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  • Posted on 20 November, 2022
  • T Part Wig
  • By Anonymous

WOW! Today, I'm trying the VIRAL Crotchet Method on a V Part Wig but is it fine hair Approved?? Big thank you for this Kinky Curly Wig gifted by HerGivenHair

This kinky curly u part wig promises to give a natural look using the crochet method on a v part wig. NO glue, NO lace, NO skills needed! Is this viral crochet method on a v part wig beginner friendly??

Join the discussion and let's find out below!


00:00 Intro

01:15 Skincare Update for Dark Skin

01:47 HerGivenHair Unboxing

03:03 U Part Cap Construction

03:26 How To Install A U Part On Curly Hair

06:50 HerGivenHair U Part Wig Review

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Wig: The "Glory Crown" Signature Upart Wig by Msnaturallymary-MUW50S

Hair Texture: Coily (3C-4A)

Hair Length: 22 inches

Parting Type: Right Part

Cap Size: M

Color: Natural Color

#hergivenhair #naturalhairwig #upartwig #hergivenhairwig


100% Virgin Human Hair - Yes

Adjustable Elastic Band - Yes

HerGivenHair Contact Info.:




THE Most Natural Curly Wig PERIOD! || Budget Friendly Option || THIS Is MY Hair! ft HerGivenHair

She Serves SCALP! || GLUELESS || No Edges? No Problem! || ft HerGivenHair


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Listen, what you're, not gon na do is sit here and tell me that I'm not blending baby, oh my God. Okay, so y'all know I've been trying to keep the black from cracking more right. So I've been trying to up my skincare game right picked up this and girl. Oh, and I am so glad that I got the trial size because baby, I am looking Casper, the Friendly Ghost white. This is not yeah. This is not okay, so I'm gon na just wet my face just a little bit with some water and we'll see first, if I can maybe like blend it in more with some water girl. I don't know just gon na use what's in here because yeah are we looking better? Did the color come back to me I mean I look a little glow-ish. You know what I'm saying, but I still feel kind of Casper white um anywho. That is the update on the skincare stuff uh. So thank you so much for tuning in today. It'S Mika Lynn. Here we are with another video. You do notice that your girl is a little congested sick um. So I am dealing with that, but we shall continue before we get into. This definitely make sure you are subscribed to the channel share the video, so we can all slay accordingly baby and we shall get this on the go. I always love when they include these bags. You know just gives it a little extra oomph with the packaging great for storage as well a big thank you to her giving hair for sending out this beauty baby when we're doing something a little different. If you want to take advantage of the time, stamps then go ahead and do so and of course, watch at least half the video. This is their u-part wig in 22, inches with 3C 4A, a texture in a natural color with a medium sized cat. Let'S back that up baby, did I say you part? Yes, I did, and they do claim that this is going to give you a hundred percent blendable coverage, my God and good Lord with the netting okay, a little bit different kind of cap construction with this unit. There are going to be two cones right by the. U part you are gon na, have one comb on each side and then you are also gon na. Have it looks like one comb in the back and there is an adjustable strap and, of course, since it is a? U part, you do have that mesh kind of part that you are gon na cut out, so we're gon na go ahead and do that right now. Thank you. I'Ll get snow breaks baby. Let them hoes sleep. I get in my way. Never out of my life. Okay, so the idea for these - U Parts is pretty simple: you clip it into place. I do suggest that you do have two anchors, so I did decide to go ahead and braid my hair right now. I'M gon na show you how I blended this unit using a very simple product, baby and later the crochet hook. So I'm actually going to start at the dominant side of my head now. One thing I will not do: is sugar coat this review? If you do have fine hair such as me, it is going to be very important that you do a couple of things and I'll share that at the end of this video. So with this crochet hook, it's pretty simple. You thread the crochet hook through your hair. You'Re going to hook the piece of the wig draw it through and baby look track. Wearable it ain't there. So I'll show a couple more times how I actually installed this unit. I think the great thing about curly wigs is they really don't show like a lot of the flaws like if you don't pull all the hair through you're, pretty much good to go. You know what I'm saying so from start to finish. I think this took me. Maybe maybe 15 minutes okay. It took about 15 minutes total for for me to actually Loop all of this hair through now. The only issue for me when I did Loop it through, as you can see a too big of a piece, then you will kind of get a little bit of a roadblock if you will okay um now, unfortunately, I did not measure uh the u-part, so I Ran out of braiding space, so I actually had to pull some hair from the back and loop It Forward. I hope that makes sense, but you'll see what I did in a minute. Tell me now tell me something cause. I don't know how this gon na end. Tell me not tell me something cause I don't wan na. Be just friends. No no hear me out that can make you do the craziest things babe, I'm always a little cautious, a little side eye kind of action when it comes to these. You part wigs, especially since I do have a very fine hair when it comes to these u-part. Wigs the number one problem I have is the gap that I get, because the Combs cannot grip enough of my hair. It'S not there boo, so for this initial installation, the Gap was really really big. In my opinion, I do wish that they had a comb in the back of the shoe part. It definitely would have gave more of a solid anchor for the shoe part, and I think I probably would have been able to close the gap just a little bit. More, I did go through and tease the roots and that really tied this unit together. Now, besides the comb in the back, one thing I would change is definitely the color. I would probably go through with a box of 1B dye. This one is giving more of a like almost like a two like a lighter off black off brown color. You know what I'm saying. I think she looks good and baby she's Blended baby. Oh yeah, she's Blended. So if you are interested checking out the information for her giving hair directly to their store in the description box down below, as well as a direct link to this unit baby, thank you so much to all of you for tuning in it is always always appreciated. Don'T forget to subscribe to the channel, share the video, so we could all slay accordingly baby. Take care of yourself. Ladies keep yourself. First, most importantly, keep wearing it with confidence and I'll talk to you all in the next one. Thank you.

