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Hey guys welcome to my channel, i am brianna roche in today's video i'll be showing you guys how to achieve this. Look with an amazon, headband, wig, okay, so stay tuned and let's get right into the video okay y'all. So here's the hair here, nice and bouncy - you know flowy um. You do want to wash the hair before you put it on your head, as you should always do with any hair. I bought this in a 24 inch and i will include the link to this hair in the description box below okay, so you can see that it already comes with a headband attached to it, but it also comes with three other headbands, which i thought was pretty Cool, so you have this one here and then you have this one. Just in case you know you want to switch it up, like some people, don't just like plain black headbands, so i thought that was pretty cool. So what you want to do first, is you know, slick your hair back or you can have braids going straight back. However, you prefer to do it um. I stick my hair back. I braided it and then i tied it up with bobby pins. Okay and now i'm gon na show you guys how i put it on oh, and this comes with like the headband. It has like elastic to it so which is very nice. So i'm just going to place it on my head and it has combs in it. As well, i believe it's like four of them, so you have one in the front two on the side and then one in the back, which is great so that the headband or the hair won't slide back. Okay. So now that i have it on i'm going to take a spray bottle, you can get this type of spray bottle like at a deep surprise toy. That'S where i went for buying um, so you just take it and then you spray it all over to get it as wet as you want it like. If you like, the wet look, you know you'll put a lot of um water on it or i just like a little bit of wetness um. As far as the shedding goes. You do get some shedding, but i would say that it's not a lot like it's, not bad. The shedding, isn't bad at all. You can see how much hair has come out. As i was running my hands through my hair. You see it's not much so i'll wet the hair to my liking, and i'm going to choose between this is one that i bought myself or the one that they provided um. Okay, so you want to try to hide the black headband as much as possible. Okay, i didn't get water all on my shirt, but i like it now. You just add your baby hairs. I'M going to use it so hey y'all! This is the finished. Look tell me what you guys think you know. I give this a 10 out of 10.. I love it so much. It'S just so convenient it's quick! It'S easy! You can just put this on and go about your day. So tell me what y'all think okay be sure to like comment and subscribe, and i will see you guys in my next video bye

Zekea Sims: Love the look

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