This Closure Has Much Space It'S Givin Frontal! 6" X 4.5" Pre Cut Closure Wig Ft Jun


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Foreign, thank you, one of them ones back. When we couldn't buy pizza, I could go back a century running the store for centuries and bring it back to your brother man. We had to respect it. He was wavy doing mixtapes out of your basement on occasion for entertainment. They even leave us at the house and go out on a mission. You probably would have gotten less trouble just gone with them feel, like I never say much, but man, that's a lot to know. I feel like the difference between us really starting the show, I'm looking at their first week, numbers like what are those boys not even coming close, look in the mirror, I'm closer than I really appear creeping like chili, without the tender, love and care, no tender, love And care no love and affection. I got a price on my head, but there's a risk to collecting I might be here is a vessel to teach people the lesson I feel like they wanted me dead, but couldn't pull it together, yeah, but here we are and it's a new semester. 40. The only one that know how I deal with the pressure a couple nights when it started to feel like you, but money can't buy happiness, jelly talking, truthful, that's right, foreign moving on my life, I made it hey. What'S up everyone, it's dominant tastemaker and welcome back to my Channel today, you guys I'm doing a review for janoda hair, so this is a four by five in it. This is a 4.5 inch by six inch closure unit, meaning that it is six inches of closure space here in the front, get a four and a half inch part. So I'm really feeling this one. I did wet it as you guys can see, because before I came back to you guys like it was just like almost like a huge afro, it was definitely giving me like that new look that Megan the stallion is going for and believe it or not. You guys this hair is actually still wet, and this is how it looks so it's very full. This is what the closure looks like in the front, as you guys can see, it looks very natural. I love that about it, and this is a pre-cut lace unit. As well, so they cut the lace already and it has like a scalloped type of finish to it. Also, this is a very breathable unit, so a lot of units you will know it's just like the whole inside is covered up with the fabric, and the tracks are sewn onto a dome cap pretty much and this one foreign we're just putting on a unit putting On another unit, putting on another unit and we're not really allowing our natural hair to breathe, so I do love that feature in this unit and it also comes with an adjustable elastic band. However, it doesn't come with the straps in the back, so make sure that you keep that comb, that's in the back, because that's what you're going to use to hook underneath your braids. So that's what I have in the back to help the unit lay down this unit was actually very quick and easy to install as well as you guys know when it comes to closure units. Those are usually the best units to wear when you're in a rush or, if you just don't feel like doing a lot when it comes to installing a unit, and this unit is also a 3D Dome cap. If you guys wanted to know that as well - and it does have like this piece on the side here - I don't know if you guys can see that little shiny piece and that's supposed to help it like not slip. So you don't have to worry about your unit like slipping off, so I really do like that feature as well, and you guys this is a single knotted unit, so I'm gon na come up close, so you guys can see. This is a single knotted unit. I did not plug this unit. Look how good it looks up close and personal like I was to pull the hair back. You guys can see like how good it looks. That means that the knots are going to be very tiny on this unit. So when you bleach the knots, it's just going to be so perfect, because when you have a lot of other units, they are like double and triple knotted, so they're not for like really big and noticeable, and even after you bleach it you'll notice, like you still See the knots you will not have that problem with this unit, because it is single knotted and it is such a great job with this. The other thing that I do want to point out, obviously, is that this unit is very full, I'm not sure on the density for this one, but because of the texture, you can definitely get away with just doing 150 density. I would not suggest going above that, because it is so full unless you just want a really really full look like this is a unit when it's wet, you guys saw what it looked like when it was dry. So that's just something that I did want to point out to you guys and like I said it definitely gives me like Meg the stallion Vibes like you know. This is definitely what she's wearing right now, but she has it like without a part. So this is what oh, by the way, this is The Parting space. I didn't even show you guys that this is how far back The Parting goes, and you guys saw how much space you get like in the front here bomb. Also, this is a glueless unit. However, I did use product to adhere the unit just so it can lay down properly, because I knew that I was going to add, like my baby hairs and everything, but it is a glueless unit. If you don't want to add any product to the lace. You definitely don't have to you can get away with not adding anything but me personally because, like I said I have a smaller head, I always adhere my units, even if they're glueless, just because I have to make sure that I have that extra security. For me yeah, this is an up close look at it too. I didn't want to come up closer, so you guys can see the texture, I'm not sure, for the texture for this one, but it almost looks like a kinky curly type of texture I'll definitely leave it down below very natural. Looking, though, like that's one thing that I'm really really liking about, it is how natural it looks. It looks so good. I love the curls. It definitely had to tame this unit just using water, and then I did use a little bit of the lotta body mousse. That definitely helps a lot as well, because it was just almost a little bit overwhelming. You know. First, I'm like oh my gosh. This is just a lot going on honey as far as the inches on this one. This is a 22 inch, but obviously you know if you stretch it, it does go a lot longer than that. So this is like regular. I have orange on so the color might look a little weird but yeah. This is where it pulls down to and then this is where it hits. So it's a 22 inch, but it can go a lot longer than that as well. But how do y'all feel about this? One y'all definitely have to. Let me know, typically, you guys don't really like the Kinky Curly units, but I like them honestly, I feel like they're great and they look a lot more natural. You know, and it can be a high maintenance, though so that is something that I do want to discuss something that is this curly, like this side of a curl, will be high maintenance. So you need to be sure that you're, on top of the maintenance, make sure that you are detangling and when you detangle, you always want to start from the ends and work. Your way up make sure you are also wearing a silk Bonnet, but yeah shout out to janota for this one, I'm really excited to try these units out. I really do like this new concept of the four by five 4.5 by 6 inch units. I really like the fact that they have this six inch parting space and, if you wanted to, you, can definitely do like a cute flip over with this. So this is the flip over vibe, which I actually kind of like more than the middle part yeah. This actually looks good like this, but yeah, but the last one that I did I kind of did is similar to this as well, but look how good it looks like you know, and you can also like do a half of half down ponytail. If you want to so, if you just want to like, have the hair back, I have a clip right here. Maybe y'all use this clip just for an example, because I don't have a hair tie at the moment, but yeah you can have like a little half up half down ponytail, as you guys can see. I use my Clips because I don't have a um, a rubber band or hair tie so yeah you can do that and it will still look really cute. You get the vibe like it's. It'S definitely something that is, you know um. It'S definitely something. That'S versatile. You know you're not just like stuck with one look. I really like it in this book over Vibe and you guys, like I said it's single knotted, so you see how natural it looks without plucking it. It looks so good, so shout out to janoda for sitting over this unit. I really do enjoy it and if you want to try it out yourself, make sure you check out that description box down below for a direct link to this unit. Along with all the details to this hair, if there was something that I didn't cover in today's video and you still have a question - drop a comment down below and I'll kiss you guys as soon as I can. I want to thank all of my subscribers for stopping by today to show me so much love and support, and I will see all of you beautiful people in my next one bye,

Junoda Wig: Wow, babe, Perfectly slayyed!!! Thanks so much for sharing Junoda Hair. LOVE you!!!

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