How To Buy Wholesale Hair From China, Dubai, India & Vietnam | Best Wholesale Hair Vendors 2022

Beginners guide on how to buy wholesale original 100% raw human hair for your small or growing business. If you want to start your own business selling human hair and wigs, then this video is for you. We are going to go through the different types of human hair, how to identify low quality hair and how to choose the best hair suppliers for your business.

This video would not be complete without sharing a list of some of the suppliers you can consider during your research journey.

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Please don’t rush to buy your hair without watching this entire video because there is a lot to learn before you invest in this type of business. The hair business can be risky and expensive so do your homework before you spend your money.

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Intro - 0:00

Types of 100% Human Hair - 1:58

Popular Hair Categories - 5:16

Hair Grading System - 9:05

Bundles, Lace Frontals, Closures, Wigs & Tape-ins - 10:30

Low Quality vs High Quality Human Hair - 14:10

Choosing The Right Hair Supplier - 16:25

Final Comments - 19:22

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Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Brazil and China are known to be some of the largest exporters of raw human hair in the world. According to a report that was published by the statistical research Department in 2021, India was the largest exporter of rural human hair worldwide, with exports amounting to around 165 million US Dollars. Women have been wearing wigs and buying hair extensions for centuries, and it doesn't look like this. Lucrative Market is going away anytime soon. Some of the major reasons why women buy hair are to protect their natural hair. Try a new look, get thicker or longer hair manage different hair conditions, as well as boost their self-esteem and confidence. We all know how a good hair day can completely transform your mood and well-being. So, no matter what your background is or what your reasons are, you can't deny that some good hair extensions could be one of the best investments you could ever make in this video we're going to talk about how to buy original 100 human hair. For yourself, your small business or your growing business we're going to go through the different types of human hair, how to identify low quality hair as well as how to choose the best supplies for your business. This video obviously, would not be complete without sharing a list of some of the suppliers or vendors you can consider during your research Journey. Please don't rush to buy your hair without watching this entire video, because there is a lot to learn before you invest in this type of business. The hair business can be risky and expensive. So do your homework before you spend your money before we get started. Do subscribe to the channel if you haven't already done so hit the notification Bell then hit this video a big fat thumbs up, so that I know that you enjoyed it and also so that I can stay motivated to continue to create more content like this. Without further Ado, let's get into our video foreign to get started. You first need to understand the different types of 100 human hair. So there are three different types of human hair virgin or raw Remy and non-remi hair, and all these three eyes hair that you get from a human hair, whether it's from the floor of a hair salon or a dead body. As long as it's hair that came from a human scalp, it's considered to be 100, human hair hair can be from a single or multiple donors. Hair from single donors is here that comes from one person. This type of hair is considered to be of higher quality because it will have the same color, texture and length here from multiple donors is here that comes from more than one person. This type of hair will obviously have different color tones textures and length, so it may have to be treated or processed so that it Blends well together when made into a bundle or a wig. Knowing the difference between the different types of 100, human hair will help. You to understand what separates cheap from high quality hair and just because it's real hair, it also doesn't mean that it's good hair, and just because you like it, it doesn't mean that your customers will like it, and we all know. Women are particular when it comes to their hair, so always take into consideration what your customers have to say about your product, because if your customers don't like it, then they're just simply not going to buy from you, they won't buy your hair. So one virgin hair is 100 human hair. That'S never been chemically treated or dyed. It is also referred to as Raw Hair. It can be difficult to find genuine raw hair, because this is hair that you get from someone's head and that person has never used any chemicals bleach or Dye in their hair. How many people do you know: who've, never shampooed, bleached, curled, relaxed or dyed their hair. I'D like to see him not a lot. This is the reason why hair manufacturers struggle to get genuine Virgin Hair simply because people are now using different products to maintain their hair. Roy hair is not cheap and it is relatively more expensive than other hair, and the thing about hair is that a lot of your customers may want raw hair or virgin hair, but not all of them are willing to pay a lot of money for their crowns. So always keep that in mind and then next is Remy. Hair Remy hair is also 100 human hair. This is a human ponytail hair with the cuticle in One Direction. This means that