Cute Dollar Tree Hair Accessories

Dollar Tree has really stepped up on the hair accessories. Cute hair clips, bows and scrunchies. They are perfect for gifts or stocking stuffers. Thank you so much for watching and subscribing.

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Hello, thank you so much for coming back to watch this week's dollar tree gold. So today, for you, it's still a beauty item, it's kind of different, but i wanted to show you the cute hair accessories that they do have at dollar tree. So if you'd like to see everything - and let me show you like how good they are and everything then please keep on watching um just so you know i do upload a daily video all about budget beauty, so make sure you subscribe and hit that notification bell. I also do a live stream for right now. It'S gon na be the first of the month, just super busy with work and filming for two channels and my business and everything so please bear with me, but make sure you keep an eye out on my community page. So that way you can see when it's gon na be happening, but anyway yeah. Okay. So if you've been watching my videos lately, then you've probably seen this super cute little sequin hair clip and i got it at dollar tree and my dollar tree has been getting some super super cute hair accessories in like pretty trendy, and you know the holidays are Coming up just in case, you didn't know, and i think for a lot of people, especially right now with everything that's been going on, i feel like a lot of people they're going to have a hard time, this holiday financially, and it can be rough. It can be very discouraging with having kids or people that you want to give gifts to. So i kind of wanted to show you how cute this, how you can do like super, affordable, cute gifts, that's kind of what this whole entire month of december is is like good, affordable gifts nothing's over 20.. A lot of it's just really super cheap. So, anyway, for today, i wanted to show you the cute scrunchies hair clips everything like that. So at dollar tree they do have these cute little scrunchies, so um i already have the pack that i opened and i've been wearing these ones that are open for probably about two weeks and really really good quality. I have to say they're not huge and like fluffy and like gigantic, but i think for a dollar you get two of them. Let me go ahead and turn around in my seat, but i mean it's a good size. I really do like scrunchies because they are less damaging on my hair, for one and plus, i think they're cute okay. So if you have a teenager or a little girl that has like obviously a smaller head and like less hair, then these scrunchies are going to look bigger and fuller on them, if you're an adult, if you're, maybe looking for stocking, stuffers or gifts. For you know, adults, teenagers or whatever. I still think they are super cute for a dollar for getting two. So i finally get to open up this pack, but i do like that. It comes with like a shiny kind of foiled scrunchie and then it just comes with kind of a plain silk cyan one. But this one comes with like the brown and the navy blue and these ones are made, especially for dollar trees like their dollar tree brand um. But once again, just super cute looks high quality for a dollar. They don't look. Super cheap. I'Ve been wanting to buy scrunchies off of amazon and i've been reading, reviews and stuff and they've looked they'll look good in the picture, but then the reviews are horrible. Like okay, i don't need 60 scrunchies, but i do want a few, because i want to be hip and trendy at 35, whatever, but yeah. So for a dollar. You get two really nice scrunchies, you know so yeah and they had a whole bunch of different. You know color varieties, so they'd like pink and purple. I'D went with more neutral shades because i'm 35 and try to be trendy, but really really cute, really really nice for a buck. Okay. So next, let's talk about the big hair clip. Yes, i bought another one because i thought they were adorable, so it is a jumbo hair clip okay and then it does have um. It does have just these really cute little plastic sequins like from far away sorry, if i'm blinding you from far away, i think they look really really nice. I think they look expensive. You only do you get one, but i don't know they're they're, blingy and they're like fancy and stuff. So i don't think a dollar for one big hair clip. I don't think that's bad, but here is the one i've been wearing for a while. You can tell the difference on the back kind of a little bit tarnished, but the fronts look the same, so i mean even for two bucks. You could get your little girl, two of them or your friend or your aunt or whatever, and you can do like the two one on each side, which would be super cute or you could do like something like that. Remember i'm. You know, i'm not i'm trying. Okay, but