Janet Collection Essentials Synthetic Hair Hd Lace Wig - Dorothy

With wig pricing skyrocketing, Dorothy by @JanetCollectionTV is such a breath of fresh air ! The pricing and quality make Hera must!

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Hey friends, i'm back with some synthetic drip and it's not this unit. That'S on my head and i will say it's about the same company. It'S about janet collection, so we reviewed a human hair wig by them called tegan this one, that's on my head is called natural, afro oran and i actually like this wig. I just don't know if i feel the color, but i have my last in these janet collection, wigs that i'm reviewing and i, in my opinion i think i saved the best for last. Okay, all right, the wig that i'm about to review is called dorothy d-o-r-o-t-h-y. It'S in the color balayage 30 um. She comes with soft swiss soft switch, hd lace, uh. She looks super cute on the stock car. I almost purchased this wig in that color, but i said no because you know everybody thinks that i will get that. That'S that caramel um anything else about yeah. I know i'm gon na show it to you all right. She came with lace that i cut off and that's all that i've done to this unit, the more i have this one on, though y'all, the more i like it. If it had been black, this would have been a whole look for me all right. Look at dorothy y'all, and so this is that balayage 30 y'all that coloring job on this is cute. Okay, she got the little fair, faucet curls going to the back, oh y'all, so i had a feeling that, while i would like all of them, i had a feeling. Dorothy would be my favorite. You get a calm in the back and adjustable straps and then in the front you get that either ear lace and that lace part and you comb up to the left of the part and come to the right of the part. All right. Y'All ain't gon na tuck, your ear off, plus i'm ready to take this one off so take it off, put dorothy on and then i'll come back with my final thoughts. Y'All i'm in love with dorothy, so y'all can go ahead and get ready for it. Ready for it y'all know what happens when i find a wig that i, like i'm gon na, get it in other colors. I know i'm gon na get that uh. What is it that uh balayage caramel? I might get all the bloods because it comes in balayage, caramel, butterscotch and strawberry blonde, so i might get all three of those and review them from y'all and i'm gon na get probably a one two. This wig is it. It gives you the mind frame of. Do y'all remember danny kinda, danny kinda, anna mix? That'S what this gives me the mind frame of i'm not getting any shedding, i'm not getting any tangling. The color of this is absolutely pretty, i'm not sure if it's picking up on camera, but you see it's dark here and it gets it, gives these lighter pieces down at the bottom y'all this wig. Is it no shed? No tangling but then again it's straight out of the pack um. I reviewed a lot of hair today and i'm gon na be honest. This is my favorite week so in my next sheen haul that i upload i'm gon na have on this hair because yeah yeah y'all - this is just this is cute. I really really like this one, like i said, be prepared. I'M gon na get these other colors, like i said, maybe you're not even into wigs. Maybe your auntie dorothy, maybe your uncle douglas, whichever one send them my way and me and janet collection will get them right in the comments also tell me if there's another company, that you want me to go through and get some wigs and reviewing for you, because We know the other, like the top names we're gon na, do those, but someone like janet collection, because this is the wig that i feel like some people are gon na sleep on and y'all it's a gorgeous, wig and affordable until next time, we'll be very soon Bye

Spring Copeland: Hi Jess, I love Dorothy!! I love the color and length!! The install was flawless, no cons here ! Nothing but love. thx girl

Cynthia Cummings: Heeeyyyyy Jessica! Dorothy is a Winner!!!❤️❤️❤️ And I'm especially impressed with the fact that it's not shedding & tangling straight out the box even given it's length. And the color is gorgeous.

Sherie Anderson-Hobbs: This wig is everything! And it is soon gorgeous on you Jess

HerNuggets Est.2015: This looks Beautiful on you, definitely going to order this.

Sandra's Got Voice: I’m surprised that I really like the purple wig. Dorothy is absolutely gorgeous!

Tina BlackberryRose: The color and style is . Looks Absolutely Beautiful on You Sis. Tyfs

She'sablessing: Hey boo hey❤️ this unit is GORGEOUS

4butrfls76: Sis I had to watch this review 2 times that purple wig had me rolling and it was sticking up in the back .. But Dorothy was a banger!!!

Jena Johnson: The color and the curls in the front are super cute! whew! Finally caught up on your videos!

Angela Hrabowskie: I like the purple wig, I was hoping you Showcase this wig. Girl you got this, don't be scared of the purple Jess, rock that shit! Put the right outfit with it and the right color lippy and eye shadow. Lol the other wig is beautiful also loving the color. Loving your lip color, what's the name & color? Do some amazon wigs

Tianna DeLaurentiis: Dorothy is gorgeous, reminds me of Outre’s Seraphine. Have a wonderful weekend!

Sandra's Got Voice: A fall/winter clothing haul with the purple wig. Greys/blacks/winter whites will set that purple off!

J Thomps: Hi, how did this one hold up in the long-term with daily wear?

Ms. C_Eason: Good Day WanderQueens! … Heeeeeey Jess! . This unit looks BOMB! Reminds me of??? Dashly8. Cute!

BJ Jackson: Girl I am never first to comment . Love the purple afro pretty on you. But I think I will look at a natural color. The wig reviewed is pretty but looked more silky. Thanks for the review.

LUX KILLZ: Ms mamas I love you as always do a wig review on Amazon

Briana: Hey Jess, you think you could try to pick up a Hair Topic wig? I’ve seen their 118 Mega Lace that has a lot of colors but I’m not sure because I never hear anything about them!!

LaSharon Davis: Love the color

dcameron1213: Oh Dorothy is beautiful!

vamp357: Are you uploading the review for the purple Afro wig?

Terri Galusha: Looks super shiny… not sure if it’s the lighting… can fix that though with a bit of dry shampoo

Andrea Steele: This is cute! Have you done any Freetress Equal lately???

Mave: I'm early. Good morning y'all! Good morning Jess. Now let me get back to the video.

Lorraine Joseph: This looks like a wig from the Outre Neesha collection.

patrice moore:

4butrfls76: Sis when are you going to do some Shein wwigs?? You should try a few and some shoes.

The "Wright" Way: Yessssss

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