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Hi guys so today, I'm doing a hair tutorial and i'm using the bellamy six and one complete curler set. This is really awesome. If you have like 50 different wands like I do um it takes up so much less space and it comes with six different ones. I do have the new movie version of this one. It'S the Pearl one, but I love this. One super convenient, I'm telling you it saves so much space, but i'm using this and also using the Bellamy hair extensions. I did order the wrong shade the wrong color. So I did have to dye mine to match my hair, which i will talk about what i used in the video. But Bellamy has also been kind enough to do a giveaway and they're giving away one of each of these. So one of the curler sets and then also one set of the extensions. So all you have to do to enter to win into that is to subscribe to my channel, be a subscriber subscribe to their channel and then just leave a comment down below on this video, which one you'd like to win. Also, you can have a second chance to win by following me on instagram, following Bellamy on Instagram and then I'm just going to be posting a picture just to make it easy and I'll post a picture of me wearing the extensions and showing the curler set. And then you can just leave a comment below on that picture, so this is a look and if you'd like to see how I achieve this, then let's go ahead and get started. I'M going to be using the Bellamy, hair extensions, and these are the Bellamy bambina 160 grams 20 inches in the color number four, so I did have to color these to match my hair. This is what the original color was. It'S kind of like a light brown, but I had to die them darker so that they would match so I just dyed them the same color that I used for my hair, and this is how they turned out. So it's a perfect match. They look so great. I was kind of concerned about coloring them, I wasn't sure, but it turned out really good. So what I used to do, that is the in Wella color charm, light natural brown, 5 n, 5 / 0, and then I used a 10 volume developer. Just because I'm i was only depositing color, so I didn't want to lift anything. So I just used a 10 and I only leave left it on for about 15 minutes and the color just came out perfect they're, not too dark, which I was kind of concerned with, because my hair came out really dark. So I didn't leave it on for very long just when the color started changing that's when I rinsed them out, but these are so soft, oh, and I also condition them with the L'Oreal preferences - is amazing for conditioning your hair extensions. It leaves them really just soft and silky, but it just comes with the hair dye like a regular likes or box hair dye. I just save those for my extensions because it works so great makes them so soft. So this is what they look like and they are so soft when I first got these in the mail like. I literally could not stop like running my fingers through them, they're, so soft they're, so full and so thick and they're just really pretty so I'm just going to start by applying some of these, and I'm just going to use this section right here with four Clips. This the quality of these are just so much better than other hair extensions, like even the the material that they use for the clips is like decorative and pretty I really really like them, and another thing I like about these is that the clips are smaller, which I like, because I have thinner hair. Sometimes the the bigger clips can kind of fall out or slide out of my hair, so I'm just taking that over playing another left, and I guess I'm going to do one more. This is my hair is a lot thinner on the side, i'm just using a 3 clip extension and then apply this. Actually i'm using pretty much all of them, except for the one-inch sections that i showed you that weren't colored and this one just has two clips. I'M just going to apply this on this side, as you can see, they match perfectly, and one tip that I wanted to show you guys is if you have shorter hair and you have these smaller pieces sticking down, there's something that you can do to eliminate those And all you need to do is just lift up the biggest part of your hair, like the biggest section, and I'm just going to show you really quickly after me. Clip this in. You just want to pin that bottom section of your hair up and just use bobby pins, and you can just cross them like that. So now, as you can see, you don't have those shorter pieces kind of peeking through there, I'm just using the 1 inch rod and i have it on heat setting number one and i'm just going to go ahead and start curling from the bottom. I just take about a one inch section, wrap it around the wand and then hold it for a few seconds and let it fall into my hand and let it cool off for a couple seconds and then let it go. So i'm going to do that. All the way around and i will be right back - I've got the majority of my hair curled and now i'm just taking small sections throughout my hair and just adding curls, and i have to say that i am super impressed with these extensions. They feel so much like my own hair they're, really like lightweight and bouncy, and they just feel so soft and another thing that I've noticed about these is that they curl the same as my natural hair, which it just it there's no way that you can tell Where my real hair is and where the extensions are they're, just amazing - I am super impressed, so this is, it don't forget to enter the giveaway. Like I said, all you have to do is be subscribed to my channel Bellamy's channel and then leave a comment on this video. What you would like to win either the extensions or the six and one complete curler set also for a second chance to win. Just go to my Instagram, follow me on there and then also follow Bellamy, and I'm just going to be posting a picture with my hair extensions. In so just leave a comment on that picture. You know that you want to win either the curler set or the extensions and you'll be entered in that way too. So, thank you guys so much for watching good luck to you and I will see you soon. Bye,

Jessica Wares: The 6 in 1 set looks super sweet; would have lots of fun with this for sure :)

Braden Bell: Wow! Amazing giveaway! I think if I had to choose I would rather win the 6 in 1 but I would gladly take their extensions as well! I love the tip you have about the shorter hair! Thank you!

