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WHAT'S UP, DIGITAL BESTIES! ► Come with me to the hair salon. This is my black girl hair routine. I got to Foreign Stylez hair salon in ATL. I love getting my natural hair taken care of and washed! Today we are styling a new lace frontal wig from Ali Pearl and she is PLATINUM

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Hair Info: 24 inch blonde highlight 13*4 lace frontal wig 200% density

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What'S up guys come with me to the hair salon, your girl has to turn into a baddie, so I would send this wig from Ally, Pearl hair and your girl is going Platinum for the first time ever now. I was afraid of this color y'all. I don't know I was so scared, so scared, but baby she is giving. So this wig is a 24 inch blonde highlight it has a 13x4 HD lace frontal and it is 200 density with a small cap girl. So I had to go over to foreign styles. To get my hair together, she takes care of my natural hair and installs my wigs foreign. Now as far as my natural hair, you guys know that I dyed my hair blonde. The blonde is growing out you guys, I'm about to grow my hair back natural because the blonde did break my hair off, but look at my hair, it's flourishing. You know she's growing. You know we're working to her, but let's go ahead and get into putting on the wig, because we have to have productive Styles as a black girl, okay, foreign foreign, foreign foreign. Thank you thank you, foreign foreign foreign foreign guys, so we are complete. My hair slays, my style, is laid. The wig is laid it's sitting. I love it, love the length, love the density, love the flatness love the color, like I'm gon na give this wig a 10 out of 10.. I'Ve been getting so many compliments. You guys, like. I did the no baby here. Look right now. I feel like okay. What would the baby hairs look like, but we're gon na have to do that later, but it's sitting. Let me know what you guys think about this here. In the comments section rate this wig below I'm gon na give it a 10 out of 10. y'all might got ta try this color. All the links will be in the description box. You guys yeah yeah she's a baddie, we're a baddie. Now we're back we're back I'll catch. You guys later bye back again.

Keke D: Hey Jayla. Your natural skin is glowing and flawless. 1st time commenting, and wanted to tell you keep it up.

Anne B: You pulled this color off perfectly!!

Marjorie Coleman: It’s cute Jayla, she did a great job!

Marjorie Coleman: It’s cute Jayla, she did a great job! ❤

FatFree4Me: “It’s sitting ” ‍♀️ Jayla is just too cute!

Blessedone Jackson: It looks amazing on you! You can pull anything off though

Keeping Up With Thea & The Fam: Wow Jayla this wig is bomb I love the color!❤️❤️

peachaf: Love the wig you look gorgeous.

Ali Pearl Hair: Gorgeous! Thanks for trying our hair

Queen Jay: Love the hair. A skin care routine is needed

Sammy Da Goat: Bomb Blonde Color Lovely Thumbnail Beautiful Outcome

Itsshaniqualife: Love it

britty belle: Your hair stylist is Amazing!!!!

VicksStyles: love the hair and colour ❤

Cici Lewis: Oh wow..your hair grew out alot since u had to cut it.

imsaayin100: Yesss.. Jayla boo!

Ausetify: A beauty

Sheen Boo: Very Cute Jay ❤

Karen Hebert: Love it

Juicy Sunshine: Jayla you're hair is beautiful

Beatrice Roth: You look amazing with blonde hair! But isn't sweaty on the scalp?

angela ortiz: You look beautiful the hair is 10

Alipearl-Bella: cute

Lashawn Jones:

Edward Smart: A definite Ten!

Keyz Wiz: The "blonder" the better

Betterlatethanbroke: Gorg❤

Christine Calhoun: Wig 20/20 jay

ryan Amari: Storm’s daughter

Lo Hair&More: ⭕️ 3 snaps & a circle

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