Hairdresser Reacts To The "Creaclip" Hair Cutting Device |Bradmondo

Hellllooooo CREAnation! A clip with a level that you cut your hair with. Oh my god can we not tho?!



















So easy: don't do it without a mirror TV, Milo, don't do it Milo, biz Abe's out there, my homies, my babies squad Z's my baby squad, how you doing yo yo yo check mic one, two, two one: two: how you feeling I'm feeling good, because you know What I have a man on camera filming like this and over a week - and you know what the last time I took a week off filming was like two years ago, so you know what I'm back at it, I'm back in the game and and I'm ready To play that game girl get me ready, get me pumped boo, boo, boo, so we're here today and I actually randomly came up with a hussam new idea for the hairdresser Reax series. So I'm looking up stuff about a hair on his leeks. That'S. Why he's my spare time oh wait before I get into all this? Okay, just real, quick, I'm going to puke on LA! Do you live around the LA area of the California area girl come and meet my mother yeah? That was a vulgar for my channel, I'm so sorry, but am I getting vulgar now baby, I'm feeling angsty, so I'm gon na do that. I'M gon na keep that in uh I'm going to be kinda lay July, 14th and 15th. If you want to meet this face honey, I don't know why you wouldn't want to. You know we can take a bunch of pictures together, it'll be super cute and always, if you per meet me in person, always take a picture with flash on. I don't look good without flash on honey. I don't beat this face. I don't put on this space paint to take a picture without flash. I don't do it. If you meet me, you can always hand me your phone and I'll take a proper picture, but girl at least give me flash when you take pictures with me. That'S all I ask but yeah July 14th and 15th I'll be a beauty kind of way. It'Ll be so cute, it takes so many cute pics yeah and if you want tickets, livvie link right below for you duh, thanks um. Okay, back to the video like I was saying, I was looking up some stuff about hair and you know what one thing to another and I came across an HSN yeah HSN, a video about crea clips and I don't know if you've ever heard of crea clips. But you're about to learn all about them and they're a wild product, and I was thinking like yo. Why are they ever done a series about HSN products and watch HSN with you guys, cuz there's some whack it on h9h HSN, very whack. So that's it. You guys that's my whole spiel for today's video. That'S just going on. I don't know. If you want to watch it, you can stay. If you don't want to watch it. I don't blame you honestly. You know what I click off of videos all the time after the intro so like. If you don't want to watch my videos girl, do you it's 2018? You don't have to watch my videos. We don't want to know just like don't or do anyways. Let'S get it started, I hope it was interesting because, like I definitely did not watch this, I literally just pull this up in my computer and we're gon na start watching it together. There was no planning with this video, I'm gon na be honest. None at all not even a little bit none. So, let's start the video now all right! Thank You, Creamery! It'S! My new ha d done. Okay, if you guys have never seen my ombre, I'm already stopping the video I'm so sorry, if you guys have never seen my ombre over the Box Die video, which is like the most popular V on my channel. This girl is in that video and she she colors her hair at home and gives herself an ombre and looks so bad and you'll see it in this video right now so many times. What else could I possibly need Milo? Why? Why would you ever create this product? She is gon na be shamed shunned by every hairdresser in the world. I remember when this product came out. It was the tips and we're gon na play lose on to it. Milo, you don't need a critic to us, Milo, don't do it. I will sacrifice my loo. We can't do the level Kenyan I'm with these out in the salon and started just like put the client's hair in it and just chopped it. I should do that honestly, and this save me a lot of time. It'S that easy, my loo living for the skunk stripe. I didn't know that was coming back in style already hunt here I like to see this girl try the Cree Excel, how the curly girl is gon na cut their hair huh my loo here we tell me that how that curly girl is gon na do it. I don't think they can. I will. That seems a little. I don't know racist. I said it seems to me because the girls can't do it so honey. You know else. You could do just putting this out. There