How To Get Quality Hair Vendor Contacts From China, Vietnam, India || Revealing My Vendor'S Con

Welcome back guys, in this video, I will be sharing with you step by step How to get QUALITY HAIR VENDOR CONTACTS from CHINA, VIETNAM, INDIA || Revealing my vendor's contact



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Hey guys and welcome back to my channel, it's onyara as always a content creator based in just nigeria, so guys, just as i promised in my videos on hair importation how to go into hair business woman, hair business. I promise i'll be showing you how to get contacts, how to get your vendors contacts using different apps alibaba um once is it it's made in china, app taobao, app, okay and now i'll be starting off with alibaba, so guys, if you watch this video to the Very end, at some point in this very video i'll, be giving you one personal contact for free, like one verified contact. So all you need to do is to ensure that you watch this video to the very end like this video subscribe to this channel and then get all the good stuff here for free, so guys without much wasting of time. This is my alibaba app like this is the app i'm not using browser. I have the app downloaded or installed to my phone, so if you don't have the app all you need to do is to go to your play, store, okay, type, alibaba app! You see the app you install it directly to your phone, so, as you can see now this alibaba app it has a search bar and a camera icon. Okay, so the use of this camera icon is let's say: for example, you have a picture of a particular hair type you want, because here we are discussing hair, there's a picture of a particular hair type. You want, you can use this camera icon. You already have that hair type saved to your photos. Okay, so you can use this camera icon to search for it directly. Okay, so now we'll not be using that camera icon, let's just go to our search bar and when you come here when you come to your search bar, please the thing you need to set or the keyword you need to search for is cortical aligned virgin hair. So, let's type that if you want to get good hair, okay, cortical cortico aligned cortico aligned. If you want wigs okay, you can see what is popping out here: cortico aligned raw hair, bundles cortical, aligned virgin hair cortical, aligned, wigs cortical, aligned, raw virgin, hair cortico and line hair cut squat line, hair cut squat, so it depends on which one you want. If you want weeks, you go four weeks, but here, let's just type cortical line virgin hair, so you can see some of the ones are available here. You can see them. You can see this first, one from china from china, from china from china, china, china, like china, has the majority. Okay, china has the majority and most of these sellers here they are verified seller, not only that they are verified, they are just. They also have trade assurance. This is something you need to put in check when you want to buy from vendors here on alibaba note that alibaba is a b2b website. Okay, if you don't know that by now, it is a b2b website. So, let's just scroll down and click on anyone; okay, so let me click on this particular one which one now let me click on this that looks real. Okay, it says hundred percent raw unprocessed virgin indian hair virgin hair cuticle hair aligned. The price is between 33 dollars to 78 dollars and your minimum order quantity is 10 packs you get it 10 packs. So if you're, somebody that is just starting - and you don't have money to buy this much okay without money to go this much something you can do is okay, so this vendor is from india. You can see it down. Okay, something you can do if you don't have money is to leave this supplier go look for other support, other suppliers that can give you a lesser minimum order, quantity, this person's minimum. That quantity is maybe a bit high for you. You don't have the resources to start with this. You can just go and get a supplier that has a lesser minimum order quantity. So let me just scroll down: let's see the details, you can see other things. So let's leave this person search for another one. Okay, a chinese seller - this is chinese vendor, it says, is a 10a okay, something you need to know about when you see something like 8a 9810a11a12a. Okay, this is just um a method of grading that chinese suppliers, like they use this method of grading to grate their hair to grade their human hair. Okay. So if you see something like eight a and you come again and see night, you just have it at the back of your mind that 9a has more quality or it's a better quality compared to that of 8a. So so, if you have 10a, 10a has small quality or is of better quality than 9 and 8a. If you have up to 12 a 12 a, is a better quality or has more quality than that of 10. 8. 9 a's okay. So this is a 10 a mink, braxton and raw virgin cortico line here. Okay and the price is from it really, it already have 518 buyers, 4.9 star ratings. Two piece is the minimum. You can buy two piece like two bundles okay, and it is nineteen dollars. If you're buying from three to four you get it as 12. right from four five piece, you get it at six point eight and the minimum order. Quantity here is two, so this is fair right. This is fair. This is for somebody that is just starting up. Okay, this was somebody that is just studying up. Then, if you want to get sample, this person is ready to give you sample. Look at it here, yeah and just as i said in my previous video nowadays suppliers, they don't give you sample for free formally, they can send you a sample. Maybe you've convinced them that you want to see it and be buying in bulk. They send you free sample, but now nobody is ready to send you free samples. You pay a talking to get your sample product, so here it says, get samples straight hair. The 18 inch you get the sample at 30.50 per piece. Okay, a an 18 inch. You get the sample for at 30.50 dollars, so this seller also has trade assurance. What trade assurance means is that when you transact online with this vendor - and maybe something happened and this vendor doesn't supply the goods you ordered for all something of that nature. I live about groups of company or alibaba is ready to pay you because this person has trade assurance, so the next is the product quality and on time shipment. So if you want them to customize this hair for you to customize the logo, they can customize the logo from one piece. Okay, let's say this: is your hair brand? Okay, you want them to customize the logo. All you do is to send them your own logo. From one piece they can go ahead and customize this for you. If you want them to customize