Bella Luna: Gorgeous as always!!! That coral color looks so pretty on you too! I'd love to win the iron set!

Lexi Pollock: Thank you sooo much for doing such an amazing giveaway, both items are absolutely incredible, and would be so amazing to WIN! In fact, I have been bragging about these extensions telling everyone about them, and I don't even own any, you have all sold me, completely thru social media! Such a great tutorial! If I could choose to win one of these items, I would LOVE a set of the extensions, however... I would love the styling tool as well! Being chosen to win would just be an honor all around :)

Virginia Mathews: Love to see a tutorial for your makeup look! I'd love to have the 6-1 iron set

Stefanie: Actually I changed my mind!!! I would love the extensions!! Absolutely beautiful!!!

Michelle St-Pierre: Boxed set of 6 wands would be a wonderful gift! I am 48 and still get excited about hair tools! I have a pink barrel con air one from the 80's!!! Time to upgrade! :0)

Jackie Long: Would love to try the extensions!!! Love your makeup in this video ... you should do a tutorial!!! Thanks for this opportunity!!!

Katie Colley: Would love the heating tool! Looks like I could get a lot of different looks from the 6 in 1 tool!

Vanessa Rivera: Thanks for the giveaway! I am obsessed with getting a set of Bellamis and this curling wand! :) you make it seem so easy! Xxxo Vanessa C

Vendula856: Love the extensions. They got so many amazing reviews!

Lourdes Collazo: I love this look! I want the curler set!

Gabby Infante: Seriously crossing my fingers to win Bellami hair extensions ❤️ I will be spending the rest of my morning watching all your videos! You're an amazing teacher xo

Megan Huff: I really have been wanting different curlers and that set has everything i would want, btw i love you and your channel!!! You're so pretty

Angélique Derigny: After giving birth to my baby boy, I have lost half of my hair... Winning the soft and thick Bellami extensions would be wonderful!! Thank you for your inspiring work :-)

Jennifer Haftl: Hey T !! What a fab tutorial and giveaway, wow. Id lovvvvve to win the hot Tool Set , and order the extensions. Youre so right about the Loreal conditioner that comes in their color kit. They should make bottles of it! Thanks again, Jen...... Ps:. My phone doesnt that a problem?

Danika Xenia Claire Guida: It would be incredible to win this comp,I think your videos are always so motivational and inspiring! I always look forward to what you're doing next The Bellami extensions look gorgeous on you! I have very thin hair and would LOVE the chance to try them out! Cheers hun Dani x

Kayla Kelley: Love your videos and I'd love to win that wand set, I've heard great things about the extensions too <3

Stacey Santos: The color you died them is so pretty! I'm glad you love them. I have been enjoying mine too.

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Dana Stargazer Truitt: I had a very bad color mishap last week and my long chocolate hair is now short chocolate hair...wahhhh!! I have never used extensions because I have always had long hair. Now that I am so sadly missing my locks I am really interested in trying extensions!! Luv your vids girlfriend, I would love to see a nail polish or nail art themed vid, that would be fan-tab-u-lus!! Hugs and keep up the awesome work! I follow you on Youtube:Dana Feldman and Instagram: danastargazertruitt I also follow Bellami on both Youtube and Instagram!

Miss Amanda: The curler would be amazing! I just bought 22" bellami extensions and would love to complete off my collection and curl them !

SoSaysSara: Absolutely love your videos! Thank you for doing a giveaway, I would love to win the extensions

Jamison Sapp: I would love the 6 in 1 wand! That would be way more convenient then my current situation (8 or so tools in a drawer)

Amy Jewell: Love the video. Been dying to try hair extensions so winning the Bellami hair extensions would be perfect!

TheMrsReevesEdit: The extensions are beautiful! We have a similar hair color, I'd just adore those extensions. Great Video:)

nan anderson: I would be grateful for either the curler set or the Bellami extensions. Love your videos! #fellowwashingtonian

Tricia: Wow, your hair looks amazing! I would love the hair extensions!

Leslie Mettler: I love your tutorial's! I have always wanted to try hair extensions but I'm always afraid of getting the wrong color. I would love to win!

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Monica Ferri: I would love to win the extensions! Thanks for the great demo!

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Stefanie: How exciting!!! I would be excited to win either one of these babies!! I have been wanting to try both!! Thank you for the chance of winning!!!

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Brittany Harrington 🌻: I've been wanting extensions for such a long time, without wanting to splurge on the cost! I'd love to win :)

Lauren Presley: I have wanted to try extensions for so long! Thank you so much for this chance to win!!!

Fawn Rosenbohm: yeah! I've been wanting to try bellami I am so glad you are doing a give a way. I would love to have them. Since having 2 kids and hypothryoidism my hair is falling out! Thanks for doing the give a way:)

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