Konmari Whole Home Declutter: #15 Girls Hair Accessories

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Today I'm decluttering my girls' hair accessories - ALL OF IT - and they have a lot of stuff!!!! So I'm going to be using the KonMari method of going through the items and really thinking if I like the items and/or if my girls like the items and those are what I'll keep. The rest will get discard or if they're brand new, I'll give them to a friend. I'm also going to use the simple method of organizing that Marie Kondo suggests in her book. I'm leaving the complete organization for the very end of the method! But I am going to follow her advice and keep them in the same place. Hope you find some motivation to go through your stuff!

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel, so today I am going to be going to a hair accessory. So if you guys are familiar some of my new subscribers might not be, I have two girls and one boy, and so I need to go through the hair accessories, because we've just been collecting hair accessories and they're kind of all over the house. All over the place, and then on top of that i have my own hair accessory - that i need to go to so hopefully I'll get to mind today, but I definitely want to get to the girls stuff today. So before we get started. I just want to thank all my subscribers for subscribing. Thank you so much for subscribing. I hit 300 about a week or two ago and a little bit past that now so thank you so much each and every one of you for subscribing to my channel. I really really appreciate it. You know it takes a lot to put out these videos and it is very rewarding and angel lot when you know like minded people subscribe and they find value in what you're doing so. Thank you so much. I hope you guys continue to be a subscriber and watch my videos and to anyone who's, not a subscriber go ahead and subscribe. If you want to come along on this journey with me and be a part of the journey to home, sweet home family, I do kamari videos, I can recipe videos I DJ analyze. I haven't been doing so many of them lately, but I you stay in life. I do anything basically to do with being a mom and having three kids and life in general, okay, guys without further ado, let's get started go first. I just want to say I have most of their hair accessories in those boxes, keeping it in the sauce. So then, I decided to separate out my older daughter into a bag. Just like you keep their hair stuff separate, and this is just my youngest daughter's now. There'S lots of things mixed in here because we just got lazy lately and just been throwing in her bracelets and necklaces all kinds of things so going to go through that and I'm going to leave my older daughters for now so i'll go through that separately. So i'm just going to put that aside for now and what i'm going to do is I'm going to just go through the house and gather up all of the hair accessories wherever I think they are, or i can remember that there they are. I will do that so I have this little. I guess you call jewelry organizer that I keep. I was keeping their hair accessories in, but it's not very, very accessible in the closet. You can remove it, but I just find for us it's just not working. It'S a lot of digging and into the closet to get this out in the first place, and usually I don't pull it out. I just look at it while it's in the closet then also too it's a lot of digging around because they have quite a bit of accessories, as you can see, and it's a lot of digging around well right. Now it's not full, but if it was full, it is a lot of digging around and what was happening is and I'll show you guys here if I can just put it down okay, so what was happening? What is happening is the bottom. I don't know if you guys can see the bottom just kind of coming loose, so then all the hair accessories that they were in this couch and this one will fall down to the bottom here into this one and there's this when you get full and then No, it's great! I clipping apart, so not a just solution for us anymore. Now I also hold some of their jewelry stuff in here, so I probably won't be going through that or just to going through the hair accessory. Ok, now I'm going to just continue to go around the house and look for their other accessories. Ok guys! So I'm at my nightstand and you can see, there's a hair accessory hair. This is my hair accessory, so we're not going to go through that. This is also my hair accessory. Please excuse the clutter. I know it's really embarrassing, but I haven't gotten to books. Yet that is my next category and I just can't wait to get to it because we have basic, read books everywhere. Ok, so I'm going to go to my high dresser here and right away. I can see one of the girls hair ties here and don't think there are any more up here up here. These are theirs he's clips. Ok, so that's what i'll be doing just going through and just checking around and all the doors. I need something small, but that's ok, i'll pick it up and in here so i don't think they have too many years just that are theirs. We do have these butter pie crust and i'll probably give that to them. So we'll go through that. Ok then, sometimes we like to keep it up here, where glass shelving for the TV or tonic stuff is, I don't see any up here, and sometimes we have them on the computer desk? Ok guys! So I'm just down at our basement at my desk or our desk and off this type of area, as you guys can see here a little very embarrassing, and this is out in the open. So when people come to visit us, they do see this and it's so embarrassing. You know I just kind of have to ignore it, and and just say you know what it's okay, okay, guys! Shall i see a headband up here. I don't see any more okay and stepping on things here and in her toy thing I see her there headband have all fallen in there and keeping them up there, but then I originally rearranged that, and now I have no space for this. So I do have a plan guys. I do have a plan. Oh look, there's one hiding right here, hmm and there's another here and there's another kind of one play one. I don't know. I don't like this really stays very well in their hair, but um and hope there's some more hair, but I think these are my yep. These are my older daughter, so we're going to have to take a look at stoves. This is my younger