How To Install Balayage Clip In Extensions | 4 Hairstyles Full Tutorial Ft. Curls Queen | Tee Marie

Hey girl! In this video I will be showing you 4 easy hairstyles you can do with clip-in hair extensions!

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I am wearing a 18 inches clip in hair extensions in light yaki texture from CURLSQUEEN .

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Color:Balayage-ash brown/ash blond/honey blond

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hey y'all welcome back to my channel it's your girl T Marie and if you're new welcome and don't forget to like comment and subscribe so today's video is going to be all about the versatility and some of my favorite hairstyles using these Balayage clip-ins from curls Queen so stay tuned for the full tutorial let's get into the unboxing so curls Queen sent me a full set of clip-in hair extensions and I love how this is packaged it's so cute and pink is my favorite color like how cute is this brush y'all like I really needed this it also came with additional Clips just in case if you happen to lose one or need to replace it I really like this mesh bag I'm definitely using this for storage it came with a bonnet like hello like I love a good Bonnet I love the adjustability and that I can reverse it and the clip-ins let's get into it so this is a full set of clip-ins it comes with 10 total pieces this is the Balayage light Yaki and 18 inches I love how thick the hair is from root to tip and also look at the clips I love the fact that they are brown round and match the hair I love it absolutely love this hair now let's get into the tutorial so the first hairstyle that I'm going to do is a high ponytail now this ponytail is going to be super versatile it's going to be super flat and Sleek I'm going to start off by detangling and just combing down my hair and by the way I am really loving this brush like if only you guys knew so I'm going to take a piece of my hair and put in a ponytail this is where I want my ponytail to be so I'm going to tuck this hair away and then I'm going to start using my clip-ins and I am going to clip them in a circular motion right around that ponytail now for a nice full look you're going to want to do some clip-ins around the back part of the pony and then clip ins around the front part of the pony and then another key thing that you want to keep in mind is that you want to keep your leave out here to a minimum because you don't want to see that distinction between where your hair ends and where the clip-ins kind of go past it so now I'm taking some more of my natural hair and I'm covering up the clip-ins I'm going to do that around the entire perimeter so I'm making another Circle and then I'm going to repeat the same steps and add the clip-ins in a circular motion around this new ponytail foreign to create an additional layer this is going to be the final layer so I'm going to just take my natural hair again and cover up those clip-ins make a new ponytail and then we're going to add more clip-ins in a circular motion around this new ponytail thank you thank you so now I'm going to comb my leave out and for my ponytail go ahead and put my ponytail holder on it you can lay your edges down whatever you want to do but I think this makes such a cute Sleek High pony like you can't even tell with their clip-ins for one and it's just so versatile like so cute Soulful so luscious I absolutely love this hair like nobody's business okay thank you Now using the same ponytail we're going to do a high bun I'm going to do a two strand twist and then twist it around the ponytail to make a really cute bun so yes super Sleek seamless you can't see the clip-ins you can't even tell that they're clip-ins okay like how cute is this bun right now y'all I am so excited so our next hairstyle is going to be wearing them down with a side part if you've seen some of my other clip-in videos you should know by now how I install my clip-ins basically just parting out a section of my hair adding a clip in and repeating that process until I get to the front thank you if you're liking this video so far don't forget to give it a thumbs up and make sure to comment like And subscribe and also if you are really liking this hair as much as I am your girl has a discount code for you yes save your coins girl I'm gonna put the discount code on the screen and it's also going to be in the description box foreign thank you okay y'all so I am at the front part of my hair so I'm gonna start to kind of carve out how I want this middle part to look I definitely want to go for kind of like in my face so I'm gonna start laying these clip-ins um kind of in a slanted direction as I get closer and closer up to the front of my hair okay foreign so this piece that I'm parting out is going to cover all of my clip-ins in the back and then I'm going to do one last like diagonal part and I'm going to put a clip in right there this to kind of help it fall into my face the way that I want it to and then we are going to comb it out one thing that I love about this hair is just how really soft and manageable it is like this is top quality hair so this is how the hair looks with all of the clip-ins installed with the side part I am really loving this so now it's time to style it we're going to put this hair to the test and do some wand curls I'm using my one inch wand curl and we're gonna put some luscious like beach waves in this hair and let's see how it goes if you're new to my channel you might be wondering like what is this like ponytail section going on so girl let me tell you I like to curl the front part of my hair last it's just a preference just something that I like to do I don't know why but you know if you're a loyal subscriber and you already know sis thank you I love the way these curls came out this hair holds curls like no other okay like I love this I did not use any hair sprays or products and let me tell you like these curls are here to stay the next style we're going to do is a middle part so what I'm going to do is remove two of the clip-ins from the front of my hair and just kind of rearrange my parting space and then add the clip-ins back the way that I want it to fall thank you foreign so now that I have the clip-ins laid the way that I want I want to just refresh the curls right in the front of my hair by my face so I'm going to do that really quick and see how this middle part turns out so I think it turned out really good you guys I really like this hair and I absolutely love clip-ins there are so many hairstyles that you can do with them that makes them so versatile so let me know Down Below in the comments section which hairstyle was your favorite personally mine was the high pony and the side part don't forget to like comment and subscribe if you're liking this content and I will see you guys in my next video foreign

CurlsQueenofficial: Thank you babe!!!!! You did a good job.

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