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Oh, this blonde was good, hey y'all, what's up welcome back to my channel and if you're new welcome, I'm sure Renee. Thank you so much for clicking on this video. So today we're gon na be doing a review. This is the sensational but Elise. This is butter unit 2, I'm gon na color t4 as blonde. So if you want to see some styling and just get into the wig, then just keep on watching alright, I already got my cap on and I'm ready to go so we have today trying not to go. We have today sensational, but a lace in butter unit 2 and a color T for ash blonde. This is there, it says virtually undetectable HD lace, okay, so let's take her out of the box. This uh-oh! I have not heard much of anything about these units. I haven't watched any videos on them. Cuz I've just been in my in my own little hole. So I don't really know what the T is, but we are gon na see undetectable butter lace. It says that is he saved up to 400°. It says that it has a wider parting ear to ear lace. It says it has pre plucked HD lace and what else does she want us to know? That'S it. This is a set middle part. Like I said, I have her in the color t for ash blonde deity for ash blonde and let's see what she looks like, I have not opened it yet. I enjoy unboxing on camera, which all it's just fun to me. Oh, this blonde looks good girl did blonde the booger all right. So this is long. I did not realize this was gon na, be so long, this wig as long as heck okay. So it is a set middle part. It has two combs on the side. It has a comb in the back and it also has an adjustable strap. It definitely has a wider part, and this is what the color is looking like up close, it's very Brown at the roots, and then it goes into the blonde. Now this is what the lace is. Looking like, like the hairline and stuff, it looks really nice you get like about an inch of lace and hairline on the perimeter. So let's try her on before we cut the lace off the see. What she's gon na get is the blonde. It'S the blonde says. Oh just don't look cute on me. I just really thought this oldest. Don'T look cute on me. Oh my gosh. I thought this is not look real cute on me. It don't. I love when wigs. Do this with a curl away from the face like I'm so into it, she's giving me a little bit of shedding and I have not even cut any lace off or anything so this hair feels really nice, though I like the way this hair fill. It'S very soft. You know what I want these synthetic wig companies to start doing, focusing on the hair like and stop focusing so much on the lace, because you know like it's. The lace is a big deal. Well, if you got a super, undetectable um lace on a wig that got crappy hair, like it ain't really no good! Now I'm not saying that this hair, it's crappy, I'm just saying, like all these companies keep coming out with like HD lace and butter lace. This and butter lace that - and it's like when is we gon na - get some butter hair like? Can we get some butter here? Can we get some um HD hairlike? Do they make that I don't know, but that's what we need, but what I want to do is I'm out to cut the lace off. I'M gon na change my shirt and then I'm gon na come back and give my final thoughts, because it's not really much to do with like the lace. I really don't think I'm gon na have to lay it down, which is good, because my edges are taking a break. They go on vacation. I will not be doing stuff, so I just today was the first day in, like a whole, seven days that I actually laid my edges down and put four like edge control on my product, what edge control um on my edges and use a brush to like Slip them down and stuff because they aren't thinning out and we will not have that. I will not stand for that, so we got ta, strengthen them up. Okay, so honestly, this is as good as it's gon na get okay um. So what do I think about this wing? I think the hair is really soft. I like the way the hair feels it feels really really nice and I, like the color. I think the color is really pretty like. Oh my gosh, this color is so pretty it just don't look cute on me like I look like a man low key, but the lace is good too, like if you see, I literally just put some powder on her and kept it pushing, and she looks nice Like I don't have to do anything else, color is really really really pretty. The only thing I wish is that it was like a darker Brown at the root so that I could get away with like leaving my edges out if I wanted to. But I love like it's crazy because on the other hand, I love that it's like brown, because I feel like it fades into the blond so beautifully, but yeah like I like this color. I think it's really really cute. I just don't think it looks cute on me. Like I don't know, I feel like this will look really cute on, like somebody of like a darker skin tone, um Jonathan, come and tell me what you think like have you tried this wig or any one of these? Let me know what you think: do you like this color? Is it too much? Do you agree? I kind of look a little mannish like what's up. If you are interested in this wig, I will leave the direct link down in the description box and I give the video a thumbs up if you enjoyed it. Okay, do not forget to do that. That'S very important and subscribe if you're not subscribed. Please gon na leave without subscribing and yeah enjoy the rest day a week a week and whatever it may be, peace and blessings

Naomi Monae: Yesss preach! I’m so tired of these companies with the low quality synthetic fibers . They charging an additional $30 for the lace to be better but then lower the quality of the hair ! And it’s crazy cause they crappy lace wigs have the good synthetic hair ! But sis u look amazing in the wig crazy we have the same frustrations

Briee Bri: you stayed this wig sis !!! that color looks bomb !

Adaora O: Yesss we need some BUTTA hair! Periodt

Prettieface Productions: Yes I tired her on yesterday but wasn’t paying the beauty supply store price so online I went . Ion know if the lady just wanted a sale but she said ok Beyonce I was sold so I bought her online, but imma remix her ❤. Thanks rather later than never ❤

Quiette Foxworth: I think the color looks good on you. It's a very beautiful color as you stated. Maybe the style kinda threw the look off for you. Me personally I liked the curls, but maybe a more straight or wavy type look would have amped it for you. Overall it's pretty sis, and you are such a beautiful young lady.

Dewana Johnson: I think this color is pretty on you. I could barely see the lace when you put her on, so that's a plus!!! I must say your edges are laid. I'm getting better but not on your level yet. LMBO

wigsandwanderlust: Beautiful!

leahkallixto: Lol hd hair!!! For real tho!!! I think the hair looks super cute on you even when u first put it on. It looks real good

Quiette Foxworth: And those lashes are adorable

Pocvhontís: You look beautifulll in this color idc what you talking about .

Ms Belinda: Yes let’s pray for some hair

Yea Rite: Finally a BLAWNNNDDDDD!!! I love the color and u definitely don’t look like a man, u just need to cut the wig down a bit to boost the overall bawdy!!! Ur neutral makeup also is washing u out, give that BLAWNNNDDDDD suntin vampy n sultry to vibe with and u will be straight ma

Jewelz Dior: Hi is this big head friendly I didn’t think I had a big head but I got a human hair from beauty forever and it is too small I thought it looked good love your reviews

tbabi82: What foundation are u wearing please share a video on this look...you slayed!!

Tina Marie: It DOES look good on you

JoJo: Love the lashes. Where to buy? Link is not working. thanks

Indigo Dominique: Some butta hair lol. I FEEEEEEEEELLLTT THAT

Constance: You look so good

Sade Anthony: I think you looked beautiful

Ashlyns Wig Reviews: OMG I disagree! I think you look stunning in your picture it looks so beautiful on your complexion I dont think you look like a man you're so silly girl lol

Bekah Boston: when we gon get some hd hair bruh preachhh

Andrea: Lol...yes...better hair!

She C: Yes where the butta hair at lol but I like the color on you

Shawna B: You're cute but the color screams older lady Braxton's mother vibes

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