don't mind my finger by the way and I'm not flipping you up, I'm just showing you my finger. I messed it up, ignore the band-aid. It'S really ugly. I know, but you know what you need to do. You can't always be perfect. You know um, you can literally look like this and put your finger on a slant honey. You don't need a level to know that you're slanted. No, I think, leveling a leveler is more for like to know that you're cutting something straight, not cricket. Just putting out there, my Lou honestly doesn't like that. I'M gon na give this one to where my Lua, you know why am i loo? This is Emmet. Ah, oh you're, a genius, that's basically what I was where I was going with that. I honestly I could come up with a clip that literally it's a clip, that's it. It was a level I, if you don't, you need the level, you don't need it at all and make millions of dollars off of a clip. That'S used in a different way than conventionally a clip is used. What was that story? There'S a big celebrity who's married to another big celebrity, who actually has a kid who wears bangs, I'm just putting that out there, but she wears bangs and she's a celebrity she's. The daughter of a celebrity to cut the back of your hair, so you get the smaller and the LeBron stream of a mullet. This girl, literally Azam, oh, oh, why are you advertise real? Is that looks terrible? You don't want to cut your hair in a straight line like that. That doesn't make any sense. It doesn't like your hair is gon na be lifeless if you just cut it in a straight line like that, you need layering, meets texture, honey, it's more of an art form than just cutting a straight line, literally left fingers, so bad okay. So basically what they're? Trying to say here is: if you want your haircut done right, you have to buy the cria clip and knock it. Your hair done at a salon anymore. That'S how you get your hair done right. I am infuriated, I'm angry, I'm boiling inside this is terrible. This is really bad: she's scamming the world one person at a time, all right, Korea, nation, my creators, my crea gals, let's just put the cria clip down - let's even maybe put it in the trash, can like great clip by E. Let'S just stop before somebody gets hurt before somebody's hair gets hurt, all right, Korea, nation, my create girls, Korea, clippers peace out, the crea clip. Don'T ever use it. Don'T you dare go there? I hope this video told you why you shouldn't do that, just don't, and if you got one at home toss that girl see you later, don't ever use one they're terrible and today's Instagram shout-out goes to Madison. This is what she looks like how you doing, Madison and all she said is which is better short, hair or long hair on me um, and this is her with short hair. Also there you go let that sink in for a second, basically Madison. What I'm thinking is I love both on you honestly. I think they both look really good. I mean I feel like you're. Very, very, very, very young, like really young, I would say short hair makes you look a little bit more mature if you're going for that. I don't think you need to look mature, cuz you're, like really I was like 12 years old, I'm guessing or like 13 or you just look really young good for you girl. Could some of us need Botox to look really young yeah love the short hair killing? It I prefer the short hair, alright, keep it short, keep it cute, keep it poppin and lock-in and droppin all right, and if you would like a shout out at the end of one of my videos like I just did for Madison, then all you got ta. Do honey is follow me on the instagrams. Okay, you got a DM me, a picture of your current hairstyle with no filters natural, nice and natural girl and then ask me one question. One simple question about your hair. I really hate reading and I hate reading paragraphs. You feel me you could tell me in person the like thinker, I don't want to read it all right. So just really quick little summary of something you want to know about your hair. Should I cut my hair? Should I color my hair or like, should I do blue or black or pink any of that stuff? All you do is follow me on instagram and DM me, and you could possibly be at the end of one of my next videos. Okay, thanks check out my merchandise at fan, joy coat, /, brad, cuz honey. You got some of the cutest merchandise on youtube. Actually, no, I do the cute as much that's on YouTube. Alright, go ahead and say it! Thank you guys so much for watching today. Don'T forget to leave your extra life? Okay, I will see you all next time who babies? Oh my god, my mom just texted me peace.

