This Is My Favorite Hair Hack Ever Omg #Hair #Ponytailhairstyle #Hairhack

And I know

Valerie Patterson: I love how long and soft your hair is

Leafy: Impressive. Now if only I could understand what was actually happening.

PastelloverUwU: Your hair is literally to die for pls literally can we appreciate how she shares how she makes her hair looks so beautiful thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

worthless starfruit : me with my thick poofy 3A hair, seeing legit no difference: *nods* yes yes, good idea audrey, i completely understand

Vibinsturdygirl: Your bangs are everything ❤

-𝓝𝒂𝒏𝒊🥷💸: Is this not the same?

The Thrifty Fawn: Oh WOW!!! Another must try to add to my wish list edit- tried to do it, but just couldn't get that elastic tuck loop thing

Kloida Elezi: Forever jelly for girls with straight hair -Someone with curly hair

adorbs: Your hair is so gorgeous!! May I ask what shampoo and conditioner you use?

A V: First you need hair like her

•Haz3l flower•: It looks literally the same just higher

S: im going to try this

sophxe♡: I can’t have a high ponytail because my hair looks messy and bunched up

stef: I've been doing the right way since like forever. And nobody taught me this. I'm self taught. But good to know that I've been doing it correctly

Shahzaib ahmed Butt: your hair are so beautiful and i follow your hacks they are so useful and my hair have become the healthiest

eda: audrey why dont u try straight eyebrows?? i think theyd look so good on you

Fabulous Adriana: So cute! Let's get this vid to 1000 likes! ❤

ash cybil: im so confused, what did she do?

AM: What is she doing in the second one that is different the first one…? It looks like she just made the second ponytail higher up on her head. I do that all the time but it makes no difference because my hair is too thick and heavy so over time the ponytail just falls down to the middle of my head anyway.

zoya💓: Pls can u do it a little slower so I understand ❤️

Kerri Ferrante: That’s basically a regular ponytail

Gulshan ara Roji: Make a video how to get hair like Selena Gomez?

Tallulah Brown: How is your hair so straight like it literally looks so perfect. ❤❤❤

Sai Prakash: Previously xxx was everyone favourite

NVI: What song is this?

Gypsy Gypsy: Yo no entiendo cómo lo pasa pa la mano izquierda!

🖤Lion Queen 💜: Slower please

Rns: Its the same de only thing diff is the height of the pony tail

Gesie Mary Hinge: It's too fast.

Zainab's Kitchen: Could you do a little slower couldnt understand what you just did

Maha Elsharkawy: It's almost the same

Armlink_msaa: with curly dry hair I don't think this works

2 out of 3 sisters: Can you do it slower please

unicorngal: I don't see a difference...

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