So Cute! High Quality Human Hair Headband Wig | Brown With Blonde Highlights | Nadula Hair Reviews

So cute! A high quality human hair headband wig with brown with blonde highlights. Nadula hair reviews are here and this headband wig is gorgeous.

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I’m using Honey Blonde Headband Wig in this video ➤

Hair details:

24 inches

150% density

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Hey queens, it's your girl, nene aka, queen of mindset back with another human hair, headband wig review for you guys this one is courtesy of nadula hair, shout out to unidola for sending me out this honey blonde okay unit for all of my queens to see over Here in the queendom, so you guys we are back with another human hair wig like i said this is honey blonde. This is 24 inches. The density is 150 density, and i'm super excited to show you guys this one, because it's something different okay than the norm. So it does come with a pretty long comb in the top and two combs on each side. We have one on the left one on the right and we have a comb in the nape, so lots of room for adjustment with this wig. It also does come with that standard. Black velcro strap headband, and this is a closer look at the highlights. You guys love that that's like that trendy blonde highlight it did come with some headband accessories. I have some fabric headbands. I have some bandana looking ones and i also have some that are kind of with this, the harder material on the inside. So we have lots of options with this wig if you are new to my channel. Thank you so much for clicking on this video. I hope you will consider, subscribing and joining us here over on this channel. We have a lot of fun every single week, monday, wednesday, friday, so hope to see you more and soon. So i'm going to start off by just putting the wig on getting it adjusted to my head. The cap size of this wig was average to big head friendly. I did not have any issues wearing this wig and my head is on the bigger side. So, in my opinion i did like the cap size i felt like i had a little bit of wiggle room as well on the inside, but with the combs and that adjustable strap. You can really maneuver it to like your liking, so i did go ahead and straighten this wig, because there was some bumps from it being in the packaging and it wasn't as flat as i wanted to be. The hair did take really well to heat you guys, which i was so happy about, because i did not want it to have those bins from the packaging. I wanted to be nice and silky smooth, so i did a couple of runs through with my regular flat iron, nothing fancy and it did take to the heat well and go ahead and straighten. So i'm going to show you guys the final look and i'm going to style a couple of these headbands with you guys. So let's go ahead and get into that. So once i finished styling you guys, i went ahead and picked the first headband. Of course, i chose that blue one. That'S a nice fabric headband with the tie in the middle, like kind of like a ribbon, and i just really love the sleekness of this wig. So definitely leave me a comment below and let me know what you're thinking about this one you guys i haven't done this color blonde in a minute, so i was definitely feeling it, especially after putting the heat on it. Now, when i did that, i did not have any shedding or tailing with this wig, which was amazing because who wants to deal with that with human hair? Y'All know i don't have time for it, so i did not have any issues with this wig in that regard and it took to the heat really well, no sizzling or burning smell. So honestly, i really don't have any complaints about this wig you guys, but i am going to show you one more headband out of the pack that they gave me and that's the one with the kind of hard material on the inside before i do that. Here'S a look at the length you guys it does go right below my pus. As i said, it is 24 inches, but you do not have to choose that length. That'S just the length that i chose. So this is the second headband you guys. I really like this look overall, i'm so appreciative of you guys watching this, and i will talk to you very soon here on youtube i'll meet you guys in the comment and let's chat, talk to you queens later bye. You

Queendom Mindset: Hey Queens! No Vlog today :( But here's a cuteee style to catch up on. The vlog will be posted later this week, comment below and tell me what you think of this hair and have a great week!

Love Yourself: This hair is really pretty and love the color Blessings and Peace

Vivacious V: Looks amazing on you!!! That color tho!!

Carrie M: No shes makeup-less .... soooo cute. N that royal blue headband goes with it .... love the highlights

Carolyn Smith: Hello Queen it looks Good on you the blonde got my shirt Saturday Yes but I thought it was Black it more of a grey, still going to wear it. Haven't gotten my cup yet but it's Coming Soon. Have a Good Nite

shonda clark: That color is gorgeous!! I like that!!

Alicia Williams-Julien: This color wig is so pretty on you

Kellee Mcfadden: Beautiful

Andrea Steele: ...AND you rocked with a fresh face!!!!

Inside Marie's Head: Nice easy slay. Color looks good on you

Dani Tureud: Very cute,cute but I would wear it up in a bun. Long hair makes hot ( in my Marlon Wayans voice)

Tina BlackberryRose: Ok Honey Blonde. This is Very Pretty on You Queen.

Tracey Boyland: She's looking healthy and smooth Your smile

MzKinkyCurl: It’s the COLOR for me!!!!!is the density on the thin side? I bought a curly unit from them after watching several you tubers, and it was thin THIN! I want to return.

Philly-Sha17: I love their prices but honey the nape always matts

Magikalblackness: Come on thru honey blonde headband cuteness

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