this type of hair is still intact and will not shade or tangle easily. This is here that you get from someone's head, but that person could have either died or treated their hair. This is also hair that suppliers will now refer to as Virgin Hair, simply because they can't find OG Raw Hair anymore. Suppliers usually use multiple names, such as raw virgin and Remy hair, and this can really just make things confusing. But when it comes to Remy, Hair, Remy, hair, wigs and extensions often come with highlights and low lights and also have color trees treatment to make them ready to wear but again, just because it's also sold as Remy doesn't automatically mean that it's also high quality hair. Non-Remmy hair is also 100 human hair made from a mixture of hair from China, Vietnam and India. This hair has to be treated with chemicals to make sure that the different textures of hair from all these different places blend well together. This will give it a natural look to make it look like the hair came from one head or the same type of hair. Some of the well-known types of 100 human hair are Brazilian hair, Peruvian hair, Indian hair, Malaysian hair and Mongolian hair. Not all hair is named after the places where it originated from, so please keep that in mind. For example, here that is being sold as Brazilian hair doesn't necessarily mean that it is from Brazil and hair that is being sold Is Peruvian. Hair also doesn't mean that it's from Peru and so on to justify this. All you have to do is look at the numbers. Statistics don't lie. I like to look at numbers, so statistics show that the largest hair exporter in the world is India, and then China and Brazil are all the way down here. Yet the most popular here on the market is Brazilian here, but you can see that Brazil is not exporting that much hair to meet the demand. I mean hair can only grow so fast, so other manufacturers have become clever and now claimed to be selling Brazilian hair. When it's not actually hair from Brazil, research has also shown that these hair names are just names that people came up with to help differentiate the hair that they were selling from their competitors. The first hair sold in bundles was Indian hair and everyone was selling this type of hair, but then someday someone had the brilliant idea to mix different blends of hair to make it appear to be Brazilian because it was the most popular and guess what it worked. Now a lot of Manufacturers mix different blends of hair to make it appear to be Brazilian, Peruvian and so on. Supplies in the industry also now just use these names to categorize their hair and not to indicate the country where the hair is coming from. So how do these hair categories work? Brazilian hair is the most popular hair on the market. It is perceived to be a little bit, thicker, more flexible and easier to manage and Style original Brazilian hair is wavy, but you can also find it in straight and curly. Textures Brazilian hair shines more than other hair and with proper care it can last longer than most hair. It also just demands a lot of care, but can last up to two to three years. If you take care of it properly, so Brazilian hair does not have any color variations and comes in natural hair color, and it is also easy to bleach or die. Indian hair is considered to be thick heavy and straight. It is difficult to curl, but works well as a straight look, so Indian hair also looks rich in texture and comes in a single tone. Peruvian hair is sleeker and glossier than Brazilian hair and most of the time it's actually more expensive. The hair cuticles are lined in the same direction as if the hair is growing from your scalp. In most cases, this makes for Peruvian hair is slightly more expensive than other types of hair. It is also very soft, lightweight and blends easily with relaxed African hair. Peruvian hair manages heat better and can be straightened without a lot of problems, and it comes in light brown, deep brown or darker colors. When it comes to Malaysian hair Malaysian hair, it has curls, it is Sleek and shiny and has low to medium luster. It holds curls very well, it is very dark. Brown ends of the hair actually are lighter in color, and it Blends well with a lot of hair types and when it comes to Malaysian hair, it also doesn't swell or freeze when there's humidity, and it requires low maintenance with a Sleek, luxurious texture and just the Right amount of shine, Malaysian hair is known to blend very well with most hair types, so Mongolian hair is of an Asian origin and is a cross breed between Chinese, Indian and Malaysian hair. It has a thicker hair shaft. It is not as lightweight as some Virgin Hair; it is heavier in terms of density and maintains a very soft texture. The hair is soft and shiny and comes in a range of different colors beyond the brown, so the light blonde, as well as different styles straight and wavy and Mongolian hair, is also very expensive due to its Rarity compared to other Virgin Hair Extensions. Next is the hair grading system when looking for the best human hair, you might have come across codes, which you didn't quite understand, such as 4A, 5A, 7A, 10 air and so on. These coats are called hair grades and they're just there to explain how good the hair is. If you purchase 100 human hair, not all of it is considered to be of high quality of good quality, and this is where hair grading comes in. So hair grading was started by Chinese suppliers back in 2010 to help separate bad hair from Good Hair based on the technology and techniques used to prepare and treat hair right now the official lowest hair grade is 3A and the