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Hey guys welcome back to my channel. Thank you for joining me on another video y'all know that i'm still new to this, this um crap don't tell me to breathe. I can't be yo bring me a shot, bring me a shot if you guys want to know how i how i put on this, because it is not my real hair yeah. I know you thought it was my real hair. Just stay tuned continue watching. The video like share comment subscribe, follow me on all socials at instagram, rhino, sparkle, um, tiktak, karena, sparkle, snapchat sparkle.skja, and you can also follow my business page at sparkle. Kingdom, ja. Let'S go into the video, hey guys um! So today i am going to tell you guys all the tips about myself. I hope that you are hearing me clearly, so maybe you guys are wondering why i decided to start um youtube. No, no! No! No! No a long time started um jumbo 2019. We made my channel the other beer stuff from wish like um sometime. I know people in it really. It was like amazing. Well, not me, my other stuff wish some earphones, not earphones when i'm something i named the mic, the mic, something good for your clothes on youtube. No, they wanted to attend this. I'M going to make you youtube. That was three years ago me do that! Out of this of them, the post on youtube seem to get this often that not doing nothing else, but just totally forget about youtube. Well, i feel like now is it time for me start back because maybe not what i say. Okay, when we on your phone on your phone, we go to this. We always have so much excuse about stuff, and then we don't do nothing boy. If you don't. Hopefully, i'm consistent on it anyways. This video is just me putting on a head bandwig, because another person's always seen me in this video and asked me saying how you put it on. I really air. It fits your you look like a real ear. Hey i'm comb in there. If i walk this that that that so i'm just like showing um it post me, i catch on my ear. Remember just go! Get one school chair! Something like that. So here she said: she'll tell them a little bit about herself. All right, but we see what she has, she dropped my name, so that is that um am i so ratchet. Sometimes i'm very sweet and i can be wretched as well. So let me know always i don't wan na see all right. It'S gon na be a mixture, so make me just um put something on the air. Now i'm gon na put some gelatin here, make it like slick little bit and we're to do some baby ear. So you know strat, i'm going to do it too much minute and more so may i do this easier stuff because it's going to work most days. So quick, quick and fast come most of the time when i wake up in the morning. Wake up at 5 um. I know the video that i did yesterday i said i was at work. Yes, i was at work, but i was downstairs at the commissary getting a drink. I bought a drink, um and then go back upstairs. What i do. I am an optomic assistant. That means that basically means i'm working on actually um with a doctor, i'm gon na do most of them work for them most of the work before they go to before the patient goes to the doctor. No jesus. That is not a good explanation, so blood pressure them locating there. You don't want the patient to ask them the questions. Why are they coming to see the doctor? What can't is i'll talk more about it, another time, um so yeah? Sometimes it may be a big hearing good, sometimes it just i don't know me, i don't know what does that do so, i'm actually going on the road i'm gon na do a delivery. I have a business on instagram go fala, it's called sparkle. Kingdom ja. We sell outfits for females accessories. Let remember because made me happy on camera. My name is good. Today, i'm gon na stitch up the one more time, i'm just doing something when we see the end result promise you'll, trust the process trust the process. This is the way guys i wore the ring before we're called as them, but let me not say that i have to be like two weeks now, so this is the video it has a bang with something feel like hook it together. You have to comb them inside. I have one comb, two comb and one down here, 14 inch deep, wave, curly wig sometime. I wear it puffy. Sometimes i'm waiting to find something but to let me feel like mega weary puffy, someone put it down. I missed it. Look no way no offered to eat after that. Even talk more about soak water and then make it look decent, but i will know somebody just bend this and put it on my head like so like, so right get the tube on them. One looks already you get the two bend them. You want tight one on the back of your ear, like that, it's tight just the process. Now man, you do that now you pulled on the back overweight, just high, but we had to stay pull on the back. Like so then you push under, i don't know. If you can see you know you want to push another book. This look push it underneath because you want to make sure the hair is secure. So even if i can pull it, so you want to secure it. So you know pull off too quick anyways. I may not put too much water in it today because, as i said before, i like the puffy look more while it gives me a more natural look and it make me look like those according to indiana. Look a bit i brush it a little bit make it get puffier. Yes missing my light, the puffiness i'm a photo. You know like it all right, so we'll go back into the top brush and soap the baby hairs again. I don't want to do good for money, so anyone just you know just brush it, but i'm putting my jelly in there. You want your thing. No natural lazy, pre, it's a natural look because i know people are saying i swear. I must say: oh indian guys, that's basically it's enough. May say it's not a lot. It'S a quick ear stanley. They do figure our work that morning they are. We click the new order. You know yeah, but we can't to install. You know get us do this. Let'S do that yeah mega put on my clothes man, i don't know, make a pineapple alcoholic. What does potatoes? Not? No, i'm not gon na see. You know i'm gon na, like it still. You

Andy Appleseed: Looking beautiful Queen love the curls ⭐️

Toni-Ann Donaldson: Great video and your looking beautiful as always

Lois Perry: Love you girl. U inspire me

Kitty Love: Looking gorgeous today hun love ur smile✨ like the hair tho

Laverne Sommerville: Nice wig where can I get one to buy

Devonique Smithson: Nice

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