Diy Headband Wig! Throw And Go / How To Make Your Own Headband Wig + Install (Divanyhair)

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Hi my DHsquad! You all are asking me for the part 3 this it the part 3 of the #DIYheadbandwigtutorial for part 1 and 2 i will leave it down here please check it, what you guys think? Comment down below and don't forget to give the video thumbs up subscribe for more and click the bell!

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Part 1 Video:

Part 2 Video:



Divany intro

Flawless moment



Testing the wig

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Any company out there before emailing me remember that i live in Madrid,

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Name: Jennifer

Height : 163cm

Weight : 71kg

Location: Móstoles, Madrid,



Camera: I using my phone (Huawei P smart Z)

Lighting: Ring light

Edit with: Kinemaster




I prefer it with no headband with not another headliner with black is cute. That'S amazing! I'M breaking news. Even he's back, hey sweet baby! I love it when you give it to me, probably you i swear to you baby. This might sound like a joke to you, but i heard the fuss off my heart when i spoke to you, you said to me, i was touching. You were very fine. I know one day i just want to start a wedding plan. You know the look is how not trump at any time so for the rest of my life on the hi guys. Welcome back to my channel where i come back. Is your girl divani here, but my name is jenny, so what the channel is the money? So this is the part three of this headband wig, okay, so i'm going to leave the link down below and everything going to be down below so yeah. I hope you you like it because i only passed it for that one. But if you want to see the power one, the part and the part two i'm going to leave the links down below, don't forget because i do the cap with the head bang then i glue because i use hot glue gun for put this hair, and now I just install it so stay tuned for everything and subscribe for more videos. Bye, bye, i'll see you in my next video bye. I i proved them wrong. I came give me love yeah forever far away from here. Oh, i don't need any time when i think of you, i don't know i feel loved again. I don't want you waiting for days. Let me have your arms again. Please one day i said i can't help you. I proved them wrong. I came for you. Give me love yeah forever. I don't want my heart beats for you anytime. When i think of you, i don't know i i i feel loved again. I don't want you waiting for days. Let me have your arms again. Give me every time. Okay, um guys. I forgot to do the outro don't forget to subscribe, give this video a big thumbs up comment and

Sheenan R: You did a great job sis, love the lipstick

cynthykay obi: gorgeousssssnessss

GermanNaijaTv: Very beautiful New subscriber is here

Ronsay: So beautiful sis

Sara Ehapo: Bienvenida ooh

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