daughter, and I know there's a jewelry thing here, I'm pretty sure, there's probably some in there there's some over there, but I think that's my older daughters. So I'm going to go through this. What'S up everything and just see if there's any more hair type? Okay, guys, let's get started, and i'm just going to mention to you guys that I'm sorry for the shaking shakiness of this video I broke my tripod, my tripod broke and I am saving for a new one, so hopefully soon I'll be able to get that. But for now it's going to have to be handheld because I have no other means okay, so why do i do just pick out all the jewelry items? Okay and just to kind of sort this out. So then I can go through them. Okay, guess what guys? I forgot that I had a whole bag here with brand new accessories. I'M just going to stand up here and show you guys there we go. There is all of their hair accessories, except for the ones in their bag swimming back. So in the girls swimming bags. I just realized that they have some hair accessories in there, so I'm going to just take them out. It'S not there. Many, but there are some hair ties on some clips, but you guys can see. Look at this. You think they have enough hair accessories now. This is kind of mixed here with both of my daughters and this. These are new stuff at the back here, so just show you there like in their packaging so and some of the old suffer in their packaging that you can tell it's all like ripped up and stuff. So you can tell it's older, but this stuff i like to keep good stuff when they're going out, so I'm kind of like that, like they have their everyday wear for their clothing and their hair accessories, shoes, everything but then to go out. They have a good set or good pair or in this case a whole bunch of good clips and ties that are, you know just used for going out here. I have a new package of comb, so probably be removing this and putting it with my things, but then they have some old combs here now look at this guy's. I don't know why i was keeping this. Why was it keeping these because stretched up? It is and look how many i have like i have tons of these baubles. Like really did i really need to keep these stretched ones come on? Okay? Why is it keeping this like? It doesn't even close. Look. Doesn'T close these don't even stay in their hair. It'S not even like questioning it's staying in for a little bit. It just does not stay in the hair schooling. Why was I keeping things like these guys? Like look? It'S broken. Why was it keeping it like? You can't see from there like look at this one like half of it, is missing on the top. Why in the world, would I keep this? I don't know, I don't know, stretched up. Elastics, look look. Why would I give my child this swear? I don't, and so why would I keep it? I don't know so these all going. Ok, even this one. I have peace broken. So now these ones here they are missing their rhinestone in the middle, but they still functional. They still work, and I do still have some of the rhinestones plus I have rhinestones downstairs, so I am giving myself by the end of today I'm being harsh with myself here, but I need to do this. I am giving myself the NSA to glue these rhinestones back on to the middle like so, and if they are not done by the end of the day, I am going to throw that particular clip away. So, that's that ok, these ones, as you see, had some sort of someone's of organization, but it didn't really carry through to the other stuff but anyways. I find it easier and I guess you could call this a tip if you put your hair ties on a carabiner, maybe you guys have seen that already. I think it's all over pinterest and and youtube, but it really does work. It really does help me to find which one's I'm use. I need it for and to just quickly scroll through move it around and grab the one. You know open it open it here and grab the one that I want. So I use these for like regular hair types and then the fuzzy ones. I have a separate one for the fuzzy ones - okay and see let this look. It'S missing the thing you have flour or something some decoration and it's gone like. Why am i keeping that? Because i thought i would glue it and it never happened, and one of this I have so many clips for my my younger daughter and even while my older one doesn't wear what these kinds of clips anymore she's, probably really like these ones, which it was hers Before but like these ones like, she wouldn't wear them, and you know what I think what happened was. I bought these for my younger daughter because they worked so well for my older one, like their hair, is really slow, silky, so things slip out really easily. So I need to get the grippy kind, and these are the grip goodie brand. But what I like about them is they have this kind of a rubbery kind of thing in here now it's fine, it does not. You know pull their hair out or anything like that. It has a rubbery grip and when you close it, you see that it's a very tight fit so there the hair doesn't slide out very easily and that's what I like about it so well. I think when i bought these - and i showed them to her - she didn't like them. You know why cuz look they're all bugs this one's a bee which we're all terrified of well. The girls are anyways butterflies, which were not terrified of so she might wear these. I don't know but she's, okay with butterflies, but all she wants them on her head and ladybug. She absolutely does not like ladybugs at all so yeah these ones. I don't know why I was keeping them like, especially like this one like cuz. They look good, but they don't stay in their hair very well, so I don't use them and why am i keeping them honestly? So I want to get rid of some of these things and i'll be back to show you guys. These are like party favors. They don't really stay very well in their hair, it's just more for decoration, but they really like them. So i might keep them, but i'm not sure. Okay, so I have them all organized here. It doesn't look like it. I guess it could say sorted in an organized type of fashion, so the headbands are in here, so I think I'll just keep them in there for now and there are their hair brushes. So now i usually use this container here, so i usually use this container. So what I'm going to do is just put their things. My youngest daughter stay back into here. Okay, the things i