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Hmm, hey guys welcome back to my channel in today's video. We are doing another hair review, we're working with herola hair, her ruler, hair, I'm trying to say y'all. I hope I said it correctly, but I'm showing you guys everything that came out of the Bob um, the Box yeah the box, I'm tripping the packaging y'all, I'm just showing you everything that came along with this unit and here's the way straight out of the packaging. Without bleaching the knots plucking it or anything just so, you guys can see how the wig comes before I touch it, and then we will get on with this install. I did plucked and bleached the knives off camera, so I did not show you guys that. But if you would like a you, know, in-depth video or showing you guys how I pluck and bleach my knots on all of my units, please be sure, to comment below and I got you so today's install we are doing it glueless, as y'all can see. They did send me some stocking caps and that's the ones I'm using these fashion. Caps are so A1. They literally blend in with your skin, so I didn't have to use any makeup on these caps and what I'm doing right now is just cleaning her head. Just so I can apply the wig. This is the wig after I bleach the knives and plug bit. Just so, y'all can see how it turns out, and this is what it freshly shampooed. So we are going to be installing this wig glueless. So I am going to use my handy dandy, even lace spray, because that's just what I love in the black can it works A1, okay and I'm going to just spray one layer for starters to um make it you know, lay it's not going to be completely Stuck on just yet, but it's just to help, lay it down for me to cut the extra lace off and you know prep it, so we can have it literally stuck Okay, so here I am laying her hair down after we blow dried it on cool. I did blow dry it on cool y'all, just to get it a little tacky, and now I'm going in with heat just to press it in a little um and then we're gon na cut off the excess lace and I'll come in and explain when it's time You know to explain anything else: foreign foreign. We decided to do a middle part, so you're going to see me pre-parting it before I cut the lace. I just like to do that because it helps me uh part it better. I don't know it's just me. I like doing it like that. You know whatever you like to do, you can do but we're going to take the hot comb and make sure it's laying as flat as possible before I trim the lace, and that's just so. I can have a guide of how I'm about to do her hair and how it's about to be. You know I like to pre-style it before I cut the leaves, please we're not doing baby hairs today, we're gon na just do the natural look y'all. This lace is so a one I'm like girl. Let'S just show this lace off like it's, so A1 is Blended, so well with her skin. This is before I added makeup, or was it after either way y'all before I even added makeup to the lace, it was blending really well so here I am completely drying the hairline and we're going to take a strip and tie it around before we add the Elastic and I like to completely dry the hairline just so it won't stick to the plastic um, not the plastic, but the hair wrap and the band. I don't like it sticking because it just makes that white look, and I don't like that. So before we lay the elastic we're going to take some foam and just slick all of that hair back, so it can be as smooth as possible. Bye -bye now, let's prep her to get under the dryer I like to go in with any type of foam or mousse just to lay the hair down, because I found that when you mold it first and then let them completely dry and all of that it Helps the laying process so much better like it just makes the hair lay so much flatter. So if you've never tried this, you should definitely try molding the hair and then putting them under the dryer and then after you'll see like a tremendous result of how flat it is that how come I'm gon na be like really the icing on a cake. So yeah just do this and then she's going to sit under the dryer for about 15 to 20 minutes just until this wig dries. You know at least 90 percent time. This is after the dryer and y'all. Look how late this lace is. I told y'all, so it was actually before I added the makeup, because this was my first time adding the makeup. I couldn't remember sorry, y'all, she's, tired and she yawning so don't mind that, but look how natural this hair looks so natural. So what we're gon na do is just blow it out as much as possible and then we're gon na do her a nice little silk press. It is so it's still going to have that. Kinky straight! Look to it, but it's just going to look like natural hair, silk press, so we just blow drying it completely, which is a very important step. Make sure you completely blow dry your clients hair before trying to style it, because it will make it impossible to get it, how you want it to be if it's still kind of damp, so I'm going in with my heat protectant. As always, I love to use the heat protectant and then we're gon na go through with the flat iron and I'm going to continue this until we get to the top. Ah, one time for this lace, though y'all this is a glueless wig installed and this lace is melted. Okay, I cannot make this up. Look how good this looks and I'm letting y'all see that's no filter or anything laid, and when I get to the top. I start to take smaller pieces because the top is very important. We do not want no bumpy wig, okay, no bumpy wig. I also want someone, I'm sorry, that this clip keeps blurring guys. I wasn't aware that it was blurring, so I'm super sorry about that. It'S only this one, though, because I'm pretty sure you noticed it didn't do that throughout the whole video, so yeah we're just continuing the little so pressed part at the top foreign baby and here's the finishing results of her install y'all. This wig was very full. It is 150 density, the lace was A1. You can see it's completely melted. I will have the whole um info for this video located Below in the description box, be sure to follow my hair page at Alexis, J and I'll see y'all in the next video. Hmm yay

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