Jennifer: Did no one notice that it is $19.99 plus $15.95 shipping and handling? That is a $36 hair clip

dj queentee: “There’s a celebrity married to another celebrity who HAS A KID... who wears bangs” I screamed

sam: *"how the curly girls gonna cut their hair, huh Mai Lieu? How the curly girls gonna do it? I don’t think they can, Mai Lieu. That seems a little, I don’t know...racist"* ohh my gooood

jade Saa: Lol this video was kinda funny… I’ve been using the crea clip since 2013ish and I love it. Whenever I go to the hair salon I leave very unhappy bc I never get the haircut I ask for and then I’m paying for something I dislike, it happens every single time and I end up mad at myself for not just sticking to my crea clip. Crea clip i’s a lot more precise then just a “hair clip” and it gives you a little extra confidence to cut your hair by yourself and be happy with the end results.

Jessica Holland: "You don't need a level to know that you're slanted."

Jennifer W: I have really long hair, and I use this for layers. I even went to a hair dresser about 2 years ago, and she said there was nothing wrong with my hair cut. (I simply decided I wanted to go to a straight cut.) So I'm not sure what is wrong. I've got super straight hair, and it looks even.

Sara Redbride: I used it for layers and it was great, just make sure to watch people on youtube using for layers before you cut

jennifer zammattio: I bought this to trim my bangs during this quarantine,at first I was scared to use it ,but it actually works!Ciao from Italy!❤

Sydney Paige: “She didn’t cut anything she’s scared shitless”

Leximarcellaa: Thank you for thinking of us curly girls!!!! ✨

Lizzie Dawn: *Watching Brad Mondo's CreaClip reaction as I cut my own hair with a CreaClip* It looks good to me ‍♀️

Michelle M: Brad, I love you but I have to say. .. I LOVE the creaclip. My stylist retired 5 years ago, he was also a teacher at the Paul Mitchell school. I would get a trim from him every 6-8 weeks. He knew I loved my hair long and he cut the most amazing layers. After he retired every single stylist I went to would literally do the opposite of what I asked and would cut 3 - 4 inches off my hair or would cut my layers wrong. I have extremely long hair, it’s to my waist. In order for it to not look like a mop the layers have to be done right. A month and a half before my wedding I went to a salon for a trim ( I had no split ends.) The stylist cut 5 inches off my hair. I asked for a dusting. It was prob more than 5 inches. I arrived at the salon with my hair to my waist and left with my hair nipple level. She apologized and said she messed up on my layers and had to even it out. I won’t name the salon but this wasn’t a super cuts, this was a top notch salon in NYC in the lower east side. I know that there are stylist out there who do it right, but I have had 0 luck. I now refuse to go to a salon for a hair cut again. Now I use the creaclip, and and only go to the salon for color. If you know what your doing - the product is a life saver.

Xana K.: Just gonna put this out there... I always go to the hairdresser to literally get a straight cut. No layers, no bangs, no nothing. I like the way it looks and I have super fine hair. Layers make me look like I'm balding. Sooo.. I pay quite a bit of money for a woman to spend literally 3 minutes cutting a straight line lmao (I never get my hair washed first because I have a really sensitive scalp and I cannot use other shampoos without my head feeling on fire) Maybe this would be okay for some people?

Jaclyn Paterson: “Literally you have fingers that do the exact same thing” I cannot handle his reaction videos. I love them so much.

Chloe Rose Art: “I didn’t know the skunk stripe was coming back” HAHAAHAH oh my gosh I could NEVER use this. My hair is naturally wavy and super thick and I wouldn’t even be able to close the clip. Ahh darn guess I’ll have to get it cut properly :/

Amy Dearing: It’s 2020, pandemic had been almost a year long. I’m not going to hairdresser anytime soon so I bought a CreaClip & it’s not bad for a trim.

Jo Tortuga: Not everyone can afford to go to a hair stylist every time they need a hair cut. I'd never try anything major with this but it's helpful when I can't afford to go to a salon.

Henna Hakim: The crea clip works! I have one and it gives me a great layered haircut everytime!

TAMMY DELAROSA: I've been using this tool for many years. It works for me. I love it.