yeah, i think, for a dollar each, i don't think they're bad. They are really good quality they're sturdy. They really do hold my hair in place. Really really nice so definitely recommend. Checking for these because they're beautiful, i think, they're gorgeous and they they look expensive. I mean i've seen similar things on websites and they're like eight to ten dollars, even sephora. They have like scrunchies and like big hairpins and they're like fifteen dollars for one. It'S ridiculous, like i'm sorry, i'm not gon na spend that much money, but i can get a super cute one at dollar tree for a buck, so, okay and then lastly um there is two packs of these cute fabric covered snap clips, they're kind of like the Shiny foiled scrunchies that kind of same material, and you do get two i have i have two more, but i can't find them they're in my bathroom somewhere but yeah. So once again they have neutral colors. They have bright colors all that kind of stuff. But i went with neutral, so this is what the back looks like. So it's just kind of fabric i'll do the gray one, since it kind of matches my outfit a little bit better. These ones they're not like big and giant. So i might sometimes need to use a bobby pin, but still super super cute super comfortable and they just i don't know, i'm totally into like the little hairpin or barrette trend, i'm totally into it. But yeah check out your local dollar tree for those hip and fancy trendy hair accessories. They'Ve got some really really cute stuff and once again for stocking stuffers or even a gift like can you imagine like a two pack of scrunchies, a hair clip and then like a new hair brush or something from dollar tree? That would make a great gift. You know you know if you wanted to throw in some shampoo and conditioner from dollar tree, because they do have vo5. I love v05 and i mean that's a really nice, affordable gift. It shows someone that you're thinking about them, but you're, not you're, not spending a ton of money and that's that's what matters is that you're thinking about someone? Don'T let anyone ever make you feel guilty for like? Oh, i wanted this 40 gift well too bad like i did what i could and i thought about you and that's what matters so really really recommend checking out your local dollar tree for the cute hair accessories, there's. Definitely a dollar tree gold. Like i said, i've been wearing the big shiny clip. I'Ve been wearing this, like a ton, love this one, i'm so glad i have a second one, but really really nice, cute hair accessories, great hair brushes. I just want to wanted to kind of share them with you and show you can get super cute hair stuff at dollar tree without breaking the bank and anyway, but yeah anyway. I hope you enjoyed this week's dollar tree gold. If you did, please go ahead and give the video a thumbs up and share it. Let me know down below in the comments um. Have you picked up any cute hair accessories at your local dollar store? I would love to know down below and just so you know, i do have um, let's see here yeah i have a. I have a mccurry little store where i sell discount makeup beauty, skincare hair care, all sorts of stuff. I also have another youtube channel where i upload seven days a week, all about budget food, and i also have a little facebook group, where we kind of hang out and chat and like share good deals and stuff like that. So i'll have all those linked down below if you'd like to check them out and of course, you're always welcome to follow me on my other social media, twitter, facebook, instagram, it's all a bunch of glam babe, don't go anywhere quite yet. Another video should start autoplaying. Here very shortly, i can always click on one of the ones i'll be popping up around the screen, but yeah i'll see you here in just a second. You

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Shannon Courto: You can strive to be trendy at any age. Obviously I have no use for hair accessories but most of those are super cute! Nice review!

Cathy Pressey: I did all Christmas shopping at the dollar tree. I made baskets from the dollar tree. The gifts were well received. Also some dollar trees have gift certificates so that people can go in and buy whatever they want.

Vanessa Burrows: Really good hair accessories for a dollar xx

Debra Jackson: Cute hair accessories...I need to get me a couple barrettes..have a great day!!

Beauty & Beyond: Hi Hun, I love hair bling..I only ever wear earrings, I'm not a jewellery Person, so bling in my hair is great....Take care xxxxx‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️ .

NeighborGirl: Very cute! I get most of mine from shopmissa.

NeighborGirl: Just saw you hit 5k! Congratulations!

Shaun Kerr: great video

Ariel Jade: First! Cute!

Love OneAnother: Heeeyyyy kim!!!!! It's me Jessica!

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