New! The Most Realistic And Beginner Friendly Wig! No Skills Needed Ft The Wig Nerd

This video is for the girls that hate plucking, bleaching knots, or gluing wigs. Zero skills are needed for this beautiful beginner-friendly #gluelesswig #hdlacewig



Naomi Wig Unit:

3-4 bundles of Raw Cambodian Hair

5 x 5 closure

24 inches

Sewing Machine Made

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Height-5 ft 6.5 inches

Waist: 32.5 inches

Hips: 52.5 inches




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If you want to see how it is that I go from this to this stay tuned, what's up this, is your girl, Crystal Chanel, and welcome back to my channel, I'm also known as Crissy the doll and, if you're new here, we basically talk about everything plus Size Curvy Girl, fashion Fitness Beauty and, as you can see today, hair I am more active now than I have ever been because we already know summer is just like a couple of months away, so I need a cute hairstyle, that's protected for one for too easy To get to my scalp, so I can keep it clean and for three girl you know we got ta, save those coins. Long story short: I need a really cute style, but a protective style. I did partner with the wigner today and basically I'm getting back into wigs, but not just any kind of wigs. I'M talking about the kind that come ready to play straight out. The box pre-plucked already clean, already bleached, even already styled and colored honey. Do you hear me all you got ta do is put it on and go so I'm going to start with clean hair, I'm doing about eight cornrows straight back. I always clip my ends whenever I do this, maybe every other month - and this is great for working out, okay doll. So, as you can see, I just finished my hair. It doesn't have to be perfect. I'M going to use some of this. My L Rose Mary mint oil. I'M gon na make sure your hair is nice and protected. Today, I'm really going to show y'all how you can do your hair, the healthiest way possible, which is basically without using any kind of glue any kind of adhesive. I'M trying to put the least amount of tension on my hair as possible. Put it on her ends and everything in this silk bag. I love having soap badge my wig, so that I have a place to store it. When I'm finished this wig is gorgeous. Look. I absolutely love this wig. It has custom ash blonde highlights. I was definitely needing something with some color because of the seasons changing this hair is so thick and pretty all the way full To The Ends. It comes pre-cut, pre-curled pre-styled. I love the fact that it's glueless it's ready to go out the box, the wig nerd. Really did her thing with this y'all. Let me tell you: I've been knowing the wig nerds owner. Probably since, like the 7th of the eighth grade, we just recently reconnected and her small business is popping. I am so excited to make this video. I'M definitely going to keep it real, but y'all can trust me. Okay, when I say this is some bomb hair. I used to have a hair company, so you already know. I know what to look for when you're talking about hair. The reason why, first of all I love this wig just off the top is because it comes with a hairline baby. That'S look at this hairline, just I'm gon na. Let you see for yourself. Okay, do you see that hairline y'all this hairline is plucked to the Gods like get into this hairline? It'S a 5x5 closure wig, which I don't mind, because I'm not really the best at laying frontals and again this is really beginners friendly. So if you classify as a beginner, I've been wearing wigs for years and I still feel like a beginner because baby I'm just a beginner. So looking on the inside of this wig, I do want y'all to know there is an elastic band. That way, you can adjust how tight you want it on your head. That'S how it's glueless, not to mention the cap itself has some stretch, so I know it's going to fit nice and snug. There aren't any Clips in here, but I'm okay with that. For me, whenever I have Clips, I had to learn the hard way it causes friction on my edges and actually ends up thinning. My edges and that's the opposite of the goal that I have for. Why I wear wigs wig is constructed nicely, I'm gon na turn. It inside out, so you see, the wefts are sewn, really neat. The lace is pretty thin, which is going to make it easier. If you are someone who wants to melt your wig but y'all, this feels amazing on my head. It feels really good and oh my gosh. This is so pretty. Oh, my gosh, oh my gosh, so look you can see how good that looks. This is my favorite part of the whole entire wig, and the reason for that is because I'm not good at plucking. The knots or anything like that, having a bleach tonight, this already comes ready to go. Now again, I am not an expert at doing this, I'm putting a little bit of makeup here. I actually end up buying a spray to color this a little bit better. Once um, I got to the beauty supply store, but yeah makeup works. Just fine, I always cut a line down. The middle of the Nets was a little bit easier to work side by side, and I try to do kind of jagged cut, so it's not so straight y'all. This is such a gorgeous unit and the wig nerd has really done their things like straight out. The box y'all, all I did - was cut the lace and add a little makeup to blend my part. She is ready to go, she is secure. She is beautiful. Now, if this right here bothers you honestly, I will cut just a couple of pieces of hair. So it covers it. Whenever I put her on and once you curl and wear your scarf and she's all laid you're not going to see that. But if you want to go a couple of extra steps, let me show you what to do. What I'm going to do is use this wax stick for some of the flyaways. I honestly don't really do baby hair, so I'm going to do a look without baby hair. I'M going to go ahead and add a few more curls to frame my face and, of course, I'm going to add a little bit of hairspray. That way, I can lay down those little edges. So let me show you how easy it is, but I I wanted a pause to share with y'all how you can make it look straight out of the pattern in a minute since I've given y'all a life update, but your girl is married now living in a New state new house and grow, it is a new season literally, so I was definitely ready for a change and I feel like what better way to do that than by changing your look hair color, and by doing it without commitment, because you can do it with A wig all the wrong heads they use come straight from Cambodia or India, so you're getting the real deal. It'S South East Asian hair head and pulled this off. Oh, she looks good baby. Oh my gosh, she looks so good. Look at this hairline get into this hairline y'all beautiful, amazing. Look at how full these ends are girl. Look how healthy this hair is. That'S one thing a wig nerd is gon na do y'all she gon na make sure you get some beautiful hair. I don't even know how to act. What y'all gon na do with me. Yes, girl, get into this hair. Get into this Beyonce tell me if you are feeling it. I am feeling it. I 100 love, love, love, love! How this hair feels and yeah y'all comment down below? Let me know what you think y'all. You can't tell me anything about this hair. It'S given for like Beyonce slay y'all, like girl, girl, girl, the wig nerd, did that so just really quick. My experience with the company, the hair, it comes really fast. She only sells hair that's in stock. As far as the hair, it is great quality hair. I used to sell hair, so I can say that with absolute certainty, this is raw hair. This is hair. That is nice and thick. It'S full! It'S so beautiful, just the quality of hair. The fact that you can dye this hair bleach, this hair cut this hair curl this hair. I can tell just from the body alone. I know these curls are going to stay and you guys are gon na love. It so again comes ready out the box go ahead. Click the link down below hit the name of this wig with all the details and yeah. If you guys are trying to get slayed at home, then girl, you need to go ahead and pick up. One of these wigs make sure you check her out on Instagram at the wig nerd, make sure you're following me on Instagram, as well as Tick Tock and I'll put on my socials on the screen and yeah y'all. I really enjoyed making these videos for y'all. So I want to say thank you so much as always for your love and support and stay fabulous and stay fierce. Thank you.

Crystal Chanel: Hey Dolls! This wig is a closure wig and 4 bundles of raw hair shop the wig nerd:

Rina's Way: That hair looks so good on you . Loving the highlights on this unit

ChrisLou Murpjy: Beautiful!

Hailey Jennings: Is the lace hd or transparent? Beautiful wig ❤

Monique B: Beautiful

Boujee Beauty: Your makeup is really pretty

l'amour et violence: Look like the king of queens tanning episode in the thumbnail

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