Alycia: As a curly haired girl myself, I am loving the shade


Wanna Sites: I’ve use the CreaClip for years and never had any issues. ‍♀️‍♀️

Net H.: I’ve used it for 10 yrs. with wavy thick hair. No one of my friends noticed the difference from a prof until I told them. I saved lots of time & money. Still using it now it’s pandemic. Really satisfied with the convenience I get.

AlizMari23: Brad: How 'bout we just stop cutting at home? Me in quarantine: I DON'T HAVE A CHOICE, BRAD.

Oxyjenn: I love how offended and personally attacked Brad feels by the creaclip

Anna Monge: 15 minutes of Brad Mondo getting excessively offended about a giant hair clip

Tina Perera: Hairdressers: go to school, spends money on school, learns hella stuff, chemistry, art, layering, hella stuff dude. Creaclip: you don't need all that. Just get this clip and choppa chop.

Sara Z: Honey, squeeze someone who cuts their own hair at home I might need this clip especially for my back hair and bangs

Christy In The Carolinas: Brad, video idea...order it, and cut your wig on camera! Let's see how it really works THUMBS UP, so Brad see this!

BlueHypothermicReality: I’ve been using this to cut my hair and my friends hair for like almost a decade! I saved so much money! And I’m like pro level with the creaclips

rainkiss10: I use this on my bangs, straight cut from the back and front layers. I started using it 2015, guess practice makes perfect. Not applicable to everyone, maybe just for me hehehe!

Marley: this product was on shark tank and the point of this product is for people who maybe dont have enough money to go to the salon all of the time. she said that she grew up very poor as her parents were immigrants and she wished she would have had something like this, as her family could not afford haircuts at a salon.

Liz murphey: I love the creaclip! This thing is awesome.

AK.Annika: Fun drinking game: take a shot every time he says Mai Lieu

Steph K.: Why does every infomercial look like it's from the early 2000s?

Taylin Dixon: I have one ... it actually helps if you know how to use it correctly . Especially when your blind in one eye so you never know if its straight

CarolinaGirl: I love, love, love how extra Brad is in his reaction videos. I can’t stop watching.

l0sie: "that seems a little racist" LMFAOOO I DIED AFTER THE TOUNGE CLICK

Victoria Olson: my stylist would occasionally cut my hair ‘under the influence’, and make my hair lopsided. CreaClip does a great job for me at home.

Jess: I’m watching a year later and everyone is doing the “skunk stripe” :’)

《got any grapes?》: Me: that doesnt look too bad. Brad: ooo ughh, girl noooo. What are you doing? That doesn't look good! Me: eww, terrible. What was she thinking?!?!

Kayla Naomi Moose: Your videos are so entertaining. Much love to what you do. Keep doing you!!

bec mcdonald: As a mum, i think this is a great product! My daughter loves bangs and the straight cut and instead of going to a salon and paying $25 each time I've saved hundreds. I can see why brad is so defensive because products like these are taking business away from hairdressers and showing the average person that its just as easy to do simple cuts at home.

Danielle Monique: “She didn’t even cut her hair, she’s scared shitless!” Sucha mood!!! ☠️☠️

Julie Giles: I found you by chance watching reviews of the product, and you are fab-u-lous! So entertaining and funny!

MKat: I actually like a blunt cut. Layers make my hair look thinner.

notsofrilly: I was one of those kids. My Mom used to cut my hair at home. If I wanted a haircut, after a shower I would go into my mom's bathroom where she would have me stand in front of the mirror where she proceeded to cut in a straight line through my soaking wet hair. This clip would have been my mom's dream come true. To be clear my mom went to a salon every 6 weeks to cut, style and color her hair. I guess her budget for hair care leaned heavily on her side. Mind you I'm a kid in school while she was a professional. She had to look good, I just had to look neat.

Amanda Howerton: I think we need a “CREACLIP FAILS” reaction video! If there are any of those around! Lol that’d be funnnnnny!

