Who'S That Girl W The Blonde High Lights|Atina Hair Headband Review

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Get this new wig for yourself! Today's video is about a honey blonde #headband headband wig from my NEW favorite shop---- Atina Hair!!#atinahair Just take it home. It will make you more attractive in fall and winter. I hope that you all enjoy this video.

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Oh welcome back to the palace is your girl, plus sashay, and today we are back with another here wig review and this is a headband wig and it is from athena hair latina queen here. So i'm going to show you what comes inside the box. It comes with an elasticable or adjustable strap. It comes with two headbands one scarf yeah one scarf and a wig cap. I will not be using a wig cap today, but i just want to show y'all. What'S inside the box, i'm going to take this hair out of the package for you guys this one is a 24 inch, 200 density, headband, wig and baby. It has some highlights. Can we say highlights? Oh, let me see this say 24 inch. Let me put it on because to me you don't like it's 24 inches, i do like the color, but i thought they kind of um. I don't know 200 density, i mean it does seem full. I know let's pop this baby on real, quick and then we gon na do what to do so. It does come with two combs in the front one comb in the nape. There is no adjustable strap in here. So i mean, if you wanted to sew this on, like a wig you could. This is what the inside looks like. Usually there would be an adjustable strap right here, but since they gave you the black one, you can do it yourself and you can pull it over like a wig. But let's pull this over y'all need to think about what happened. I was gon na wear with my outfit today. Okay from the looks of this, the cap looks kind of small, i'm not for sure if i told them to give me a large or they just sit whatever. But let's see i want to say this cap size is a small, because i mean if it's very, very snug, so i'm like you, ain't gon na need nothing yeah. It fits very, very snug. So let me go ahead and put these i just made these uh hook it back here. The only thing i'm doing is putting some edge control on my edges to sleek them down. There'S no reason for me to even put the um put the headband part that tight, because this cap seemed like it's a size, small, medium yeah. It seems like it's a small medium. I mean it's very, very pretty um. I don't know if i thought it was going to be different or something, but i don't know i love the hair, though it's very, very soft, as you can see, look at the ends, i don't even have to flat on this hair or nothing. Yes, i feel like my stuff is hanging out. I would say that the track sonar to the dome cap is very snug, but if they can just fix the elastic band to match the dome cap part, then this wig would be super fire because it's super snug and i feel like the elastic part band - is A little too loose like it doesn't match up. This is a small cap, so i'm trying to put tuck my braids in the back and it's just it's just super snug um, i'm gon na see if they just sent me any size, wig cap or what, because usually i get a large you know just for Extra maroon, and just in case i don't know how they do their their sizing. You know what i mean, so the hair is absolutely gorgeous i'll, be sure to leave my code in here for y'all, ladies to get some discount off, let's check and see if it's a true, 24., okay, okay, it is a true 24.. I give him that it's a true 24. 200 density, i'm gon na, say probably not 200, i'm going to say roughly between 130 and 150. So i feel like if it was 200 density uh. It would have been a little bit fuller than this. I don't feel like it's that full um all right, you guys, so i am back. I had to change outfits because uh, the hair in the dress i was wearing, was matching a little too much, and i feel like this right here is a vibe so honey. I never had no blonde highlights and i feel like i don't know how to act. I don't know we might have to go drop the top down on the honda and get it cracking but anyways you guys. I am absolutely feeling the hair now. It was definitely the outfit change, so what y'all think so? Athena hair, i'm going to give you i'm going to give you a 7.5 8 out of 10 because, like i said i don't know if this is really a 200 um density, i might feel like. Is i'm gon na give it y'all? I'M gon na give y'all a 150 150 percent density on this. Not a 200 um and the wig cap is small or uh should medium. I should say so. I'M like i had to you know, adjust it and also the elastic band that you have to be. The head went the headband grip, i feel like it is um, not sturdier enough, usually the ones i've had before you know got some girth to it and baby. When you snap it back in the back of that neck, you feel it. I didn't. I didn't too much feel that when you know i'm like, i could have wrapped it halfway around my head, but baby your hair is gorgeous, though i'm absolutely loving. The color y'all can see, there's no flat iron needed straight out the box, but baby y'all. This is definitely a girls night. Well, young man said baby. Go, have fun credit card on me tonight. This is that hair. You hear me it's absolutely gorgeous now later on. I probably will i might test it out to see if he'll give a little curl. You know you know what no a matter of fact i'll have to come back and show y'all a little bit curl, but i think this will look gorgeous with some curls curls like if i had a little bit more time baby, i probably would have put some Some big rollers in here you know overnight or something y'all y'all, wouldn't be able to tell me this is a headband wig you'd been like girl. Who did your sewing in a tina here? That'S exactly what i'm telling you athena here did. My sewing so make sure y'all going over to tina here. I'M gon na you, i'm gon na leave my code right here, so y'all ladies, can go over there and check them out and save y'all some coins. This is your girl, shea bae and i am al and once again thank you latina here for sending me this lovely, lovely, headband, wig girl, y'all. Don'T turn me on to, especially with the highlights shea bay, who hey hey, shay bae, who see ya

