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Hair info: Balayage Highlight 1b/22 Body Wave 5x5 Lace Closure Wig 18 inch

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Today'S video is sponsored by Tinashe and in the packaging. I received these goodies that I'm showing you right now the week that I'm gon na be working with is a 18 inch. Balayage honey blonde highlight 5x5 closure wig and, as you can see, I'm here running my fingers through and you can tell that the quality it is good and the curls are very bouncy for the density of 180 and the latest HD Swiss lace. Also the hairline. It is pre-plucked, but it needs some work. You know with a tweezer and all because it is giving food for me and inside you have three week Combs and two adjustable straps, the top one. It is adjustable to your a fittings, you know and the construction of it. I feel like it's kinda on a smaller size, fitting it didn't really fit me as all I wanted to, but anyways so right here I already went ahead and bleached the knots and I'm giving it a quick run through by pressing it out and basically I'm just Gon na be styling, it then install it. So just go and sit back and watch me. Do my thing: okay, foreign, you foreign! You know that it needs me. Thank you. I gave you attention when nobody else's pain. Everybody else picture well, yeah. A little bit. Tell me I need you, foreign, everybody else is playing and I am done done. Yes, this is a completed look and I can say that I am already feeling this way. Quality love it. The hair feels very soft. You know just beautiful foreign. I will link all the information down below. It will be a direct link and if you haven't already subscribed to my Channel, please do so and hit that notification Bell. So you don't miss any of my new videos anyway later and I will catch you on the next one. Yeah

Keberna Barrett: This hair look fire!!!!

Tinashe Hair: thanks for trying tinashe hair

Keberna Barrett: Color is boom

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