Grwm And Let'S Chat. Wearing My New Brown And Blonde Headband Wig You'Ll Love

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So, as usual, i am running late for work, but i said girl, you got a few minutes just make a little video girl trying to do these eyebrows yeah trying to do these eyebrows because you know you got to get them eyebrows first, you know what i Mean for us that are not blessed to have full ones. They just need a little help. That'S all just need a little help, just a little help, so how y'all doing how y'all doing hope you're having a wonderful day, let's see, hope you're having a wonderful day. I'Ve always heard that you know the eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so that doesn't mean that you know you can always get them right girl. Sometimes we got ta. You know do this and do that and why do they take the longest? I don't know, i don't know why they take the longest, but they do right. You all ever go through that you a lot of times. I see um people, honey and they're doing their eyebrows, their eyebrows off camera, because it's gon na say you got ta start. You got ta start, you got ta finish, you got ta take off, you got ta. Do this, you got ta, do that, but i just i'm just doing a little something to have me. Looking hey just a little alright, i don't do too much for work anyway and, like i said, i'm getting ready for work baby. Just give me a little bit of just give me a little bit and then so i can make it through the night. That'S all! I need for work, sometimes i may you know just go a little overboard. You know what i'm saying and i'll do some um foundation, and you know things like that. But for the most part, just give me eyeliner a little bit of mascara and just enough to get me through the night honey just enough to get me through the night. I don't need a whole lot. Not always it just kind of depends on how you feel right, yeah, it just kind of depends on how you feel, and i'm just getting ready to put on some of my um eyeliner down at this mirror just need a little bit of eyeliner chair one time. It was um eyeliner and the red lipstick you all used to wear red, lipstick, honey. I used to wear the red lipstick. So when i start wearing it, you know. Sometimes you just have to pause. When you doing that lower lash, that water line, i mean that thing and i see people they close their eyes and do it and i've tried that i just can't stay consistent with that, because i've just always done it this way. So what was i saying before? Lord have mercy, i don't even know chad, but anyway, whatever it was. Maybe the law to bring it back, and you know that's why we need him. So you know what i'm saying i know i do. I need the lord. I need the lord because a lot of times honey. I can't remember that's what we need holy spirit for a lot of times. I can't even remember a lot of things and i'll go in a room and hear y'all like that. Y'All go in the room and it's like what did i come in here, for you know, i'm a woman of a more mature age. I like to say that when i heard that i just love it, i never um. Consider myself as old or you know anything like that, i'm just a woman of a more mature age, so yeah we got to get this mascara down, then honey. What i need to do is i just like to um take a little bit of that um. What do you call it yeah? I don't remember right now, but y'all know y'all, don't talk about this right here, this okay, okay, since nobody want the concealer. Thank you. Thank you holy spirit. Thank you holy spirit. So now i just need to take this and kind of take some of the eyebrows off a little bit. I would use the um my brow gel the honey. I don't have time for that. This is the first time i'm doing a uh get ready with me, because i only have a few minutes child. Let me take some of this vaseline see if i can get the thing open. I just put on my little um press-on nails and, of course running late, because i didn't have time as y'all can see girl. I got to do a whole wig and everything, but i got oh, i got a few minutes and that's all i have this thing. Is giving me a little bit now why why you want here we go. Thank you guys, honey, so we're just gon na do a little this. I just like this little vaseline y'all see that it's just a lip therapy. Vaseline lip therapy. So, as i was saying, honey put, my little um put my little nails on no, i don't have time for that, but i have 10 minutes to get out of here, but we're gon na make it we're gon na make it. Let me see here, and i just need a little bit of this nyx butter gloss. I love this. This is my go-to. When i go to work, it's my little go-to when i go to work so yeah. My eyebrows look a little bit of jack a little bit jacked up, but chad would be all right. They will be okay once i put this wig on and i tighten everything up, just tighten it up a little bit. It'Ll be okay, it'll be okay, and i like to just go back in with a little bit of it. I love mascara. I do i love mascara. I guess that's why i like false lashes, just love mascara, so so yeah like i was saying earlier. I hope you all are having a wonderful day and being productive and all that good stuff yeah. So i got a little so that's it so yeah! So, as you can see, i don't put on the whole headband wig and everything and just throwing on some hoop earrings. So i decided not to you know not to like have it at the back, not straight to the back, just kind of like a like a little flip over kinda just doing something a little different with it, because i don't like the big streaks that go to The back of this, i could have did it more to the side but honey, i'm in a hurry - and i got to get out of here so just wanted to come back. Just a quick little simple look before i go to work. I think it's cute. It'S cute for working away, chad, i'm going to make that dough. I think about nothing else, but hey. We want to look decent ain't that right so, and i just want to encourage you. Ladies, you know someone told me just the other day you know um, they paid me a compliment and it was a woman and i just felt, like you know, it's really very rare - that a woman will pay another woman a compliment, as relates to her look you You know i just want to encourage you, you may be having a bad day. Somebody else may be having a bad day, but someone pays you a compliment and you know it just makes you feel like. Yes, sometimes it makes you feel like. Yes, i can go on another hour or another whatever i can make it through this day. I was feeling like this, or i was feeling like that you know, and sometimes it comes when you're least expecting it, but i heard another lady tell me: young lady told me that she paid another woman a compliment and she was just like. Thank you. You know. No try not to do it like that. You know. Thank you, because people don't have to pay you a compliment. You know, but what's it gon na hurt to pay someone a compliment? So just remember: it's not gon na cost, you anything, but it could make the world of difference to them. You know you just never know so. Always remember like i always tell you, you are more than enough. You are worthy. You'Ve got what it takes. Stay in. Courage continue to be blessed continue to just have a wonderful wonderful day. I love you so much take care and god bless.

John Schenk: Nice job

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