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Hey everyone. It'S me Narada African, hair God, this video, we are going to continue where we left off with my client here in the last video I showed y'all just the blowout process. I didn't really have any commentary or anything like that. I just showed y'all the the tangling and blowout process in full um this video. We are going to continue that and I'm going to feature her consultation and her trimming process here in this video. So, in terms of her consultation today, I'm happy to say that we did make some progress you'll be able to listen in on that now I will say that, unfortunately, I had the worst camera angle for our consultation today. So um you know I I really do apologize for that. It'S very frustrating to have such a great consultation y'all not be able to see what's going on and what her hair looks like and things like that. But I do sincerely apologize for that, but I do have footage from our last two uh sessions together. My client, this client comes to me about twice a year um every six months or so she comes and gets her hair assist and um. She gets a trim. Just to maintain the health and um over a year ago, back in April of 2022, we for the most part had gotten her here very much healthy um. She really didn't need much leave taken off um and so five months ago, back in November of 2022 um, we ran into some bumps in the road um and some setbacks and things um in terms of damage, and this is why I'm such a huge advocate on Minimizing um just hairs exposure to heat styling, even though I am blow dry hair, I'm very I'm careful and meticulous about how much heat I'm placing on the hair um and I'm very much aware of the fact that my client's hair is very resistant to being blown Out in stretch and honestly, people whose hair is more resistant requires more heat, so um someone a stylist who's, not aware of that, could be potentially causing um unnecessary damage and heat stress on the hair, just not being aware um, but again, I'm gon na. Let y'all see um the consultation from a year ago, which was very brief, um, because her hair was pretty much healthy and also the consultation from November of 2022, which was our last time that I saw her and she got her. Hair, trimmed and you'll be able to compare that to her most recent trim. She got at the end of March in this video here so um without further Ado I'll go ahead and let that play out and after that you'll be able to see the trimming process and hopefully the camera angles on that are better than the consultation I haven't Seen it yet, but we shall see but um yes enjoy the rest of the video and until the next one be blessed. Thank you all right. So we're looking at about a about an inch at most okay, okay, there's no more than an inch we're just cleaning up the ends because it's just grown out, but it's not like what it was before so okay. So this is what we've got so far um. I can't remember when our last trim was, but I do see is, is definitely time it's like February or March. Okay, I am seeing more split ends. Are you doing anything differently this time around? No, they do. I do blow dry it before I get my braids and they do blow dry when they flat twist it gotcha, but you was doing that before too right. I wasn't really getting it flat flat Twisted okay um. I can definitely tell the heat: is um, put more wear and tear on the ends April 22nd? Was it April 22nd? Have you been here three times um? Yes, I have you on the calendar three times and so yeah. It'S your first time was August 13th, 2021 and then April 26th, 26 2022 announced today, okay um, so it's actually been wearing down on your hair, a lot um, I'm seeing splits as low as here and yeah. It'S um it's the route actually where they using excessive amounts of heat. So you were, you were getting your hair flat Twisted at a salon yeah, once a month, yeah they're using the um Dyson that the Dyson um blow dryer. So I stopped this clip to just briefly mention that I remember a while ago I got back and forth into it with a viewer um on a live or a Premiere or something, and they were just really trying to defend the Dyson hair dryer, because I guess I said it was uh damaging and it wasn't worth the money or whatever the case is - and I guess maybe they were trying to justify. You know the brand and whatnot but uh you know - or maybe they thought like, because they presented with this patented technology. That'Ll adjust the heat to when it senses their hair gets too hot, and all that all that is just marketing. Okay, all that is just marketing, and I once you're aware of that, and you are aware that they use that to encourage people to purchase their product over somebody else's, like you realize, like at the end of the day, it's just an appliance. That'S blowing hot air at air and when you blow hot air at hair, there are ramifications and repercussions that come along with that and with being a stylist. You have to be aware of how much you're applying whether the hair itself can handle it and whether you are contributing to the damage or not um. This goes to say that you can heat style properly with proper technique and awareness to where you minimize the damage. As much as much as possible, but at the end of the day it doesn't matter if it's a 400 blow dryer or a 35 blow dryer, they all are going to damage just as much, maybe well, maybe the other blow. Dryer is not as harsh, but at the end of the day, hot air is hot air, um and uh. For those of you. That may be wondering why um this client is going to other stylists, and only coming to me twice a year is because she travels like. I have a lot of clients that actually travel out of state because um they either can't find anyone that they can dress up their hair Interstate or I'm the only person that they, you know, trust with they're here and and able to style their natural hair without Using heat, so that's the reason why, just in case any was wondering um but yeah. Let'S continue on with the consultation. Do they use heat, protect dude. Do you know so um true, but it helps yeah. I yeah so yeah I'm seeing splits as low as here um wow so like you've been here, I'm seeing it so this is early signs of potential damage that could get worse um. So what I would recommend at this point is about that much. I know I know, but you can even see how damage your ends are here, um, if you're not comfortable with that, we can definitely, you know, take up a little bit more um here we go like not that far down, but a little bit higher uh. I mean I don't want to just take off like little strangers because that's not gon na right. Oh, that makes sense. Let me know what you're talking about and we can work towards getting your hair. Tell me when to stop. Can you see yeah, okay right here? Yeah we'll do it again, do it again, okay, you comfortable with this yeah. I guess so. That'S that's about three three and a half. I know when you hear