OlenaRosanne: This turned out so beautiful Meekah!!!I love it !!! I would definitely wear this! You executed this flawlessly

Samantha White: Very nice I’m still watching, wish I had saw this before I threw mines away, I was to through trying to blend it, and I watch so many videos BUT YOU are the only one that I saw your technique THANK You I will order another one and see how it goes‍♀️‍♀️

Teena Taylor: This came out beautiful, I love the technique! This is much better than trying to blend different hair types and lengths to a unit. Hope you feel better

Tina BlackberryRose: Love the curls and how you crocheted the hair and made this v-part blend so flawlessly. You look Very Very Beautiful. Tyfs. Feel better soon.

Katrina J: Beautiful! Great review and thanks for showing how to use the crochet needle. Thanks Meekah ❤

lneal2800: Happy Sunday Meekah boo! now this is flawless! I love the volume and the natural look of this hair is beautiful! Honey you look fabulous as always!love the crochet method hides it very we'll

BJ Jackson: Love the look!! But I will need a lace front version with that texture!! Girl my hair wish list is long!!!!

Tammy Giles: Beautiful Meekah ❤️ love the blend

Bonnie Taylor-Williams: Beautiful as usual!

beutibyMimi: Hiyee Meekah Love it ✅ Sis you are most definitely blended to Perfection

wunkey jones: Love this look on you flawless and very natural looking. Have you lost some weight? Looking good

Jackie Randolph: Beautiful just beautiful ❤️

Antoinette: Beautiful

BJ Jackson: Ok I bought the same moisturizer with peptides and collagen and it will leave a cast but it is effective moisturizer for night time only!!!

Juan Antonio Silva: Hola meekh buenísimo tu video hermoso fabulosa radiante maravillosa bonita divina preciosa princesa mujer bellísima excelente espléndida

CarrieBrooks: What was the name of the moisturizer I couldn't see it

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