Free Part Lace Front Wig Human Hair Tutorial Ft Mega Look

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In this video I am going to be showing you how to install a pre colored free part wig to match your complexion and a baby hair tutorial. I hope you enjoy this video.

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Free Part Lace Front Wig Human Hair Tutorial ft Mega Look #hdlacewig #Humanhairdeals #wigreview #meltedlace

Foreign budget and, if you're new, don't forget to hit that red button down below and turning on your post notifications, as you can see, I'm rocking a super cute unit. This hair is brought to you by Mega luck, hair company. So if you're interested in learning how to do the flip over method on a wig, then please definitely keep on watching bye Nathan. Do you think you overdid it with our hair nope sure? Don'T because we're going to Beverly Hills if I'm gon na do good at that audition, we got to look like stars, so in this wig bag I received a silk wig bag, of course, some goodies, which was a wig cap, a elastic band to hold down the Wig as well as eyelashes a hairpin and a edge control brush this unit is a Balayage highlighted 13 by 4 lace, frontal wig with a transparent lace. She has human hair with a blonde and brown highlights. She is 24 inches with adjustable straps and Combs and also has an attachable elastic band to the unit as well. So we are going to bleach the knots on this unit with 50 volume, developer, quick blue Powder, a drop of that rich adore eggplant color to help tone those knots and then we're going to apply that to the wig. Before we apply. We are going to spray that hairline down with some hairspray just so we can avoid over bleaching and apply that thick bleach to the lace front tool and let that sit for about 30 minutes. The knots were very thick, so I did have to let this sit for a quite a long time and it still didn't over bleach, so yeah definitely just keep my eye out. The foil does help um lift the unit a little bit faster. So this is the next day, and this is how the hair looks in its natural state, which is that body wave. The hair is so gorgeous and very, very thick. So what we are going to do is pluck behind the hairline, which I parted, the baby hairs in a little thin, um hairline off, so I can avoid over plucking. I did kind of go overboard a little bit behind the baby hairs um. So definitely just be careful with that. I did like a nice little widow's peak as you can see, and then I hot combed this unit down. Okay, so here is how we're going to layer this unit. I cut some bangs into the unit and then I match the bangs to the rest of the hair by cutting in a downward motion. This is going to help create some nice little layers for this unit, just so, it can help with that flip over method. When you run your fingers through your hair, it's not like getting caught into your fingers, because it's too long, we love a nice layered look. So what I do is just match the bangs all the way down to where I get to the end of the unit. Like a nice Beast shape, and then I go in and part vertically and raise it all the way up 90 degrees and match where the bangs I cut with the rest of the hair. The only way that's going to make those nice heavy layers is, if you lift it all the way up to a 90 degree angle. So, as you can see, I'm lifting the hair all the way up, combing through matching the bangs to the rest, I am putting it down just so. You can see it, but in order for you to, you know help you out with not over cutting make sure you just cut in an upward motion like this. Instead of like doing it like this, but I'm just showing you on the camera that hey I'm just you know layering this unit, I go all the way around to the Dome head and this is just going to create nice thick heavy layers. So after that, we're going to go ahead and add some silk infusion by She and apply that to the unit. I only use two drops because this stuff is very thick and I'm using the carrot care thermal um heating spray. So I am flat ironing this unit bone straight and I'm using that Cara, Carriage straight or spray. This is my second time using it so far I really like it. It makes the hair very silky and very very bone straight. This is what's going to create that nice flip over method, if you straighten the hair first and then curl it after so I see how gorgeous this hair looks and how shiny it looks. I love it foreign, so now we're going to go ahead and install this unit, don't forget to grease your scalp and then use some nice conditioning gel to push back those extra edges that you have just so you can. You know protect your edges clean off the excess um oils off of your skin, with alcohol wipes. Before applying your ball cap method, I used a thicker cap for holding the hair in a thinner cap for the ball cap method. You can use the same or different ones, it kind of doesn't really matter. Honestly, I would have did two thick caps because, after the install you kind of could see the night the line from my thicker wig cap through the wig. But it wasn't that big of a deal. So here I use the even spray to lay down my ball cap method and cut the excess um ball cap off and then apply some Foundation into the hair. Just so we can make sure it's blending very, very seamless and then don't forget to add Foundation to your wig unit as well and then cut the ear tops off first. This is going to help layer with egg units way more flatter. Just because, if you don't do this, you might end up with some bumps onto your wig install. So this is definitely important, but I'm definitely going to play some music. While you watch me install this unit and I'm gon na come back to you when we do the flip over method foreign, I, like I wan na, let you go, we tried too many times something in your eyes. Please telling me lies. I hope you like the song as much as I did again. I do get all my music from epidemic sound but, as you can see on the screen, we are still pin curling this unit and melting this lace and here we're going to remove this elastic band and go ahead and start on our baby hairs. So what I like to do is just trim out a diagonal motion and then go ahead and curl the baby hairs using a pencil flat iron and then once we curl all of our baby hairs. We'Re going to take some nice foaming. Mousse that I got from my beauty supply or you can get from Amazon and use a very generous, generous amount. I like to put it on my edges as well as a perimeter of the head just so it can mold into my head shape and not the Dome head shape. So that's very important to see just use a nice generous amount and then I go ahead and use that edge control brush that I use the comb part I rarely use the brush. I only use the brush part when we're brushing it out after we mold the baby hair. So the comb is going to be your best friend and do a light, combing motion and then we're going to use some head wraps to just melt down those baby hairs and now wait for about 30 minutes. I wait a very long time just to make sure that these baby hairs are dried completely, because that's how we're going to get the fluffy baby hair look and we're just going to comb through those baby hairs and undo our pins from the pen curls and go Ahead and comb through our hair, we're going to take that wide tooth comb and comb away from my hair first and then once we comb through all of it, even through the part. So, as you can see, I don't care, even though I have a middle part, that I um molded, I am going to mess it up and just comb all throughout my head, so I'm working combing through one side. First, all the way down, even in the back of my head and then once we do one side, we comb through we're going to flip that hair over and basically it come the other side making sure I'm messing up the front of The Parting um. Just because this is the flip over method, so I want to make sure I can run my hands through it. It'S already going to mold into a middle part, so you don't have to worry about messing up the middle part, so see how I'm able to run my fingers through it either way. So this is how it looks. The curls are beautiful and bouncing. If you want a more volumized, look, don't straighten the hair, just go in and curl the unit first without strain it, but I want it a more looser look like, as you can see at this end of the video the curls did fall, but I wanted that. I wanted a nice like a loose curl like a beach wave type of look, because this spring I just really like the loose curl look. So, thank you so much Mega Look hair company for let me chop this unit and don't forget to like comment subscribe and share down below and I'll see you next time multiplying I've been trying to get my weight up, staying afraid of meditating and taking time away You always posting a trying to look like you're winning

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Gabrielle Wright: This look HITS ❤

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