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Thank you, hey guys, welcome back to my channel in today's video I'm going to be showing you guys how I installed this free part wig this V part wig is 150 density, 20 inches and it does has you can say like highlights, I don't really say it's Very much like highlights just because it has more blondish brownish than the black. I'M glad that this wig did go together with my black hair, usually wigs that are this color does not go with my hair, but just because it has a little bit of black. It does it did look cute, you guys are going to see the end results. I installed this wig within like five minutes, but if you count me straining it, it definitely takes me like 15 minutes or like 10 minutes just overall, be part. Wigs is the way to go thought alright, guys I'm gon na. Let you guys continue watching this install and hopefully you guys like it, give it a thumbs up and if you guys want to see more you parts or different colors or anything. Let me know down below or like this video, but everything will be down in the description below so make sure you guys go check it out any links any discount code. Anything will be down there so make sure you guys go check it out, but without further Ado love, you guys and see you guys in my next wig install foreign foreign foreign foreign

Beauty Forever Hair: WOW Reallllllyyyyy pretty❤‍ Thank you for choosing BEAUTYFOREVERHAIR

Caleb Richardson: Your hair looks so fine

T I: YOU are extremely gorgeous❤!!!


David Parnell: Nice

Deaaron Duncan: ❤️

Thomas BAROU: Hello Your are beautiful Juste Diamond Juste beauty Kisses ❤️

noname noname: Does anybody know her little sister YouTube channel name

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