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Mhot Hair Extensions are all made with real remy human hair.

There’s no tangling or shedding, easy to install, and affordable.

Clip-ins are easy to install and allow versatility for a number of hairstyles.

Clip-in Hair Extensions

Hair length: 22 inch

Hair color: Honey Blonde Balayage

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. First of all, apologies i've got no makeup on and my hair is crazy. If i'm talking kind of quiet, i'm sorry, i've got a liners in invisalign now and also this shows how much of a mess i am in this video, i'm also not at home. I'M sharing a room in a house at the moment because i'm training, so i'm probably talking a bit quiet because i don't want other people to hear me. So this video is a basically heatless curls video. So i'm going to put extensions in and do heatless curls and i'm going to show you the results working with a company called mhot hair for this, which i'll show you in a second. So, thank you so much to them for collaborating with me before i get on the video. Don'T forget to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and leave me a comment. Don'T forget to follow me on instagram and tick tock. It is just jessica, jessica x, so i have collaborated with a company called m hot hair. I believe that's how you say it and it comes in this cute little box and you get basically this really cute scrunchie. It'S almost like a towel material. If you can see that it's going to show up sorry, i'm in quite a lot of light at the moment, so i know it's quite it's quite difficult to see. Obviously, i'm not in my usual surroundings, so i'm trying to find a spot in the room to film. This you've got your hair extensions here, which i'll show you in a minute and then they also send you a sample beforehand. So you don't have to actually open the hair extensions box, so you can send it back if it's not your color this by the looks of it, might be a bit dark for me. I'M not gon na lie, but we'll work with it and we'll see what it is and it will. I don't know if anyone wants to use this code to get ten dollars off here by using the code m hair phoenix order. So these are seamless hair extensions with a silicone base, which basically means the extensions, are more invisible and lightweight. It'S gon na be a lot more blended than say your average extension. Their bands are also thinner than most other extension bands, so that also again is going to help blend it and not make it is more noticeable. There is nothing worse than hair extensions that are so visible. I can't stand it when i can see people and i can see their hair extensions, i'm like no. No, no! No, we need to blend this. It'S basically got this little seam over. So once you open this, you can't then return them, or maybe the color is not that bad. Actually, let's see what it's like outside of the box. These are actually so soft, very lightweight as well. I'Ve had extensions in the past where they're quite heavy. These are very lightweight and, as you can see, this is what they're, meaning by the bands, basically being seamless and basically invisible. That looks like the root of the hair. It actually just looks like the hair, rather than usually they're, just dark bands that you have. It'S quite off color, but we'll see when i blend it if this will sort of blend more with my color, but i think i'm going to be a bit too light for this. These are the clipping hair extensions. They are 22 inches in length and this color particularly, is the honey blonde balayage. So i'm just going to start by separating my hair. Let'S see how many pieces there is first, two singles two doubles: two threes and two fours okay. So i know i've got another single here. I think i've got more, but there's a lot of it by the way guys just to disclaimer. I barely wear hair extensions. I don't really wear hair extensions because my hair is quite long and thick as it is. So i am not the best at hair extensions, i'm just going to put it out there, so people are probably going to be watching this being like what the hell is. She doing you can see the color a bit more properly. Now it's got like the natural roots in and then it's got the light hair, which is how my hair is styled, because my hair is this balayage at the moment. So it's good that the extensions are fairly large. Otherwise, it just would not go with my hair at all. I think my hair's, like 21 inches, so just a tiny bit smaller than the um than the hair extensions in length. It actually looks okay in this light. At the moment, my hair is sort of straight. It'S gone a little bit bumpy because i've had it in a ponytail, so it's not exactly the straightest right now, so it might look a little bit hard but we're gon na curl it anyway. So that's fine! I don't know if i'm gon na use all of these hair extensions to another couple of layers. Maybe i don't think i'm gon na use all of them just because my hair is quite naturally thick and i feel like it might be a bit too heavy. I'M gon na get the three ones and just put these on the side yeah. I really couldn't possibly do my makeup guys because obviously leave this in now, maybe even sleep on it. I'M not too sure i've got so much to do, but i took loads of content yesterday, so i don't really need to get we'll always need to get photos, but i just kind of want to have a makeup free day because i'm going through like cabin crew Again, i feel like it's like very much full makeup every day and stuff, and whenever i get a chance, i don't wear any makeup like i never wear makeup unless i absolutely have to so because i don't technically really suppose have to i mean i usually do For all my youtube videos - but i just don't want to today - guys i'm gon na see now what this is like with my hair just down, because i kind of feel like i've got a lot of hair now with this in, and i don't think i'm going To need all of the hair extensions, it actually blended a lot better than i thought. Don'T know why my hair looks so squishy. These are the hair extensions. My hair is not 100 straight at the moment. So that's why it kind of looks like this. I will say the color is not a color match, however, they are really nice extensions, they feel so lightweight. So i thought i would come into the bathroom to show you maybe a little bit more so yeah. As i said, they're, not really. My color. However, they're really nice, they feel really lightweight, they're, really soft, which i really like that they feel very natural. So you can cut the only thing when i wear hair extensions. Is you can kind of see like where my hair ends, because my hair is so thick? So i'm gon na put the um dressing gown and what your toy dressing gown with i'm gon na put it all in my hair, i'm gon na leave it maybe i'll leave it till this evening and then i'll film again and i'll show you guys some heatless Curls with these extensions, which will probably blend them a bit better as well once they're cold, i feel like extensions curls - can be a lot more blended than what straight hair is. I will show you the final result and we'll give these a review. Okay, guys i'm gon na be honest. The heatless curls thing didn't work for me. Probably me doing it completely wrong, but it's give it sort of like a beachy loose curl wave, which i actually really like weirdly. So i definitely feel like they look better once they're sort of curled out a little bit more, i feel like it would probably be good to go over it with like an actual heat curler, just to give it that boom. But although it didn't come out how i thought it was going to come out the heatless curls, the most important bit is the extensions actually look really nice in and my hair did used to be like this length. So it's kind of nice to sort of have that length again. Obviously i had a big chalk uh quite a while ago now and my hair's just growing back. It was just because it really needed a chat, so i am really happy with these extensions. I definitely think when they were in straight. I could see that they weren't blending as well with the color. However, when they're in and they're like got a bit curly, they definitely look a lot more glam long blended. I can barely feel them in my hair. I can literally barely feel them in my hair, which is crazy to me because i feel, like extensions, usually weigh really heavy on their head and give me headaches, and i hate that this is probably why i don't wear them, whereas to be these are really lightweight. So i would quite happily wear these day-to-day hair extensions again i do everything is apologize, different decor and it's probably not the best place for me to film because, obviously back home, i have my own film space and it's sort of my aesthetic. So i do apologize, but i am really impressed with these hair extensions. Go, give them a follow on instagram i'll link. All their details below i'll also link these hair extensions. You can go straight to them if you want them, and i apologize to this video because i feel like it's a bit like a bit of a flop. Although the hair essentials look great me doing, this curls was a bit of a flop, but that is me so don't forget to give this video a thumbs up. Leave a comment subscribe to my youtube channel and don't forget to follow me on instagram and tick tock. It'S just jessica x, bye, guys have a beautiful time.

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