highest grade is 12a, but there are Some suppliers who came to be selling hair that is way higher. All the way up to 15a 3A grade is considered to be a lower grade of hair, as the technology and treatments used to cure or slow. The hair into bundles is not as advanced as those used to produce 12a hair. The general assumption is that the higher the grade, the better the quality. However, this hair grading system is not regulated. There is no official governing body that is making sure that suppliers are not lying to Consumers about the quality of their hair. So you'll find that every year different manufacturers will have their own versions of these hair crates. So you need to keep that in mind that hair grades are not necessarily a reliable way of being able to tell if hair is of high quality or not. So now that you understand what hair grading is, let's go into understanding how hair is sold. Human hair is sold mainly as bundles frontals, clip-ons and wigs. A bundle is a bunch of hair that is sewn onto a strip or band to create a weft single wefts have a single band or track. Then double waves have two bands folded together to create volume and thickness bundles range from between 95 to 100 grams in terms of weight, and they are sold separately or as a part of a pack for to get a full weave or a full head. You may require two to five bundles of hair, depending on the length of the style that you want. The thickness of hair bundles is measured in two popular ways. Single drawn and double drawn single draw inherent bundles are much to reflection of your hair. They are cheaper because the hair is not the same length, for example, if it's a 20 inch hair bundle - and it says it's single drawing - it basically means that half of the hair is the full 20 inch length and then the other half is different. Lengths such as 16, 18 and 18 inches to some people, single, drawing hair bundles, don't look natural simply because you're able to tell that the hair is not necessarily the same length. The ends are also thinner and they don't work. If you want hair. That has a lot of volume. This hair is popular amongst wholesalers because it is easier to manufacture and now double joint hair has a lot of volume and the majority of the hair that is 70 to 80 percent of it is actually of the same length. Factory workers have to cut and then separate the hair ends by hand and not machine so that the entire bundle have the same fullness from top to bottom, then the hair will be sewn into a weft, because the double drone hair extensions are thick from The Roots. It can actually make bundles quite heavy in weight. This type of hair bundles are also very expensive, because the manufacturing process requires a lot of hand, as you see that workers have to sort these by hand when it comes to lace, frontals and closures. Frontals are used to recreate the hairline from ear to ear, while closures are used to recreate them. Natural parting of the hairline lace frontals help you to achieve a more natural look for your wigs and your hair extensions. These are the ones which you see written 13 by 4, inches or 13 by 6.. You may need glue to bond the lace from ear to ear so that your hair doesn't move. They are much more flexible in terms of styling and allow you to try out different hairstyles such as Center Parts, side, parts or ponytails that look natural closures come as four by four inches and don't give a lot of room in terms of styling. The dimensions can, however, differ slightly depending on the brand and the manufacturer, but the concept is the same, which is a square, so you can give them as four by four six by six eight by eight five by five. I think you get where I'm going with this, so so four by four closures are better for defined parts and styles they're easy to use when you want to achieve a flat natural, looking Style with a needle and thread. You don't typically need glue to bond the lace. Wigs are made from bundles and Lace, frontals or closures, which are sewn onto a wig cap to make it easy to to wear. These are usually made by hand in different factories, but these days anyone can make a wig in their own home, so high quality human hair, wigs are comfortable to wear. They have an almost undetectable hairline, they do not itch, they look natural and they last longer and they're easy to maintain, as well as to style. A lot of suppliers claim to deliver 100 high quality, genuine human hair. But if you don't know how to perform checks to minimize the risk of buying low quality hair, you could lose a lot of money in the process and because the hair grading system is not officially regulated, you can easily pay a lot of money for hay. That is not of high quality, so some of the ways that you can tell where the hair is of high quality of knots is to smell the hair. So high quality hair has no smell, but I do have hair that has been high of high quality, but it still had a bit of a smell to it. So it's considered to be unprocessed and it doesn't have any chemicals or shampoos that have been used to process it, and this is what makes it high quality. High quality hair also has no shading or minimal shading, and when you're combing and styling it it doesn't shade, and you don't find hair strands all over the place. You can also do a heat test and with low quality, hair, low quality, hair and mouse, and it burns when using a flat or curling iron, but high quality hair does not burn or melt when using a flat or curling iron. And you can also do a bleach test, so when it comes to bleaching low quality, hair cannot be bleached or dyed, but high quality hair can be bleached and it