Christin Poulin: I live for your reaction video’s!!!! Keep them coming...your amazing! Sending love ❤️

Rupa A.: Some people like cutting their hair in a straight line though. That's what I always asked for at the salon but they always started to layer my hair. My hair was already thin and I didn't need any layers.

Caroline Taylor: We have this at my house and use it all the time! It's awesome! I mean sure right after you take it out its blunt but if you just point cut it some it turns out so well. This is a really good product that we have used forever.

Maroa Alkatheri: Dude I watch your videos just to see you being extra. Your comments make me reconsider my life choices

Dawn: Brad you're wearing your sassy pants today I love you like a sister XOXO

CiociaBeth G: I have generic hair loss (woho, started blading at age 18 party over here) But I love watching your videos, you’re so positive and just handing out the love like you do at the start, Makes my day You seem like such a sweet person, thank you for doing these videos ❤️

Discarded Granny: I’ve used a CreaClip EXCLUSIVELY for about 4 years now. I LOVE it & get compliments on my hair all the time.

Carolyn Smith: I love mine, just took 3" off my hair & also layered it with the Creaclip

sophie W: I love the way your hair perfectly matches the background on this video !

knight nash: The sass in this video added 8 years to my lifespan

Royally Rhonda: Anybody here in desperation looking to see if this thing will work for the 2020 pandemic? I need a haircut! lol

Regina_Phalange: I just now discovered his videos, and I am HERE for salty Brad Mondo.

kandigirl 702: I bought one of these yeeeeaaaaars ago at Walgreens. I loved it! I used it on my daughter when she was little. Came in handy

HIJX: Idk why but "you don't need a level to know that you're slanted" made me laugh really hard

Deanna Chaney: Brad was really on one in this video and I loved every minute of the sass ♡♡♡ this is why I sub this channel!

Aj Egner: I have to say you are so hilarious !!! ♥️ I’m glad I came across your channel

Literal Tiffy: One if my favorite videos. I rewatch all the time. Makes me think of this contraption from my childhood. Flowbee! My grandparents bought one. Mom used it and her hair didn't grow for months.

E gush: Some of us actually love going to a salon. It's fun getting pampered and talking to your stylist. There's no clip that can take the place of human connection with your stylist who becomes like a friend. That after photo when she used the clippers was straight up terrible.

Yanne Moreira: I was actually expecting her to cut a full front fringe on herself, that would be a badass way to show her product (or a total disaster! Either way Brad would react to it so I'm living for it haha)

Sublime Gracia: You look amazing with this hairstyle!!!!! I have watched many videos of you but this is one of the best hairstyle I have seen, personal opinion. Thanks so much for the video was great!!!

Britt Krett: I AM LIVING for this commentary!!! Please do qvc products more often.

Kim Teal: Amazing! I just started watching your videos two days ago and now i cant stop watching them! They are amazing! YOU are amazing! Thank you for being a youtuber and uploading videos that are awesome and inspiring

Jeanipin: I did this using one of those wooden skirt hangers which open from the hook. Long before this came out. I am 70 and during lockdown I have let my hair grow, used to be a bob which I managed to trim myself quite easily. Now its longer as I am wanting to try updo's, I had this idea of combing hair forward, trapping it between the hanger then cutting straight across it. I liked it, got a neat edge with a slight curve. I see nothing wrong with using this, I'm happy.

AJ: The hair cut straight across the bottom with no layering or texture is insanely popular where I live in Europe :p I kinda had to laugh at him mocking it. Though I don't agree him knocking the idea of ever cutting your own hair at home. I cut my own hair for years, and it was just fine. Sure the first few cuts were iffy, but once I got experience it was much easoer and cheaper to maintain my cut, I could do it every two weeks--which now that I do get my hair done professionally I can't afford. At-home trims have a place in some people's lives, and it doesn't have to necessarily be a bad thing. :p

Holly Drucker: Brad your hair always looking good. I love your hair in this video the pink is gorg. Have a good day!