AtinaHair: Thank you mu Shay!

SuiteLife22: I loved the color you had on before the outfit change! The earth tones compliment your skin and the blonde is fire. You need this hair for your next getaway.

Sensations With Shay: If I had a twin your vibe is AMAZING! Atina hair you hooked my sister up

LadyNae 7: I love a cute blonde ‍♀️ for the summer months! Yes the density looks light but it’s getting warmer so It’ll work for me as long as I don’t see the track line.

Mrs1985: I ordered me one 2 days ago. I wish I would’ve waited now to use your code. It’s cool though, I’ll be ordering again to support my girl Shay!

Noel Raimundo: You’ve come a long way with your skin and makeup honey, im so happy and proud of you! May God continue to bless you queen ♥️

Jennifer Bell: That color looks great on you and the outfit change made the hair pop more on you

abc153123: Them blonde streaks look fire on us chocolate babes

Treena Smith: Love the look!

Blossom: I love it! The outfit really made your hair pop! I just got my hair highlighted for my first time in my life! Love to see you shining beautiful

Sarah Boo: Shay, love that eyeshadow❤️ Love the wig and highlights❤️

Shirley M Wells: Hey Shae. Love the look!

GlitterMe Gold: It’s the outfit change for me giving very much 90’s vibes I LVE IT!!!!

ᒎᗴᑎᑎƳ ᗪ: The wig looks so good on you, Shay!

Lisa Walker: This wig was beautiful on you!! ❤️

Michelle Anderson: Shay you rock that hair and the color is beautiful and you was feeling yourself wearing it. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

It's Just Me!: Shay your eye make-up is popping! Love the color on you, too. The wig looks pretty on you.

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Denise T: Shay looks good on you Queen! Loving the highlights got your Spring/Summer look! Will check them out!

WallacefamILY: Very cute loving the blond you know chocolate goes with everything

Lyann B: Shay you can wear any hair style, any length, and any color. You look beautiful!

Dee Jackson: Hey shayyy hey Palace love the color of the wig very pretty headband ❣️

Caron Colucci: You look amazing in that hair! Blonde really suits you....beautiful!

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Trendy Videos: This hair is lovely. Might cop me one!

Angel Bat Dawid: Love it!!...top is too cute

Kimberly early: That eyeshadow she got on is so pretty.

T boogie wit Da bun: It’s a YES!

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khalilah wanamaker: Nice little summer look.

Leslie Miller: Such a beautiful spirit and beautiful young lady

Princesskay: Cute hair color

Nahjah: Blonde looks really good on you I’d lovvveee to see you with it fully !!!!

Leslie: Wow! You can rock the highlights!

CurlObsessed GG: Eyebrows are carvedd okay & I like how the highlights look, very cute Shay

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Victoria: Looking beautiful...

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Lisa Farris: Shay I like the wig but it's your personality for me ! A friend I would ❤️ to have ‍♀️

Hannah Gilliam: That is you Shay Bae The color is on the , That's my color girl And you are "Rocking" it!!!! I see you "Glowing"!!!!!

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Enchanted Journey: Shay i think you would look cute with a Monroe piercing too what do you think??♡♡

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