Amazon Find: U Nice Bett You Series Water Wave 16Inch Headband Wig

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Okay, oh oh, hey everyone! It'S me fashion, tamer, the tiny one bringing you guys, another wonderful wig review and this wig review is on another amazon. Fine is another headband unit. Coming from one of my favorite people out, there is coming from you, nice and it's part of their bet. You series, so that's right me, you, nice, have teamed up tamed up to give you guys another wig review. So, as you guys know, we've been on a roll with these headbands series. Honey. Like we've been on a roll. I like this sorry, you guys i have not changed outfits. I am literally just going going going, but let's get started. This is coming from the unites company and yes me and you nice. We have been working a little bit and on some teams you know, and so i actually like their stuff. I have no issues with their stuff, so this is actually going to be a perfectly positive video uh. When you open up your box. This is the items that you get. You get the bag that your hair comes in. This one was hold on. Let me read this: one was a 16 inch, it is a water wave, uh, half half width halfway headband unit, and they do give you two headbands. This is one headband that they gave me, and this is the other. Also, you get a thank you for your purchase and also how to take care of your unit and where to find it so there it goes on amazon, you, nice hair, and they give you a wig cap. You guys already know. I love it when they give out wig caps. So let's go on and talk about what talk about this unit because, like i said it's a headband unit, you know like you've, seen one you've seen them all, but some people like certain companies. So let me go and tell you guys about you, nice, so this particular unit like i said it, is a 16 inch waterway. This unit is actually pretty thicker than i thought it was going to be it's about 150 density and the length is perfect it. It goes on just like your regular headband unit, so there's nothing special about that, but i do love the fact of the softness of it and on top of it i think it will look real cute as a cute half up half down, but i chose to Wear mine like this, i thought it was some cute simple and, of course, it's good for everyday living and out there running errands uh. You guys know i'm a huge fan of headband wigs. I don't know how many times i can stress this enough. They are perfect for working out errands and just for people that are beginner friendly in the wig community. So definitely, if you love this unit, please please please head over check them out. I love them, so this is already a good, a good, a good buy. For me, i'm already i'm going to keep this unit for myself because, like i said before i do, i do give away units to my close friends of mine that i know for a fact. They will love them, they will utilize them and they will take care of them properly. So if this video was informative, until you guys liking, make sure you like share and subscribe, also hit that bell at the top to be notified. When i fashion tamer the team, one drops another video and until we meet again my time, raiders bye, you

Love Yourself: I love this water wave headband wig nice length So Pretty

Melinda Hall: Water wave and the body waves seen to be the ones i like.. Very pretty.. Another banger!!! thanks for sharing..

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