your packaging, they can do it for you graphic packaging from one piece they can do it. Okay, so one thing we are looking for now is customers reviews so from here you can see that they already have about 444 reviews, so i'll go ahead and click on it. Let'S see the reviews, no reviews. Yet. Okay, it's loading, it's loading, okay, so these are some of the reviews we are seeing here. It has a 4.9 star ratings, so you can see it here. Um this person said love it. So, let's see reviewed with photos, so i'm kind of waiting for it to load completely. Let'S see something guys note that it is very, very important for you to check your reviews. Okay, so this is a review here. It says the bundles are very good quality. The longer the bundle, the thinner the size, but the hair is so worthy. The custom packaging is beautiful as well. You can see it here. This is under review. My customer love the quality. This is another one. It says very reliable and asks for elash, she's, patient and tauro, and she makes sure that your item is this fast, that they blink okay. So you can see some of the reviews here. This person review his own hair same here so guys you can see more of the reviews from here. Okay, you can see more of the reviews. These ones are with uh with pictures. As you can see some of this hair, they actually branded it or they customized. It for their customers, okay, so if you want them to customize your own for you, you can go ahead and tell them that you want it to be customized with your logo tag and the rest of them. So on your own, you can go through the the reviews very well. You can go through the reviews on your own properly. So let me leave this for now and let's go back, let's go back, so i think the reviews are okay, based on this. If i'm just to consider these reviews, i think this is a nice store to order from so. If you want to chat with this seller, maybe you want them to customize your own hair for you or you want them to what else you want to know more about them or you want to get their contacts. Just click on chat now at the bottom start chatting ask them anything. You want to ask them concerning the hair. Ask them some questions also, if you want to buy in bulk, and you really want them to discount something for you go ahead and ask for discounts. Of course you can do that. That'S why you're chatting them up go ahead and ask for discount. I guarantee you they'll, give you nice response. Okay, so that's that if you want to send inquiry, you send a query phone to start ordering. You click on start ordering. So that's that's about about this particular place. You can go down to see um their payment options. Okay, payment terms: you can use your western union, you can use moneygram, you can use paypal to pay them. So if there are details you want to know about this hair you can check here. This is the video, so these are more detailed ones. So you can see them here for yourself if you want this, this looks like a double drone: okay, a single drone and a double drone. So you can see some customers feedback yeah. You can see some customers, but just take your time. Okay, so these are different. Hair types you can see the straight head, the natural wave should in case you are a newbie. You can also see it here. The natural wave water wave loose deep, deep, wave body, wave, kinky and the rest of them. Okay, then they call us. These are some of the colors they have. They are lashes, so does that ship into the world? Okay. So if you're in america, this they ship between five three to five working days, if you're in europe same but if you're in africa, it is five to seven work days. Okay, five to seven work days about a week. Okay about a week, even in south africa, south america, the same look at these are some of their staff, so this is a good con company to buy from so these are more quantity, remy, no remy 5a up to this depend on the grade. The hair grade. You want hair color, hair lens, so just do your necessary inquiry. Let me go back from here now. Remember this: vendor is a chinese vendor, let's say for example, um you want to get vendors from other countries say. Indian and vietnam just know that if you want to buy hair, if you want to go into hair business, the country where you get cheap quality hair okay to resell, if you want to resell, you get them from countries like china, nine china is always number one For me, you get it from countries like china, indian vietnam, vietnam and then cambodia, okay, these are the four major countries where you get or where you buy your hair from so now. Let'S say, for example, you want to get hair from a vietnam supplier. You click on this particular place at the top, where it's written, refined just go ahead and click on refine. So once you click on refine locate where you see location, so click refine and go to location. So this is location and, as you can see, besides location, it's written all. So all you need is to click on location, and then you see some of the countries, the top countries where you can get here - china, indian vietnam. Now we want suppliers that are based in vietnam or vietnamese supplier, i'll click on vietnam. Once i click on vietnam, i'll click on done at the bottom. It will refine it for me and give me top suppliers that i invite now okay, so you can see the flag here has changed and the name of the country - you can see it from here. If it's china, you see ch or this yeah ch okay. So this is it, and this is how you refine and get suppliers from a particular country of your choice. So, that's that you click on any one that you want or any hair that you think you can work with them and then get to know about the supplier and the product if you want to get for indian, let's go back to refine so instead of vietnam. Now, we'll click all again go back to location and click on india, so it will refine now and give us vendors that are based in india. So you can see that the flag and name of country has changed notice it there, indian indian, can buy from them as well. So does that about getting hair vendors from india? Now, if you don't understand anything, please leave me comments in the comment section subscribe to. My channel, if you haven't done that because i'll be going deeper, explaining how to get some quality. Sorry quality, hair, reliable vendors. Okay, also, i promise that i'll be giving you one vendor here, so i'm going to leave it at the end of this video okay subscribe. If you haven't done that to get more of this, so guys i'll see you in my next video. Thank you for watching to this point bye for now.

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