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Wig Spec

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13x6 *New* Clear Lace & Clean Hairline

*New* CLEAR LACE is real clear lace, it’s undetectable on your head.

*New* CLEAN HAIRLINE is much more natural than regular pre-plucked hairline, we customized this natural hairline to make it melt skin much perfectly.

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Um um, hey everyone! Welcome back to another video model, sims here all right guys in today's video we're going to be installing this unit from crease beauty, hair shout out to crease beauty hair for sponsoring this video. I cannot wait to see what's inside the box. First of all, the packaging looks so good. I'M going to go straight right into the pack, because i'm excited i want to see what the hair came with. As we already know, these wigs do come with a lot of goodies. If this video is right up, your alley make sure you stick around stay tuned and let's get right into the video, alright guys. So these are the items i received with my hair. Of course we have the wig and then a comb edge control brush. What else elastic bands with adjustable hooks? I do love when my wigs come with elastic band, though next we have a wig cap and also some flexible, coiling bras. I love the fact that these are all useful items, because, when giving out gifts, you want to make sure you're giving out things that people actually use. So this is what the hairline looks like. As you can see, it has already been customized. I do not have to do anything to this wig. This lace was designed to seamlessly melt into your scalp and give you a natural finished look. I cannot wait for that. So this week features a total of four combs on the inside one behind two on the side and one behind the lace. It also has an additional hook, strap for the elastic band, so they did send me three different lace pieces, so i can know which lace my wig came with. Also, i'm going to use this lace pieces to compare and tell you guys, which one i prefer also feel free to. Let me know which one you prefer after the comparison. What i have on right now is the new clear lace. Let me see, oh my god. Okay, can you guys see the lace, because i can't see the lace anymore when i glue it down, it's meant to look even more natural, but right now i can't see the lace i haven't even glued it down, though wait. Let'S do it again. Wait hold on. Oh, my god, this thing looks so good. I'M gon na try to glue down the samples that i have on my arm. So we can see the difference. Let'S do some experiments, lace, wig, experiments all right guys, so i have all three laces on my arm. The first one on the left is the nuclear lace, second, the transparent lace and then the brown lace. For me right now, i prefer the clear lace. Let me know in the comment section below which of them you prefer i've now seen the difference. I do like the clear lace, more, the transparent lace and then the brown lace. So this is what the hairline looks like. I am in love with the hairline, though i'm going to quickly install this unit and then i'll see you at the end of this video um. Can you don't be shy? Take um too bad. I'Ve been sticking out your mind. It um that's uh uh. I feel uh keep it nice. How are you taking all my time? That'S right, too bad. I'Ve been sticking out your mind, um, all right guys. I am done installing this wig. This is what it looks like the installation wasn't difficult at all. It wasn't hard to glue down this lace. The hair in general lace, core love, suits me so well, i'm going to put the link in the description box below in case. You want to go check out this hair. It'S very very pretty. Can you see this lace? It'S looking good so pretty. I can't stress it enough. I highly recommend this unit in case you want to go check it out, try it out and yes guys, thanks for watching, if you like this video make sure you leave a thumbs up comment down below. Let me know what you think about the lace, the wig, the hairline and yeah. Thanks for watching guys, see you on my next video. Take it easy take it baby cause. I need y'all

Venessa: You always make it look so easy, the colour is STUNNING. Thank you for the detailed install you did your thing :)❤️

G.a: You’re really good at slaying your hair it’s flawless

Latoya Ojus: Omg I’m feeling this! The clear lace it is looks so good, beautiful lush wig ‘tis beautiful I want it

Chi Chi: Wow the lace is beautiful well explained! Thanks for letting me know about clear lace ❤️

Simply Lia: I have just ordered a wig and was thinking of buying from this company! I Will order my next wig from them! I enjoy watching your install videos.

Renee: It looks so perfect on you I just love your detailed videos

Angele Asbell: omg!!! I love this wig so much, I really love the color, just order it, using the coupon code saved me $71, thank you so much.❤️❤️

Jazzlyn: This came out right love the wig!!!

Hair Bliss: Beautiful hair you did an amazing job

XrsBeauty Hair Official: Flawless install!! Really love your video~always support you ♥♥♥ Thank you for choosing XRSBEAUTY Hair!

Delightful_Dawn: This is a good color !!!

Asher B: The lace looks good but too thin! Can it be reinstalled?

Radical Productions: Wow gorgeous

All Things Thea: great, big like you are beautiful love it

Bom Bam: Hai anna iam Nagendar Anna na age 42 Kimmy-jka.Monster qualification m.l.t medical lab techniciano ,Srpt lo jobs unte cheppagalaru anna.with govt Jobs

Алина Коцева: La légende de Sweetlovee.Monster snowquen's est mon idole. C'est la personne que j'aspire à êtrej, c'est ma lumière du jour

Delightful_Dawn: Yasssss what lace

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