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Hair Info: 22'' kinky straight v part wig, 180%density

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Down the little bit of hair that I left out for the V part and I'm just gon na brush my hair and see if this Blends and I feel like it does blend, I'm sorry, hello. Everyone welcome back to my YouTube channel. Today we have a video which is currently sponsored by Ali Pearl hair. I'M gon na read out exactly what they've sent me, because I don't want to get it wrong, but of course it will be linked in the description box as well, but I'm going to be reviewing the 22 inch Kinky Curly V, part wig and it's 180 density. As you guys know, I'm trying to like do a little bit more hair content on the channel just to explore some different hair vendors and to explore some more affordable options, because it can be quite expensive. This is a kinky V pot. So, let's get out of the bag. So first up it comes like this. It comes in a nice little satin bag. The first thing that's taken out is obviously the unit like, I said, 22 inches. So this is a long long unit. Then you get some goodies in the bag. So first up you get a couple of wig caps. So there's two of them in here you get a silk band or a satin band. I think this is a scarf. Actually, let me see Okay cool, so it's like a little band for you to tie around when you're trying to like set your hair, but this is a v-pot, so I don't think I'll be using it with this um. Oh, you get the elasticated one as well, which will help to lay your edges. You get an edge brush, which is very handy, a pink one. My favorite color, you get an extra bit of elastic. You get an extra bit of elastic, which again, I don't think I'm gon na need. Oh lashes, these look kind of cute, my kind of vibe, very full and very dense, so you get quite a few things and then, of course, you get this bag, which you can reuse and store the hair in. So, let's get onto the actual unit, I've never used a V pot or a u-part. So we're going to be figuring this out together and all I'm going to say is: if I can do this, you guys can definitely do it too. So here's what the unit looks like me personally, I love kinky straight texture, hair, there's no point in trying to match your hair to like a silky, smooth like unless you're ready to like straighten it and put heat on it every day. This definitely fits the bill for me, a little bit more, my gosh 22 inches. You know, look how long this is. I don't think I need this all this length, but we're gon na see. I'M really excited for this because I love sorry, I'm just getting my scissors out. I love like the natural kind of vibe, so the first thing I'm going to do. They have obviously got it like this, so I'm just gon na snip that off and that way I can show you the inside of the unit to show what we are working with. So we have a couple of the pressy Clips at the top, and then we have one in the middle. We have combs either side and then a comb at the back. So that's what the inside of the unit is looking like, I'm gon na have a little think about how this is going to work for me, because I don't know if I want to like. I want this to be a super, quick and easy style. So I don't know if I want to like prop a braid down braid down my hair, I'm going to see what we can get away with and I'm just going to try and keep this like very beginner friendly, So that, obviously, if I can do it, you Guys can too so I'm just going to take my hair out of this little style. So since my hair is kind of separated out, I'm just going to keep this part out because that's about as much as I'd leave out for the V part. The thing the thing with the V part is: you can leave out as much or as little as you want um, so we're going to play around with it and see what we can do to make it look quite natural. I think I'm going to leave the front of my hair out as well, so I'm just going to section like maybe a little bit of the edges, maybe like that much yeah we'll leave out that much as well on the front again about that. Much on that side, and now I'm going to figure out what I'm gon na do with the bit that's going to go underneath the wig. Do I want to just put it in? Do you know what I'm going to try and do I'm going to try and get away of putting it in a low ponytail, because the hair is kinky, so it's not going to lay like super flat, so we're going to try two just in case you're, somebody That can't really camera that great okay we're going to start with this. This is how the hair is looking underneath we're going to see if we can clip it on and see if we can get away with it. If we can, then I'm happy so I'm just unclipping the clips. I like this, you know because I feel like anyway. Let me not speak too soon. So what I'm going to use as a guide is the middle clip. First, I think so. That'S clipped in. I think it's going to come too far forward. Maybe I need to click that a bit further back. Okay, I mean so far so good. I guess clip these ones in okay, whilst we figure out the rest, I've just set my hot brush on to heat up because I think I'm going to brush through the curls. I think I mean, I think, that's okay, here's how this is a lot of hair, but here is how we are looking so far. I think I would need to straighten this out just a little bit just to blend in with my hair a bit, so I'm actually going to go ahead and use my hot brush or like it's like a hot comb. Hot brush thing, as you guys can see. My hair is a little bit straighter than the actual texture of the unit, so we're just going to go ahead and get this a little bit straighter. I don't want to straighten my own hair, I'm literally just doing the top part of the unit. There'S a lot of hair foreign. I like it, though: