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I don't know about y'all, but i like to smell good okay, i love to smell good. I love trying new fragrances. I just love smelling good. I don't know: y'all want to smell good too, so i'm so excited to tell you guys about this company called dossier dossier has sent me a fragrance one of their fragrances to try and i'm so excited, because i got some new perfume. This is a new perfume brand honey that was crafted in france. Their products are 100 natural. They are vegan, paraben, free and cruelty, free and guess what guess? What they're very inexpensive, and not only that guess what says they have a whole bunch of fragrances to choose from so i'm so excited to trying out this fragrance we're going to unbox it together when you open the box. This is what you see and it says iconic sense, designer quality, no markups, then they have the fragrance in here and they sent a little sample. Also, this is so good. I love that so i have the fragrance. I have the scents floral pink pepper and they sent a little sample. So it's like. I can just carry this in my purse and take this on the go, and i just was saying that i needed another fragrance for my purse and i got one. I don't even have to spray this big bottle. I can just use my sample. I want to spray out the big bottle. Y'All, i'm excited i'ma spray on this card. Oh my god. This smells so good. This almost smells like my very, very intense. It smells like something else that i have. Oh, my god y'all. I swear this smells. Oh my god. This smells so good like. Are you kidding me? Oh the end, this smells this fragrance smells so good. Thank you darcia for sending me this amazing fragrance. It smells amazing, i love this, and this is in the scents. Floral, pink pepper, y'all i'll also leave the information in the description bar, so you guys can go check them out if you haven't already because trust me like this is a fragrance, you would want to add to your collections this. This smells amazing just keep on watching. So we can get into this here, i'm back with another headband unit from eunice here and i'm loving these colors if y'all hear noise in the background, that's my son - and this is their honey blonde highlighted wig and it's in 24 inches 150 density and i'm just Loving this color y'all and please excuse my nails if y'all cuz, my nails, is a mess. It'S embarrassing right now, but yeah, it's so cute y'all. I don't know if y'all remember the last time y'all saw me, my hair was blonde. I had to. I had to change that so, like i really love headband units. Lately, i've been really loving them because i call them emergency wigs because that ass, like i, can just throw this on and be out the door they so convenient because says you ever just been in a hurry and had no time to do your hair like this. Is what these headband units are good for, like i call them my emergency wigs because in an emergency event to have your hair? Looking like it's done. Meanwhile, it's a headband wig just grab this and go you don't have to do baby hairs, but i already did my baby hairs because i would like to have my edges out with this unit. So basically, this is what it looks like it's a 150 density unit and, like i said it's 24 inches, so it does come with these straps so that you just strap it to your head. It also has three combs on the inside to secure it to your head as well, three combs in the front and then one comb in the back, and it also have these elastic bands so that you can tighten it and make it fit comfy to your head. So that's what i'm about to do right now, i'm about to just adjust these straps closer because i'm full headache. So i need my wig to fit snug. I don't have that extra hair to fill it out. Let'S put this on so yeah. Let me attach this in the back. This is so cute, and it's just that easy, and just like that, i'm done now. If i wanted to, i can obviously long curl this or use my i can use my curling iron and curl it up. I can put this in a ponytail to hide the bands in the back to hide the strap in the back. You can actually put other headbands. You can actually put other headbands over it. Oh, that's what mother do i want to i'm about to see how this heavy? I look to hide that black pen just to be a little bit more stylish swag it up. Well, that's the mad cue y'all! I just love this because i don't be having a tom like nine times out of ten me having a toddler like, i only have to i'll be having to get him ready and get myself ready and get my man ready he's like another bit now. This is so cute, so i actually ended up taking the red headband off and i'ma, just rock it like this with the built-in headband, but literally you can buy different um headbands. Like i have a bunch of these headbands, you could buy different headbands to put it over the black um headband, to make it a little bit more stylish and fun. This is human hair, so you can curl it and style it up. For the sake of this video, because i want y'all to see how convenient this is, this is how she's, looking straight out of the bag. Y'All already know i had to. I got to be rocking my earrings chain that i got for my birthday from oh and my earrings onesie, i'm like oh. She know me so well how she knew to get me this, because i love this, i'm more of a gold um type of person, but i love this chain because it got my zodiac sign on it and aries we, the best we the best it's every season, Baby happy birthday mwah, i love y'all. Every season we go out period. Thank you guys for tuning into this video. I hope you enjoyed it and um. You might want to get you one of these. If you haven't got one of these in your collection in your wig collection, what are you doing like? How do you not have an emergency wig? Are you crazy? How do you not have an emergency unit just like you need to get you one like? I just throw them on and be out the door like that to run to the store or to like you know, i need to go somewhere real, quick, i'm throwing these on, like i'm doing on my emergency units, because i'm just going to the store and back Like i don't got time to be sitting there for my putting on a whole lace front to go, get some groceries to cook like by the time i'm done it's going to be. Like you know, i did my hair in less than 10 minutes. I did my hand less than 10 minutes. I did my hand less than 10 minutes subscribe to my channel. If you haven't already subscribed shout out to all the aries out there happy birthday to you. If you had a birthday, happy belated to you, if you had a birthday in march and happy birthday to you, if you had a, if you have a birthday this month, catch you guys in the next one

Joeys: I love the wig, it looks so good on you girl.

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