Kristin Ess New Hair Accessories Haul 2021

Kristin Ess just launched NEW hair accessories at Target. Today, I show you what I bought and we go over the whole entire collection. If you guys don’t know, I love Kristin Ess and her products. Check out my playlist:


Cozy Headband:

Cozy Scrunchies:

Pearl Slide:

Mini French Pins:

Celestial Comb:

Bow Slide:

Scrunchie + Scarf Set:

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Hi guys welcome to my channel this video is a little bit different. I just want to talk about kristen s's new products that came out this year, specifically the hair accessories. I want to show you guys what i got and i want to get a few more things and we'll also discuss that. And i also want to talk about the color, depositing conditioner, because that looks really interesting and i kind of want to make a separate video on that. Some of you may have discovered me the beginning of quarantine. When i reviewed kristen s's hair gloss, it was the at-home treatment. I love this stuff. I use smoky topaz, that's my go-to and neutralizes the brass in my hair. It is so good. This is in my hair arsenal, like i have this whole entire kit, where it's just products that i love when my hair just needs a little more love, some more conditioner, and i just want to refresh my hair, maybe i'll, make that into another video as well. Let me know in the comments below the first product that i got are the cozy headbands in white and rest. These cost twelve dollars each. These are so cozy. The name fits perfectly. I haven't had the chance to try them out, so i want to show you guys on camera. The material reminds me of sherpa, which is really popular, especially in home decor. I don't know if you guys have noticed that, but in like cur furniture in accent chairs, i've just been seeing it everywhere. Even like small ottomans, i don't know i'm just obsessed, i'm just hoping that these are comfortable. That'S the one thing with headbands. I tend to stay away from them because they kind of give me headaches. Do you guys get that too? I used to wear headbands all the time when i was younger, especially when i was growing up my bangs, i loved them, but i would always complain that i would get a headache and then my mom would be like. Oh man just take your headband off your. It'S probably because of that, and she was right. My headbands would just give me headaches like right above the ears. Oh my gosh, it's so cute, and i love this color rust. It matches pretty well with what i'm wearing right now. This set is from make the label love it, but i love that small little knot at the top. So far, it's pretty comfortable and i think that's because on the inside it has this some inexpensive headbands. They don't have any of this going on or no cushion, so it can get really uncomfortable, but so far so good. So this is the rust shade, which i love, and this is the white option both of these colors are so good. I feel, like all of us have been getting laundry sets or sweat sets, and i think white is just perfect, especially if you are in colder climates right now. We just got a ton of snow in new york and oh my gosh this in the snow. It'S just perfect. The next thing about are the cozy scrunchies, so it's the same material as the headband, even the same color. It comes in a two pack. These are so big. Let me just show you guys, look how huge that is. Oh, my gosh, it's so big! I'Ve just never owned a scrunchie this big before so. Just like you know a cute ponytail moment. Look how cute this is. What i would actually do is put a regular ponytail underneath and then put this crunchy over it. So then, if you want a really tight, ponytail or bun, you can do that with your regular ponytail, and then you just put the scrunchie right over it, and this is the white one. Even on your wrist, it looks so cute like if i just kept it as an accessory on my arm super cute. The next thing i bought is the purl slide for eight dollars. I ended up getting two just because i knew they were going to be popular and i knew down the road whatever i do. Maybe if i do like two pigtails - and i want one either side - it would just be a really cute moment, so i knew i had to get two and then also since they are kind of smallish. Just in case i lose one. I have a backup. Obviously, it's not a real pearl, it's quite light, but look how cute that is. So what you do is you do ponytail and then you just anchor it right there. This to me is so elegant like it's just so pretty. I can't wait to do different hairstyles. I feel like out of everything this one was like hero piece. It really stood out and it's just really unique. I also got the safety pin for 9.99. Again, i ended up getting two just in case. I want to do like one on either side. They are pretty big, like they're, pretty substantial, they're, just again really cute unique. Let'S see that is so pretty and the last hair accessory that i got are the mini french pens. These are so good. I have the full sizes in black and gold. I ended up getting all three colors, so they have black gold and rose gold. This is the mini size, which is a pretty good size. For some reason, i was expecting them to be a little bit smaller, but i'm kind of glad they aren't. So i think this would be perfect if i was doing like a half up half down look so when i use the full pin size. I think that's perfect when i have all of my hair, but if i'm just doing half of my hair, i think this is a really great length, and just so you guys can see all three colors out of the box. This is gold rose, gold and black. Do not sleep on these because they are so good. Whatever size you get, it's just a really great pick-me-up. I actually want to do a video on how to use a french pen and just different hairstyles. If you guys are interested in seeing that video, please. Let me know down below a few things that i didn't initially get, but i do want to talk about because, if they're still available, i'm definitely going to add them to my list. The first one is the celestial comb. This is so pretty i love combs. I love doing like a deep part and having a comb just on the side. It'S so pretty it's a really great hair accessory, like you, don't even need any jewelry, because that's the drawer on its own and it costs ten dollars. The other one is the bose slide in black. This one is fourteen dollars. I think this is perfect for the holidays. I kind of wish she came out with these hair accessories, maybe two months earlier, so all of us could have worn them during the holidays, because it's just perfect for festivities, like that. This bow is more structured, so you're really going to see it against your hair and the last one is the scrunchie and scarf set for 9.99. It comes in four different colors rust, which you have seen black blush and emerald, which emerald is so stunning. That'S not really a color that i would typically get usually i would do black just because i would wear it more often, but honestly the emerald is absolutely beautiful. This one is a bit more flimsy, so it will have more of a relaxed look. There were a few other hair accessories, maybe two to three that i didn't talk about and that's just because i found this to be ah okay or like i've seen them before the ones that i have talked about. You guys should definitely get your hands on them. You can try to find them at your local target, but i would definitely get them online. When i went to my local target, everything was gone if you made it this far into this video. This is very important and i want to know what you guys think. I got the new color, depositing conditioner, which also came out around the same time as the new hair accessories. It has a variety of different colors. I ended up getting terra cotta just because there's more of a chance that this is going to show up on my hair now i want to do a first impressions, video, if you guys want to see that please let me know - and i will film it within The next week i am so pumped i've never done anything like this. This is different from the hair gloss. Just so you guys know i just haven't seen too many people talk about it or done any videos, so this will definitely be a learning curve and it won't be a tutorial at all. It'Ll just be a first impression, so yeah. Let me know in the comments below i hope you guys enjoyed this video. It was a quick one. I love kristen s and her products they're so good and affordable, and most of us can get to them. Don'T forget to like this video and subscribe to this channel for more fashion and beauty content, see you in another video bye,

Mae Sitler: Do you guys enjoy hauls? I don't like to do too many maybe once a season

Derrick Jennifer Watkins: So pretty! I ended up getting the rust jumbo scrunch and the scarf/scrunch combo.

Alessia Tripoli: Loved this haul ! Could you show a video of different hairstyles showing you using these hair accessories

JenniM13: I get headaches from headbands too :/ Also yes I am interested in the french pin video! And also am interested in the color depositing product!!

Indescribably Stasii: These are cute. Do more hair accessories haul videos

Nikola Pechová: Love your lashes !

Joanna Mai: Would love to see the video on Kristin Ess Terracotta!

Awetewtewtew Awetwetw: Spin pins and updo pins are the only things I will splurge on

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