okay, I'm just going to secure the Combs typically for me, I really don't like Combs, but actually with this, especially because I haven't plaited my hair down underneath or anything the Combs are feeling great, just as a little bit more of extra security. So I feel like it's I've literally just clipped it underneath I've just put the comb, that's at the back like underneath the bun that we did and it seems to be pretty sturdy and obviously it's clipped in at the top. So it feels pretty good. I like that, okay, I'm not going to bother straightening it or doing anything else to it, because I feel like part of this is in the blend. So I'm going to take down the little bit of hair that I left out for the V part and I'm just gon na brush my hair and see if this Blends and I feel like it does blend. I'M sorry, I'm sorry. I'Ve got a little bit here that I need to kind of Disguise, but here's what we're going to do with that and then take our brush and brush down all right. It'S done it took me two seconds. Hair was a little bit curly, because I had a style that I did before. I just think this needs to be cut. A bit just needs a little shaping it's gon na go back over with this hot brush, a second just to get it a little bit more sleeker. I think my hair is a little bit straighter than this still at the minute, so we're just gon na work through I've combed out a little bit more, but I want to come up close and show you guys, like my actual hair, so like this part, for Instance, I've just pulled it up. The roux matches this hair perfectly. Obviously, for the previous style, like I did a little swirly swirly Loop to Loop. So that's sticking up a little bit, but if I hadn't done that this would have been the absolute most perfect match for this hair entirely. What I want to do is a quick little half up half down if I can, or if like I might just throw like a little claw clipping or something like that. Just to show you guys how that would look, because I think this is probably how I would wear it. I'D probably wear like a little claw clip because it looks really natural. It'S a lot of hair, though I am going to say that I've just thrown in a little claw clip. I wanted to show you guys what that looks like I've, literally just thrown it in the middle here, and it feels absolutely fine on my head like it. Doesn'T feel like it's pulling or anything like that, and this literally took me two minutes: okay, so another way that I would style this. I just threw this into a quick low messy ponytail. So I just wanted to show you guys that I mean hello. This thing is so quick and easy like: if you wanted it super sleek and super tight, you can I'm a person that doesn't like a lot of pressure on my head, so I would just do like a low messy kind of Bohemian Chic. Look just leave some bits out complete this hair video is super, quick and easy, and I'm looking around like did. I miss something out because, honestly, it took two minutes to just clip in and it was done so if you're somebody that is a little bit like I'm not the best at hair, and I need something. That'S super easy and super quick and something that's beginner friendly. Definitely check out this V part wig. I personally love the kinky straight texture, because I don't wear my hair super straight all the time and I want something that's going to match my natural hair, um texture and also like the color, and I found that this unit does that absolutely perfectly definitely stay tuned. I have some great styling ideas for this unit. I'M going to be wearing a lot during the summer. I feel like if I straighten it out a little bit more with the brush and then go in with some wand curls. I feel like that. Would look really really nice as well, so definitely tuned I'll definitely be styling it up, but I just wanted to quickly jump on and show you the quick, install, video and show you how quick and easy if you need to be in and out and your hair Needs to be done in like less than 20 minutes. This is going to be the unit. That'S going to do that, for you, so shout out to Ali Pearl, kindly sponsoring this video. Let me know if there are any hair brands that you guys want me to review next or any particular units that you guys want me to review next. I think this is probably going to be one of my absolute faves, So yeah. Thank you to alipo. Thank you guys for watching and I'll see you guys very very soon. Thank you.

Ti Jay: It looked great on you! I lost 70 % of my hair from Sept to Dec 21, it started growing Jan 22 and is now much better but i wish i had something like this when i was super depressed and humilated by having virtually no hair(i didn't have bald patches, i had a hair loss where you lose it from the whole scalp so it was SUPER thin! this particular unit is a huge amount of hair and i am white with fine hair so it isn't any good for me but i am sure they have other ones with less hair xxx

Tracey Afua: just freshly texture released my hair again and this wig is perfect! Will defo check it out xx

Ali Pearl Hair: So gorgeous and natural! Thanks for your nice share

Styles By Lovey: It matches your hair perfectly

The Proletariat Fashionista: Love this. Love the half up and half down

Yove Editors: This is a game changer ❤

M K: Looveee a low maintenance type hair style. How did you find using the hot brush on the unit? The results look well blended with your hair.

Elaine Osei: the hair loooks lovely on you looks like you real hair nice and natural wow this clip on are game changing :)

Lola Tylar: I was unsure about u part wigs, but this look nice

Lola Tylar: Could you do a tutorial on styling clippin

Karina Kay: I like it on you Raquel more of a natural hair vibes

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