The $25 Amazon Headband Wig You Need And How To Style

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Foreign, hey guys welcome to my channel. This is your first time being here. Welcome if you've been here before, welcome back it's good to see you, my name is Zapora, and this is my channel. This is Zapora, so today, like y'all know, I'm just gon na get straight into it. We are going to talk about um, headband wigs, so I started getting into headband wigs during the pandemic. I believe, and surprisingly I was actually working a lot on a different job and I just got tired of doing my hair and I wanted something quick easy, but still look cute and well put together. So, of course, I discovered some headband wigs and I kind of fell in love with him anyways and I was rocking the headband wings for a minute for a good minute, um, but anyways so, but the headband width can be hard. I feel like, especially as if you're African-American you're, trying to find something that could blend in somewhat with your texture, like I'm, really big, on trying to find hair and that kind of works with my hair texture um. So if you guys are familiar to the channel, then you know like I try to find more of a Yaki hair but anyways. I digress. I was looking for something cheap, but something that still you know could look somewhat natural and good, and I tried so many headband wigs from Amazon because, like I said I was looking for some cheap synthetic. I could have gone with. You know one of the headband wigs that are like human hair, but I just didn't want to have to put in the work. I just wanted a hair that was ready to go good to go, and I finally found my headband wig y'all. I'Ve had this headband wig for about oh since 2020, I think 2021 around then so. I'Ve had this headband wig for a about a year. I just refreshed it the other day. This is her. I tried so many different headband wigs from Amazon, and this is the one that I ended up loving the most: it's not a Yaki texture, but let's get into some of the details. So I wanted something that had some curl, so they kind of looked like the hair was done already. So this is what I found. She is a synthetic wig with waves in her she's 18 inches and it hurt. The texture is not it's not Yaki, but it's not like super silky. It has a little bit of shine to it, but not a not too much um. I might have put in a little bit of baby powder to reduce the shine, but it just looked kind of natural already, so I didn't do too much to it, but I love this headband wig and it has come in times of need, but yeah. So this is her and so yeah I just didn't look like I said I and I wore this like all the time for a good like three four months, three months or so like that so yeah, so for synthetic wig, she's pretty great. She takes a little bit in the bag, but I brushed all that out and she was just the cheapest half headband wig that I could find that um wasn't like super super shiny and black. So you guys I'm gon na link the the in the description box. Details how I get where I found this wig, so you guys can check it out. I'M going to show you guys a few ways that I, how I style this headband wig, because she does have a little bit of Sheen. I then put a little bit Sheen in my hair to make it blend a little bit. So I use the Giovanni hair Mist high gloss. What I want to make my hair shiny and then I just tie my hair back so then I'll just either twist it like, if I need it, just real, quick I'll just twist it back and what I love about. Headband wigs is they're, so versatile and there's so many different ways that you can style a headband wig, so yeah they just headband wigs are the best people to put on, but then we're just gon na hold it and slip her on. Sometimes you do have to like clip the hair back, so you're able to secure it tightly back here. I'M just gon na hold it today. I think I got it make sure you put. The clips ends on the side, all right, so this is just her without anything added. So this is just on her own. I might put a little bit okay and there you go. She is good to go. She has the length, the body. Let me show you guys: the back okay, so now we're gon na get into some of the fun part is just customizing your headband wig. So you can just rock it like this and then you know, put the headband on top and then literally, why I love headband wigs is it takes like five minutes and you're done and you have a look. You got a hairstyle and foreign guys, a few other hairstyles that I like to utilize with this headband wig, so make sure you keep following along I'm gon na sign out, but keep watching like. I said I have more hairstyles to show you with this headband wig, but again after this video is done. Make sure to like comment and subscribe. Follow along leave your comments down below and let me know what else you guys would love to watch foreign foreign foreign. Thank you. Thank you. I could be running around chasing you.

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