it. I just I just want you to be aware of how much is actually coming. It'S all over um, probably a little less in the back um and a little more here along the top and sides. The size is a little shorter too, so I wouldn't take off as much on the shorter length but um definitely appearance: okay, yeah, okay, um! Yes, yeah, it's really bad, it's really bad! So, okay, um yeah, here we're looking at about three inches um give or take, like I said, a little more up here, where there's more length and probably a little less um blown on the sides. Okay, all right! So I have good news so um just from doing the blowout, I can see that um. I can still see the lines where we last cut your hair. So that's always a good sign that um tells me that you've been maintaining the cut and have it hasn't progressively gotten worse um. You know in terms but yeah, there's there's the book because remember we didn't get rid of all the damage. So there's still some that's there, but in terms of where we are now from our last cut versus the last service is drastically different. So so you do have some split ends of ways down um. There'S really staggered, though, so right now, like you, have splits all the way down here um, I don't necessarily feel like we have to cut that low. I think we can gradually get rid of those as time Progressive um, but in terms of what I recommend letting go today that much can I see that so it's about an inch and a half. You can see the line from last time. That means it's not breaking growing, but it's not breaking. No, it's growing um. So when I cut your hair, I cut it with your growth pattern. Um. What that basically means is that your hair isn't breaking um as quickly as it was the last time you came in um, so I think from minimizing. The heat has really done a service for your hair, but, like I, I can still see like where we cut it last time. So it's still growing out. It'S not perfectly even but it's it's maintaining your ends are maintaining basically okay um. So as long as we stay on this trajectory um, all of your explicitors get taken off at some point. Um. It'S just that it's so far down that it doesn't make sense to cut that much length off. No, I would die yeah yeah yeah. It'S no point, and then on top of it, it's not um. It'S not taking away from your hair like you, do have splits, but it's not like it's. Oh, my God, my ends are see-through. My hair is thinning. Like that's not your issue. Luckily, you have so much hair that it compensates for that. So that's that's why it's not my biggest issue: okay, um right now, um. The biggest thing I want to do is just continue to maintain your ends. It is time and prayer you to let them go. Um and that's why I say like about an inch and a half, because they're they're very worn, because it's this time this time and that's all that's that's all over pretty much similar. Okay, so basically um. We would be maintaining the same shade um just taking off the old ends, because these are still ends that, like I said before, we didn't catch those, but it's a good sign that they're still there, because it's not progressively getting worse. Does that make sense? Because we didn't, I wasn't ready for all the whole thing last time and it's okay, because, as we can see, we can still get it off while maintaining your lane. So as long as it's not proving to be an issue or it's getting worse, we're in a good space, okay, so okay, so just keep doing what you're doing it's been working um. I I downloaded the app I just haven't made an account yet right on. There are you hooked when I'm super bored - yes, because it's just so much Randomness um and you can put in your interest in you know your you know things that'll that are you liking the subject matter that you like? Will you know pop up, but it I can see how it can be addicting for people it's funny because um? What'S the girl they got pissed off at you: um strawberry, no um, old school children, yeah she shut up in my feet and so apparently she's like a big deal. Now, like it or like she was showing off her this gate house she got and like all these trips to Ollie and all these random places, and I'm just like how simple but like like what did I didn't get? Does she do more than YouTube? Is the question right because I'm like because where do these YouTube channel looking at because I need to take some notes for more girls and she was showing off like this big bear house? You know never having Furniture in it, but it's a really nice. It'S very expensive house, but I was just like what's the appeal like because I don't know that she had, I that I could see she has like brand deals or anything like that. You know. Maybe she got fashion over like everybody else. You know what I mean, but wow, okay, I didn't even see any hair Contents. I don't your question, but you know what that's probably what it is like after that's why a lot of people aren't doing hair content anymore they're redirecting their their attention, because it's not lucrative, I didn't see her doing anything else. She flight on a beach and then she was showing off. She was, you know, walking on a plane. You know that you know those kind of things and you know showing our house and I was just like what did she do like? Maybe she does advertisements, like? Maybe she gets paid to just feature, you know products and brands or things. Maybe I just wear this and we'll pay you 650 in the post. You know, but I know a lot a lot of Shifting away from me here so yeah. At this point, everyone be authentic to you, though, yeah at this point everyone's kind of figured out here, and they also realize that natural hair really isn't a lucrative Market anymore, because people ain't wearing natural hair, they're getting wigs and now the the big hype is tape-ins. So I saw that Fiasco on Instagram like don't see how you got like natural, hair or Texture. How that's a good idea. I think I ran across on Instagram, like somebody trying to take them out in there that looked like you ripping your hair. I don't know. I don't know about the process, but I'm not taping or gluing. Anything in my head, like I'm just not doing that, that whole concept is weird and the fact that we've normalized it is like even weirder we gon na find somewhere to get this person here. I didn't see that it ain't going nowhere anytime soon. