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What they seem like magic hi, guys welcome back to another video if you're new here my name is story, do not forget to like comments, as you can see from the types of today's video. This is going to be another hair review and this is in collaboration with domisa here, and I want to thank everyone over at Domi so far once again sponsoring today's video. This is my second collaboration with them and I love their first week and I'm almost sure I'm going to like the second one. They stated that all you have to do with this. Wig is add your foundation, color and you're ready to go so apparently supposed to be a grab and go ready to wear a wig, I'm not a weak girl. So you know this is going to be a great addition to my wig collection, because it's supposed to be easy, we're going to test that today, um so yeah. They said you just add your foundations style it as you want it's Google, so you know you can take it off when you're going to bed put it on when you're ready to go out. Your head is free when you're sleeping and if you want to go out yeah so yeah the box came with just the wig. It came with two wig caps and it came with some lashes. I did go ahead and bleach the nuts last night, I'm going to show you how it how it looks right out of the box. I tried it on before I bleached it and I just decided that I wanted to bleach it. I did go ahead and bleach. The nuts last night, but not all the nuts were released. I could go a second one if I wanted to, but I wasn't interested in doing and I didn't have the time as well so right now the wig is washed, it came pre-plucked and everything it came. It came pre-plugged and it came with the lace cut so for the beginner girls. This is perfect because I don't know how to cut all this. It looks simple, but you know it might not be so simple you're actually trying to cut it, but it did come with the lace pre-plugged. As I stated, they said that it's just a put on a foundation and put it on your head and go so we're going to test that today. It'S cheaper Amazon, Prime, so fast shipping two-day shipping whenever you order. No, let's her on her head and I'm going to first try her on without adding the foundation and then see if I need to add the foundation and dinner at the foundation afterwards, I this is so basically the story is I'm going out tonight. My hair looks like this. I need to look presentable, so I grabbed my wig that I just got and I'm going to put it on so start the timer. So let me put on my wig cap and my hair isn't even cornrowed, because I am not a carnal girl, so my hair literally just catch up in one around the back. So I'm going to put the wig cap on it right now, foreign under the wig right, where the lace is because I noticed that that happens. Sometimes sometimes I just go with a wig cap anyway. So most times I go to wake up. This is literally just for the video I'm just saying. Let me just put on the recap since so the wig. Oh, I didn't talk about the construction of the way so stop the timer. So the week comes with this adjustable band. That'S the only thing that it comes with, so it doesn't have any Combs or anything. It just comes with the adjustable van. So you put the adjustable and you tighten it to your feet to the feet of your head. So I'm going to put it like right here and now: I'm going to put it on this wig is a 22 inch and it's a 4x4 lace, pre-cut wig with pre-plucked hairline and it's in the style deep wave. So it's a throw on and go wig. So, let's throw her, throw her on and go foreign guys. So this is what the wig looks like when I put it on my head: no Foundation or anything. I just had to go in the big mirror because the lace was bending under. So I wanted to straighten it out right at the front right at the front right here. It was just bending on there because of how I put it on my head, so I just went. I just got up and fixed her so now this is the color. So that's what I'm saying right here. It was bending under the lace. No, it's looking! Okay without the foundation, you can see that it's looking a lot lighter than me. So now I'm going to add the foundation on it and take her off all right guys. So I just added my foundation and you can see the difference. I think I want to add a little bit. Should I, or should I not so out of the foundation normally, I would wait a little bit for it to dry, but I'm just going to go ahead and put it on right now, foreign guys. So this is the final look after I added the foundation and literally look I'm literally like I was scared of coming because there's nobody literally look at it. You can barely see the lace, so all I did was added foundation and yes, this. This is a yes. This is a yes, so this is what the wig is. Looking like, as I said, I did go ahead and reach the bleach, the nuts, but you don't have to do that. It comes pre-plugged, pre-pre-cut and everything, and I also wanted to wash the hair before I installed it. So I was just like okay, since I'm going to wash it. Let me just reach the nuts too, but the nuts weren't bad. I did show you a video of what they looked like and even the fact that not all the nuts bleached and it's still looking that seamless. So it's really unnecessary for you to bleach the knots I'm actually glad. I did that because I um so yeah. This is what the wig is looking like guys. This is very tight and it's not glued on so because I adjusted the band Chef kiss love this. This is perfect for me because I don't like sleeping Metallica here, just annoying me as in here like this. If it's four locks, you know you can always catch it up in a bun, but here, like this human hair, I don't like sleeping with it touching me so when I, when I'm finished for the day, just pop it off boom, throw it somewhere, throw it on. My wig head, third, I'm a mannequin head and I'm good so yeah. This is for the minimalistic girls that came out with the ball cap and all that wig stuff, like it's just a lot getting internet wig stuff. So this week is a very practical. This is with no edges. Nothing literally. You just saw me. I just put it on my head. You don't need to do anything. You just need to add your foundation. This wig is it. I think this is not going to be my favorite wig, because foreign, what this is like and again it's a 22 inch glueless 4x4 last week from the Misha here, shipped with Amazon. Prime once again thank you for miso for sponsoring today's video, and I will see you guys in the next video, but you know

Maya Ervin: I’ve had this unit in my cart for almost 2 weeks now and you’ve fully convinced me to buy it

Naturally Kailz: Row I need this wig!! I am no good at putting on wigs so this is perfect ❤

Shea-Ann Thompson: Curls really looks amazing on you

Netta W: You're so pretty thank you for sharing ❤❤

PhenomeNailSalon: Thank you for this review. Wish we could have seen it on without bleaching the knots first. I am not skilled to do that .

Shea-Ann Thompson: The wig is WIGGING

Chevelle Thompson: I'm going to buy this now I hope it look this good

LORRAINE COOMBS: Love that hair girl

Venesha Vincent: I need this wig in my liffeeeee

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