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Having long healthy hair look is all our dream and Darcey just makes it true! Thank you our beauty Darcey for her stunning review!

Our Seamless 22' Brown Highlight Clip in Hair Extensions are intended to help girl have longer and thicker hairstyle more easier, 60s Instaling and easy to remove to make adorable hair look is our dreamy hair extensions' characteristic, and I do believe this hair extensions make it.

LilyHair® always encourage girls to be brave to try out something new and show your charm hairstyle to world! Our human hair extensions helps women to make stunning hair look, elegant and adorable, is all we pursue.



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Lily Hair

If you're new here, thank you so much for clicking on this video, so I'm gon na go straight into the video. This is a really exciting video and I feel super super lucky and grateful that I can actually fill this video. A brand called lily, hey reach out to me a couple of weeks back. I think it's like a month ago and they asked me if I wanted to review some of the extensions. I will be completely honest. They are gifted, but I will also be very very honest with you, because honesty is the best policy they specialize in human hair extensions. They also have some synthetic extensions and they have a lot of like hay Stoppers. So if you have quite thin hair - and you don't want to wear like a full head of extensions - you can buy like these hair toppers that just sit on the top of your head and just had a lot of fullness and thickness. And these extensions I'll gather exact price up, because I don't want to get it wrong. They have a loss of colors as well. They have like highlighted colors just normal. Like one base colors, I had like a highlighter color, this 264 dollars, I'm not a hundred percent sure of why that is in like a UK money but you're gon na get like good quality here. For that, although I haven't opened them yet so, and I got the color 2/6, so it's kind of like a dark brown with bits of light running through it because you might not be able to tell, but they do have we've had blond, highlights quite a bit Of like caramely blondie colors running through it - and I just wanted it to be like the most natural color so yeah, they have like a lot of highlighted colors. They also have like a lot of different types of extensions like deluxe connection or the super deluxe collection. I had the super deluxe collection in 22 inches. They have halo extensions, pre, bonded and micro, bring extensions and uh no ringing extension. Now, let's go on, they have like a ponytail wigs. They also have a lot of really cool, wigs and I'd love to try as well, so they have so much products. So you can definitely tell that they know what they're talking about. So, let's get on it to the actual product. So they came in a really nice box, but I will say the box came a bit broken. I think this was from the delivery, because I wasn't actually here when it got delivered, because I was in uni and the weather was terrible, because I had quite a few other parcels as well, and just this was left out signed in the rain for a while. Obviously it had other stuff honor as well, but yeah. Really. Sadly, the box is broken, but they do say. Look. You can reuse this box because it's such a nice box and they have like the name they. I really like that. It comes in a really nice box as well, because a lot of hair extensions just come and like a plastic, they give you a brush which is nice at all. They come like this, so they're in a bag and within that bags, they're in a nested bag and yet the Dulux clip in hair extensions, 20 inch or 20 or 22, and did I say that maschera 100 % virgin human here we go 117 grams yeah. This open, I haven't, opened them. I suppose I want you to keep it for the baby. Okay, so, first of all, they feel like I'm, I'm literally gon na be honest because I'm not going pain to say anything. They feel really nice and soft. I actually the hey the Katherine I can just tell matches is saw perfectly like it has loads of it says, like caramely blonds ran into it and actually really loved the wave as well. I'M gon na silent for you anyway. So let's get them out, so they come pre cleft, which is great because I know some extensions come in you to clip them. Add the clips yourself. Okay, so there's normal thin, which is great. They feel so soft and gorgeous I'm the color. Oh, my goodness, is perfect right, so we have two one clips. I don't even know if I'm going to kill these because they've come so lovely, so we have a to connect with another one clip as well. We have a full clip. Oh another one clip to go with that other ones and we have another to color another to clip okay. So it's quite a lot of two pieces which is nice because you can kind of add as much as you want it's a three piece, another three piece. So we have a lot of hay, which is always amazing, um, I'm gon na go ahead and add these in and I'm super excited. Okay. So let's give these a goal. I'M just gon na section, my hair, I'm just gon na go from the top of my ear. I say yay, okay, I'm very well, and that is how