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to learn how to cornrows on this head yeah and then it's okay. If you get that, try to learn how to twist, I can get. I can start it off, but when it starts yeah it's a lot of hair into it. That would be my style. Have you noticed back in the day I used to do half and half flat twists in the front and then two straight twists in the back, because I couldn't get to the back, so I just strategically figured out a way to make it look intentional mm-hmm and It was like okay, I got it from Amazon, it was cute, though, once I cut it in and um like cleaned it up, a little bit pressed down a little bit took some of the Shine off um, because I was my plan was to wear it when I went to Miami for a vacation or you'd be going everywhere that we lasted. I didn't touch the cones. I think I had like wig clips uh one day I was like I'm saying: did you get high yeah? It was hot, I'm sure like um like it was like a bun. You know puff whatever yeah it's either that or wear their own hair. That'S what that thing was look. First, it was on the shower rod. It was on the bed. I was like. I can't put this it's in my closet somewhere. Like look glad, I didn't pay that much for it. It'S like yeah, I'm just gon na keep it as simple as me was like. Oh I'm, crushing legs, your wig is on the bed. Can you put your wig back on? I was like I'm gon na have to figure something else out. I can't do it foreign, probably not because I got it in Christmas. Okay, so I get right before Christmas. That'S what I got it and that's for getting a hundred thousand subscribers. Oh that's awesome! I ain't think I was gon na get there yeah. I was sitting at 95 000 for the longest yeah, I'm I'm a has been it's so much for me. I ain't gon na make it and then out of nowhere, just my number's just been blowing up ever since. How do you feel like this is like Ugh? Do I really want more or do it? I could see why people say: there's like a 100K curse. Um nothing's really changed uh, just more foolishness for randos. I think. For the longest time, people have kind of been accustomed to me, and so now it's a bunch of new people that don't get it yeah and then um. Now that YouTube the YouTube shorts is what really got me over 100K um. The problem with YouTube shorts is that nobody watches the following videos anymore, so they'll watch a 60 second clip and have like a million and ten questions versus watching that yeah. But I've been wondering if I should uh start moving my content to tick tock. Since this all the hype now it was crazy because, like it's so many different things now, there's so many different areas like my dermatologist is on Tick Tock. You know like it's. It'S you know. Health stuff is everything on there. I get it and it seems like it's so easy to get seen and gain get viral, and that's really what I'm afraid of. I don't I don't like being viral uh here and I'm like a slow adopter. Um, like I got a Twitter account, but I don't go yeah, I don't either I've made one back in like 2015 or something like that, and I ain't even been on there same with Snapchat. I have the app but I'm like I don't we just too old. Yeah, like I don't know what I don't get it, but I will say I like Tick Tock I have you know, got some good information on there like quick, sound bites or tips like that's what my dermatologist does, because he is a black guy. He'S part of my age but um, which is she specifically talks about black skin and you know dark skin and products with dark skin and all that kind of stuff um. So I do some good good ones on there, but it's also a lot of foolishness on there. It'S like what! How did that? Oh because it went viral and then it's like they feed you what they want you to see on this one person a million times and like. Why do you keep showing me this person, it's crazy, uh, even hanging's gone by around there a couple of times? Oh she's, um she's had a couple of episodes of going back and forth with people I'm like. I don't want to deal with that. I deal with that enough um. I realized that social media has given everyone a voice, yeah and everyone doesn't all social media. It'S not necessary, like you, don't have to have to say everything in your office in your mind, like is this one down two times the young guys a big guy young he's in Houston, and he basically just does like day in the life. You know, videos right! You know the fake videos where they film themselves getting up, so you yeah right right. I tried that one time I was like this is too much work. It'S so like he. You know, there's videos of him going to restaurants and stuff. I follow him and he just recently responded to a comment. Somebody left and said you need to go up a size. Now his clothes would fit. You know you know, but I'm like what was did you need to say that, like right, it was crazy either enjoy the video for what it is and move on to his tight sweater bothers you like crazy. Those get ready. New videos hilarious that you really set up your camera. They got back in some of the girls put on a little bit of makeup. You get back in bed and pretend like you woke up. Then you got ta move the camera right now you got ta go to the bathroom. This is like that's a lot of damn work potatoes. Once I realized that I was like yeah this ain't for me, creating a damn real, like movie of me, getting up and brushing my teeth and getting dressed and maybe like you got ta make up their bed or whatever. So then you got ta move the camera from the kitchen where you was making a coffee back to the bedroom, make up your girlfriend anyway. Yep like tight sweater yeah, I got ta sponsor. I know you do or a couple things alone, stuff and yeah. I think he mentioned he was like on a way. You know weight loss Journey whatever he got a sponsor for that Peloton glass. I had never heard of. Apparently it's a floraling mirror yeah mirror! That'S it. Where you there's a, I guess, a virtual trainer on there in the mirror - oh wow, yeah, and so he's like okay, whatever and he had he was featured in this new uh mirror Peloton, mirror that I looked into my body - and I was like today, like oh Man, I'm gon na start reaching out to companies like hey, so I thought to start a weight loss Health Journey. Maybe you could uh sponsor me for a juicer like listen, you got enough subscribers yeah. I got ta start maximizing off of that because, like one or a friend or you know doing a little workout in the park and then yesterday I was like oh dude. I ain't getting no video but yeah just get free stuff. Okay, maybe you can I'm a behind the camera kind of person. I don't even like taking pictures. The camera loves, you don't fight it like like not in the same age as a video, that's good foreign foreign. Thank you, foreign foreign foreign, something that's right! Thank you! Foreign foreign foreign, definitely this trip foreign foreign. Oh, I see one of them, Grays you're, the only one that sees it: foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, foreign, so much foreign foreign foreign foreign. It sounded like it took off a lot, but it really um. It really wasn't as much so yeah those those ends definitely needed to go. I'M sorry swelling back up your hair, like it's being natural, so wow, that's what that's why when they put heat on it, I'm like uh. It takes a lot of heat to yeah. Contain your curls and when I blow dry it myself, I'm a good student. I um, I do it, how you do it, but I like I start off on like cool, and I really only I never turn it up to like hot and it pretty much looks like