can be colored. It can be dyed and with depending on the hair. It can also be bleached. After 613, which is a color blonde or 60., and with high quality hair, it will bounce back to its natural state, even after bleaching. But the important thing is that you mustn't over process your hair, even if it's of high quality, but it's just like your normal hair. You still need to use heat protection so that it doesn't break and it maintains high quality. It can also do a strand test. So, with low quality, hair you'll find that the hair will not crumble, it will melt like plastic and it'll stick to your hand, but real hair will burn fast and it actually turns to Ash low quality hair, also Tangles and mattes, and it turns into carpet while Side, quality hair, even after washing, will revert back to its natural state and with low quality hair. It has fillers, so fillers are gray and white synthetic hair or straight string or plastic that is placed throughout the bundle or wig to make it look. Fuller, real hair or high quality hair will not have head, will not have any fillers. You won't find string or plastic in it. However, not all of it is a problem because when you are growing normal human hair, it can grow with a bit of gray hair. But what you need to pay attention is how much of the gray hair is in it, and is there any synthetic strands or strings or Plastics that have been placed throughout your bundle when it comes to hair suppliers? Communication and consistency are key. A good supplier will give you the same quality of hair each time you place an order, one thing to watch out for as suppliers who will give you high quality hair when ordering samples and then rub you blind when you place a big order and it's difficult To find the supplier also has the perfect range of bundles, wigs, frontals and closures. You may have to buy wigs from one supplier and then bundles and closures from another supplier, or you buy Brazilian hair from another supplier and then Peruvian hair from a different supplier. So I guess what I'm just trying to say is that always know that it's not all supplies that are going to have the perfect range of hair, and you also want a supplier who communicates properly, who responds in short time frames. Despite the different time zones, A supplier will understand the requirements and won't keep sending you a hair that doesn't meet your requirements, but before you place your order, you always have to ask the right questions based on everything that we have covered in this video. So far, I'm assuming that by now I probably have a pretty good idea of what questions to ask right. Some of the questions you should ask are: does the hair still have cuticles? Where does the hair come from? Has it been chemically processed because we did talk about this? Do you color or dye your hair, and you spoke about bleaching and having chemicals being used on your hair? Can I bleach or Dye the hair, because you also want to do your own bleach test? What is the minimum order? Quantities that you can see if you can actually afford it, and if this is the supplier that you want to work with? How long are your processing times? Because you want to know how long it's going to take for them to release different batches or for them to ship products to you, what links do you supply? Is your hair from a single or multiple donors, because we did talk about this. That single, here from single donors is considered to be of higher quality, as opposed to hair from multiple donors. Also ask your supplier: if they supply list product, if they actually do provide double or single lifted, bundles white hair grades, they have ask them if they have single and double drawn hair, which shipping options do they have? What are their prices and whether they offer private, labeling or branding? This is important if, particularly if you want to launch your own hair brand, because there are some suppliers and manufacturers that actually give you the whole package and then also ask about the return or exchange policy. This isn't this one is actually a very tricky one, because, if you're buying, here from China or you're buying hair from a different country, what are the chances that it's going to be very easy for you to get a refund mind will return When exchange. So it's important for you to also keep in mind that you may not be able to get exchanges or returns. So it's just good to be able to make sure that you only place big orders when you're confident of your supplier and also remember that asking all these questions is really just the beginning, as you still have to test the hair and get feedback from your customers. Because it really doesn't matter if you like the hair or not, because if your customers don't like it they're, simply just not going to buy from you alright, so we've come to the end of this video. I really hope that you found this video to be super. Informative and valuable, I'm excited to hear what you guys have to say and I'm excited to hear if you guys are going to try out any of these suppliers. Please come back and share your comments in the video description. I do not remove bad comments, negative comments and just keep good comments. It'S important for us to be able to hear your feedback when you try out some of the suppliers and vendors, so that I too can also learn and anyone else who's on the platform and watching these videos can also learn and yeah. So I'm excited to hear what you guys are going to do all the best, with your hair business in 2022 and Beyond and yeah I'll see you on the next one. Bye

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