, like 30 inches, it can be very popular as well. Oh here it is here. It is. This is three bundles of 30 inches, three bundles 30 inches. You can definitely tell the 30 inch. Bundles are not quite as curly as the 18, but very similar, you guys very, very similar, 30 inches on me. Let me back up a bit, there's 30 inches and, of course, flat ironed. It'S gon na be way longer, but that's what it looks like so so nice, you guys. I know a lot of people have been waiting on this unboxing and I'm finally glad the hair is here. The delay is over keeping the hair in stock. I always am open with you guys. That is my goal: keeping all of the hair in stock. So you guys don't ever have to miss out on all these inches curliness can't wait till the Indian hair gets here as well, so that we can get all through. That here is three bundles of 30.. You can honestly get away when you're doing an install with three bundles of curly hair. If you're leaving your hair out three bundles of 30 inches is it'll, be perfectly fine. If you love your hair to be very big, then four bundles, you can do it. You can definitely do it. I always get the question. How many bundles do I need if you're looking for natural curly, very long, three bundles of 30 inches will do it? Of course, you can definitely pair it with a closure or a frontal. If you don't want to leave any of your hair out, let me show you guys some of those as well here is the closures. A very, very thin, transparent lace is what I would say. It'S honestly, in between a transparent and an HD here is 20 inches. These are two 5x5 closures, see how big they are five by five. That'S the back. Here is the front very nice. Five by five closures beautiful. I try to keep up until about 22 inches in stock with the closures and frontals. So if you guys need a longer length that is no problem, we can definitely custom order. You a longer length on our custom orders page on the website, bundles. We can custom order all the way up, I believe, to about 36 or 38 inches, but if you're looking for closures, it'll custom order, you all the way to 24 inches, so you can definitely get your bundles longer than 30.. 30 is what I normally try to keep in stock, but if you want to order longer than that, we can definitely get longer for you. So here is the 30 one more time, and I always come on here and show you you guys already know. I do tons of unboxings of the hair, so you guys can see how diverse the hair can be tighter longer stuff like that. So let me get into some different links, real quick! I wonder if I have like a really short, I haven't showed anything really short. Like it's 12 inches, I have so many 18s. Here is 12 inches. Oh look at how cute, if you want to do a really short bob with curly hair, full wig. Anything like that 12 inches definitely will hit you right on your shoulders. Super easy super curly. Definitely don't need any more than two bundles of your 12 inches. Here are three different bundles here, so you guys can see turn them around, so you guys can see them a little bit better there they are - and I do have a video up which normally people always ask. How does the hair color, so I do have a video up of how I bleach the knot. How I bleach the bundles excuse me and do everything that you guys need it to do, how high of a volume you can use? How high does the bundles lift so check out that video on my channel as well, if you guys want to see how high you guys can lift these bundles all right, so that is 12 inches, another Super popular length, 22 inches, 18, 20 and 22. I cannot seem to keep in stock so, like I said, 22 inches available online. Now beautiful. Look at that. Look at that. I love it love it. So let me show you guys a few more things that I have frontals. Of course I carry 13x4, but of course you can order 13 by six on my website as well. Here is a frontal. This one actually is 18 inches Burmese curly very, very beautiful matches, the bundles perfectly. There'S that one. I have two bundles of 20 inches that will be on the website as well. That'S what that looks like from the front very, very nice, very nice, you guys all right so now. Let me get into some eye tips and tape. Ins, really, quick! Okay, so you guys know I always try to keep in between 16 and 22 inch of the eye tips and the tape ins in stock on the website. If you guys need anything longer than that up to like 32 inches, you guys can definitely custom order that on the custom order page, if you need something very long, so here is a 16 inch. These are eye tips. Those are on there here. Hopefully, you guys can see that, and this is actually Kinky Curly. Okay, you guys look at how beautiful this is. This is the closest texture to my texture, I'm a 4C. It doesn't match perfectly. I would say perfectly: this would match a 4a4b. This would be amazing. Okay, so here is a 22 inch, but this one is a Burmese. Curly 22 inch eye tips. I love it, love it love it very beautiful, like I said this is the longest length that we keep in stock of the eye tips, but you can definitely custom order. Your eye tips to about 32 inches very beautiful all right. So let me get into some tapings okay, so this is a 20 inch. Tape ends comes with about 40 pieces and this is Kinky Curly tapings. Okay, you guys 20 inches Kinky Curly tapings love this. I have had people also mix the textures, because their hair has mixed textures as well, which is definitely common, so this has about 40 pieces of tape in so, if you put them together, that'll give you 20 put together, but they're individually 40 pieces in there, and That'S per bundle; normally, all the bundles have the same exact amount. So if you get 30 inches, then yes, it'll have about 40 pieces in there for you to wear another one. I have is 18 inches and I think this one is the Burmese curly. Not. The case is girly this time. Okay, so this one is a Burmese curly, 20 inches. Let me show you guys these two side by side, so you can kind of see the difference in them. Both there, you go Kinky Curly Burmese, curly tape in side by side, they're, both 20 inches okay and that's what they look like so, depending on what your curl pattern is closest to. I would definitely get these bundles here all right, so those were both 20.. All right, thank you guys so much for watching this channel on my unboxing of all this beautiful Burmese curly and kinky curly hair. I will see you guys in my next one to purchase these bundles qbwikcollections.com and all this hair will be ready for you all right. Thank you guys so much bye, hello right. Everybody almost dropped him. Absolutely sorry! What they're? Still over here, pencils quiet on set, hey guys! Welcome back to my channel foreign, okay y'all. So let me show you guys a few more

Lauryn Caldwell: I’ve been waiting on this video lol!! I can’t wait to try the Burmese curly!!

Kim Harden: OMG!!!! Hair is beautiful!

Mommy Needs Wine: Beautiful! Can you show an install of the burmese curly or kinky curly? Im having trouble with blending

Tomi: yes! so excited to order

N/A: the bloopers at the end LOL !

Nathaline Malcolm: It is soo beautiful! But when I converted it to Canadian dollars

Lashea Lashea: You have some beautiful hair ❤ how long is the shipping

Sanaa Glover: Beautiful ! Which burmese curly hair will match better with 3c curly hair textures?

Kandystrandextensions: I’m trying to source a good raw curly vendor I’m lost Is it straight from Burma?

OliviaLove: I order!

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