Very KinkyCurl: Love shape of trim. I appreciate her willingness to let us view and your putting it together ❤

Cactus Flower: @14:09 I love her hair! I had trim off 3 inches too two years ago and freaked out over my minor setback of winter breakage but since applying grease to my ends and African threading my ends I’m almost at waist length, she’s is in good hands with Narada as long she continues to follow his advice her hair will reach booty length in no time! ❤

V2B2010: It’s ASMR to me hearing the scissor trim through her hair and the music playing behind it ❤

Sherwanda Griffin: I loved the time and care that you took to cut her hair great work.

M Grant: I admire the manner in which you respect your client's hair.

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Killabee: Love how you’re so detailed on the trim❤

Shania: I really need to make a appointment. As soon as I can find time to travel from NYC. I need that level of care and professionalism on my natural coily hair. No more flat iron after blowing drying before my trim. Thank you. I knew it could be done.

Pretoria Afro: Thank you for mentioning why she has more than one person/stylist in her natural hair. I truly was asking myself "why".

Ms. Carrie: Thank you so much for sharing. I had a similar setback from getting a smoothing treatment and using heat to get flat twists as well.

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Rashida Shaw: Can’t wait for you to do my hair someday !Love from Toronto ❤

Brown Shuga Bae 💋: Her hair looks a lot better. I wish you were in my area…I would definitely pay to come to you twice a year.

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Southernmocha82: I like your rhythmic sway as you blow dry.

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Sheldon Ware: How often would you suggest someone wash their hair if they have a 3a or 3b hair type

Fatima H: HE KNOWS HOW TO CARE FOR AFRICAN HAIR!!!! And is real about it I would pay like he actually takes his time instead of causing damage and pretending to fix the problem they first caused, most hair stylists do not know how to take care of natural african hair without strong manipulation that’s the truth I’ve unsubscribed from most tbh

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✨A Well-watered Lily✨: Why does crossing your legs affect the cut?

Shanti Abdumumin: 17:55 Baby...people will 100% rent an AirBnB, and give a tour on social like it's their house. And if the house didn't have furniture, it's possible that it's a house thats on the market, that she made an appointment to view. Don't be fooled!

Zandria P.: How do you feel about the innersense, twelve 12 products?

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Asha Jeremiah QW: Music is calming

April T: Where are you located and are you taking new clents

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