want to use on a daily basis. I have to ask her about this one, so we're going to just put that aside, actually put it on her bed, so that way, she'll see it, and then we can talk about it all these clips. I need to get a baggie for them and put them in we're going to get rid of these we're going to test them out, maybe one more time, but I'm pretty sure they don't work in there in her hair. So we're going to get rid of those. These are the two that I need to glue on, so I'm going to work on that tonight. Okay - and I just kept things - i'm not sure if i will keep them in future as i'm organizing i'm going to think about this a little bit, but i do like the way they look and it does give their hair. You know some decoration, so i might keep that i'm going to keep all these butterfly clips for them, and this is just a pouch with some hair pins and some black hair ties for my youngest because for ballet she needs her hair in a bun. So that helps us do that and she's actually going to ballet tonight, so I'm gon na put that in there okay, this is just um, some new stuff, so some hair pins, a hair net which she will mean at the end of the year for her ballet Recital some more hair pins back there headbands like the elastic lines and ribbon at the back, so occasionally I a lot occasionally I like to put their hair ribbons when we're going out or put a ribbon in their hair. These are just scrunchies what fancy scrunchies. So I like to put these: you know when she's doing something in ballet or she has a bun in her hair or something and then there's a little Minnie Mouse hair tie in there hey. This is now going to be all the fancy clips going out clip so hello, kitty, bows, Minnie, Mouse, there's all kinds of things in there still but they're all clips and the sliding kind of Clips, like you know the ones really slide into their hair like like This, like thousands, that have the alligator grips. I guess you call them alligator clips, I don't know anyways. I put all of her fuzzy hair ties on this carabiner, so we do use that sometimes on a daily basis - and I put all her hair ties on this carabiner. These are just a thinner hair ties that I use if I'm braiding her hair. I put it at the bottom, sometimes these fatter ones i put on the top and the baubles i put on here as well. So let's just show you how I get that I just string them through. So you can see here. The baubles have like an elastic there and I just took one side of the elastic and strung it through, so that it's on there and that way she has them there and we can see all of it so put that there now for the extra baubles over Here I am just going to get rid of them. I might be one package each for them and try it out and my older daughters here, but I don't think it's going to work in her hair. Her hair is very thick and it's very silky still not sure, it'll stay in there, so we can try it and, and then a package of the black marble kind of one still opposed to that, but the rest of them I'm going to be getting rid of. Okay and then these clips are her everyday clip, ok and now guys I just have to mention. I am not going to keep this sort of clock organization per se. Maybe this was a brush and the pic home. I might find a spot in her drawers and put it in there, but in a little smaller container, but for the most part, these clips and these hair ties hairpins everything. I am going to find a better solution for this. So I have ideas on what I need to do. Excuse me guys I'm still getting over a cold. So sorry about that and then just these elastic more elastics and there, as you can see, they're brand new, the elastics here. These are all new, but I had used some for the package, so they were open. I just put them in this baggie. He said like the mini elastic, so I have to check if this fits in my youngest daughter's hair. If it does i'll be keeping its not I'll, just take these out and they're also going to go in this pile, so here's another set of clip these are just like some mini sparkly ones. So I'm going to put that in there and showed you this already. So these clips, I need to just grab a baggie and put them in and again I do have a better organization system that I plan for them, but we'll see how it works out, and i will show you guys that video - and these are all the things That i am going to get rid of so you can see here it's a good chunk of stuff that I'm going to throw out so okay guys and then my older daughter. I need to get a box for her, but she's got some clips here and sparkly ones and then some printed ones and then for her. She didn't have as many hair ties, so I i did have more, but they got stretch and a lot of them. I threw out in that pile there, so she's got like the fatter ones for the top of her hair and then for the bottom of her braid, just the thinner ones so i'll have that all on one it all fit in one carabiner hairbrush, and then she Has her own set of hair, pin and sew and here tied to tie her hair to make a bunch as well? Ok guys! So that's it! That is me going through their hair accessories. So next I'm going to go through my hair accessories and then I'll be done this category. Okay, guys. I just want to show you quickly, but i found another one of these boxes. These are kind of gift boxes from the dollar store that I had like. People gave me gifts in them, or the kids give some them, and I just kept up, and i just want to show you guys - i am going to keep it in her door since she has so much room in there. That way, i can get it off. The table and i'm going to do the same for my younger daughter. So that's it guys if you guys like this video and you want to see more kamari videos hit that subscribe button down below it's that red word that says subscribe. It doesn't cost a thing to do so and hit the bell, while you're at it beside it, and hit OK to get notifications that way, you'll get an email every time I post a video or you'll get a pop up on your phone. So I hope to see you guys in the next video thank you guys so much for watching and take care until next time.

Journey to Home Sweet Home: Going through hair accessories was so satisfying. They were all over the place. I now know where all of them are! Hope you find some motivation in this video. PURGE PURGE PURGE! You'll feel so much lighter mentally!

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