PsychedForLife: I watch this when I need a good laugh. Love you Brad.

Ant Novè: Love a straight blunt cut!! I bought the crea clip off ebay and it is the best!! I always make sure hair is dry and dead straight to get the perfect cut. Been using it for 5 years and my friend who is a hairdresser for over 30 years is even impressed with it when she saw my daughter's hair.

Potato Top hat: He’s so nice, I love him. His videos are awesome

Mellie Darcy: You should collab with Bunny and do a “Does This Thing Really Work” together!!!

Annabel Johnson: I love the creaclip!!! it is so funny and totally made my day

Devin Osborn: I used that to cut my hair, and it honestly turned out great

Shelly Dyer: Omg Brad you crack me up with your commentary. That thing looks like a chip clip. I wish you could do my hair.❤️

Nana Donna: I have used Creaclip for years! Its for use between stylist visits.

F F: Hun-ty would love u to do a whole series of "hairdresser reacts to 'as seen on tv'" Like even if you were to get the stuff. Anyway thought it would be awesome x

#motivação diária: Claro que um Cabeleireiro nao vai faalr bem desse produto ... afinal é o trabalho dele cortar Amo ele

Lydia Robinett: Have these but only ever use the small one for my bangs. Comes in handy when I can't see through my hair!

Bennu: Scottish and Celtic people have curly hair too. And I would imagine that people with wavy and thick hair will struggle with this. But everything is racist apparently

Adeline Lisowski: "honey, you need layering and texture. " I'm like no thanks. But does not having it make me basic?

Alexus Burton-Wood: "How are the curly girls gonna do it" oh we love a woke hair dresser

Gabriela Lascarov: You have to be like the only human being who looks good in photos with flash haha

Dawn Marie: I tried this on my nieces hair. Its pretty thick and wavy. I tried doing it in one swoop. Awful idea. Scissors werent getting through it. My bad but it was not good

Circe: I'm back 2 years later and can confirm that Covid + late night Amazon browsing = I have a Crea Clip now.

Inès Lewis: i am literally binge watching the whole channel like every single clip lol !! i LOVE IT

Lychee: Brad got that bandaid because he tried using his fingers to cut hair instead of his Creaclip™️

CountryMouse 06: I just subbed because I am at home non licensed hair dyer. Every hair stylist I've been to has ruined my hair & tried to charge me hundreds of dollars for the mess. I've been happy with the results I've done at home for under $20. But your videos have taught me what not to do. Recently I've dyed it a dark but still bright purple. Which is what I've wanted for years. My last stylist dyed my hair purple which she wouldnt let me pick the purple & it came out a very gray purple. She wanted to charge me a $130 for color that washed out in 1 wash. Yes I used the shampoo she suggested & used cold water. Plus told her I wanted all my hair cut the same length & she cut tons of need to come teach these ohio stylists!

Avery Andrew: "That 1 millimeter made a difference" I wanted to die lol.....I really enjoy your videos and your sass/personality . I'm a new subscriber and I'm trying to watch all your videos! Keep up the good work sis #liveyourextralife

Karina: Brad your videos cheer me up on my worst days, youre so damn funny xo!

Susanne S: Brad, when you graphically threw the creaclip in the trashcan, I totally lost it!!!!! Absolutely LUV your humor!!!

Ally Daily: I love these types of videos Brad does! I die laughing at these! This one and the one he talked about Wen! Lmao!

Georgia Rose: Lol 2020 binge watching brad mondo, gotta tell I was offended when Brad talked about the straight cut cuz I’ve alway had straight cut and I actually thought this product is helpful cause I can’t use my fingers right and I don’t have the luxury to go to salons every I need.

Judy Borges: I’m just watching this. It’s Amazing. I literally want to watch ALL videos with Brad Mondo. I just love him. I love all of this!

David Anderson: I'm really not into hair or cosmetology, but I watch your videos because they are funny af

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