I say: yay not yeah. I say yeah okay, so, as you can see it's bath day, that's how much hey I have the clips feel nice and sturdy be in mind. My hair is not clearly underneath so we're gon na blend. All that in this line they actually look so natural. There'S out a little bit lower cool next section I'll go: do the base of the head. We have a lot of hay so just going to gallic the main bits in first, so we can put all the other bits elsewhere. So this is the base I'm going to do the full piece. This is such a nice. I already love them. It'S so soft in the day and also like, if I'm putting them in the wrong place. Like don't judge me, I've normally spend a lot more time. Doing this, but for the purpose of the video I'm just putting them in in a really simple way for you to follow. Okay! So now I'm just gon na just above my eyebrows, the three pieces at the base of the head, then we'll do like two pieces here. Then I'm gon na put a tail piece here. Actually I'm gon na put a one-piece here. Look how seamlessly that blends in there? Okay, so as you can see, the color match is pretty amazing at the moment. So if you have brown ear with like a lot of make different colors running through it, this is a really nice color. So I'm gon na take a two piece and put it here and then I think I'll do with the same other side and I'm probably good to go. I mean wow, so here we have left is to two pieces and to one pieces which for my little head, I do not need personally, I think like these would be really nice like just for a ponytail, and it's always good to have a backup here. So for the price you get a lot of hair and a lot of really good quality hair, so I'm just gon na brush through it just to see how it feels nothing is purling on my scalp, this brush is so soft and I personally don't think you Would be able to tell I have extensions in for the roots, I would like back home them a bit just so you can't see any clips, but they are so seamless. I don't think you'd really be able to like spot them out. You know in a crowd right so now we're gon na style them. It also has so much thickness so that to my hair, like my hair, if I straightened them, they'd be even longer. Obviously they to come down here, but my hair is it's it well, my hair's today and the extensions killed just a little bit longer, but they just let's get on to signing them section. We hear little bear just grabbing bits of my hair and the -- have extension. I'M just going to do this all over and doing quite big sections, because I really like a wave more than a big hill and to be fair, they did come quite Katy anyway. So it's just a case of blending them in with my actual hey. Obviously you can do smaller sections. Small Appeals, it's completely up to you, but I always prefer like a wave more than clear you can see they are very lovely and bouncy and I just gon na brush them out, because I like, as I said, more of a wave, it's completely up to you Of course, okay guys, so that is it and I am leaving 100 % honors. When I say these extensions are actually such insane quality and the fact that you care so much here it look how much I have left. I am completely obsessed with them. I'Ll just give you a little closer, as you can see my hair blends gorgeously with them. I am actually obsessed with them, as you can see that my hair has like blondie bit and then throughout these extensions. They are like blondie caramel colors and they are honestly gorgeous and I will say as well: I've looked on their website, obviously because I want to give the most honest reveal possible, and if you do want to get some of these, then I want to give you Like an insight to how you can your money off and on their website, they do have quite a lot of authors. Like your first shop, you go like quite a bit of money off, so I can hundred percent say this brand is very trustworthy and I have never heard of it before it's quite an up-and-coming brand. I believe I honestly can rave about them enough. I'M definitely leaving them in for the rest of the evening and thank you so much really here for sending me these. I really hope you get the recognition you deserve because they are absolutely gorgeous and the amount of colors you have on your website is just insane and yeah. I would definitely recommend these to anyone and it's all glossy as well like, I feel like they're just gorgeous like imagine that and make a really nice ponytail and straight they'd be so nice. I love them. I love them so much. That was my northern accent day and yeah. Thank you so much for watching this video. Please give the video huge like if you didn't, enjoy it with only advocate honest feedback, and I feel so grateful that this company did reach out to me and honestly, you, if you are looking for extensions, then try these, because they are not gon na. Let you down and the quality is just insane, so thank you so much for watching the police. It'S a subscriber! If you want to see more and I'll, see you all in my next video

Genecah Shimrone Pike: Did you get the bodywave or straight? they look wavy to me. Are these the bodywave extensions from lily?

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