Trying The Viral "Claw Clip" Updo W/ 10 Minute Sew-In + Invisiroot Closure Piece! | Mary

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✨Sooo, Kayla may just be my second favorite texture, next to Nicole! I love how this style turned out and I hope you enjoyed watching it! All product details and links are below:

✨Brought to you by Innovative Weaves. The inventors of the Patented Thin-Part Wig™. The Thin-Part Wig™ is an upgraded version of a u-part wig. Unlike the imitation v-part wig, there are no lumps, humps, or v imprints. It’s 100% undetectable. Scroll down to see links to my Thin-Part Wig™ & InvisiRoot™ Clip-ins videos!

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Watch my other InvisiRoot™️ Clip-ins & Thin-Part Wig™ videos here:

Nicole Burmese Kinky Curly - InvisiRoot™ Clip-ins

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Nicole Thin-Part Wig™ -

Nicole Thin-Part Wig™ -

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Candice (silky curly) & Nia Thin-Part Wig™ -

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This is really cute y'all. This is Super Fly Like This is really flat. I like it. I like it, I'm feeling it hey cousins, hey! It'S your girl, Mary Kay, coming to you with a sleigh today, Let the church say subscribe. Okay, my beautiful cousins. I'Ve got a heck of a slur for y'all today. Okay, some people think it's okay, but it's clearly not. What I have in my head is from Innovative weaves and wigs y'all already know: I love their products. I am always highly impressed you guys this is high in hair. This is not gon na be twenty dollars, so we're just gon na go ahead and throw that in there. Okay, if you looking for 20 hair, this probably is not gon na, be the video for you, but listen. Let me tell you something: we family just watch my video anyway, it's okay, their curl patterns, have different names, so this is Kayla they're 10 minute sew in which is One Piece and then up here at the top. I have their invisi root clip-ins. What used to be known as true real clippings? So listen Guys! These clip-ins are pronounced inviseroot like invisible, invisible, get it because they're so seamless, but my palette wants to say invisi root, so bad, I'm up here editing this video just upset with myself. You think I want this just happened. I just want to say invisi route, so bad, but it's invisible say it better to me. Okay and the church say, Amen, okay, bye, that's it and that's all the link that I have is 18 inches. Kayla is like a loose Kinky Curly. It'S virgin Burmese hair, very pretty! So if you like kinky curly hair, but you want something a little looser you may like Kayla, but when you guys go on their website. I want you to just familiarize yourself with their different textures. Okay, because there are several. You have now entered my inner thoughts. I am about to show you my Foundation before I jump into adding the 10 minute sew-in and the invisi root closure clip-ins, because I want you to know where I started so I'm just showing you this. You do not have to use this same Foundation. Okay. This is just what I decided to do, because I didn't have a Rhyme or Reason. This is just what I did. Okay, I don't always think through my thoughts. I know you think I do I don't sometimes even most of the time, but not all the time. I just said girl: do it put your back into it and I proceeded to do it like this? Okay, so so here is my Foundation, but y'all don't go anywhere because I'll be right back in the Church Say, Amen, okay, bye, foreign foreign foreign. Basically, it's exactly what it sounds like. However, I didn't use it as a sew-in. There are also Combs along the wig. I did this the quick way. Okay, this is the Ninja rigged way. Now you can choose the densities 150, which they classify as thin 180, which is this, which is their medium. That'S what I will go with. If this is medium right here y'all I wouldn't get 150. uh-uh. This is my personal opinion. Okay and then they have 250, which is full so they're, very specific on what the densities look like, which I appreciate they telling you. If you get that 150, it's thin boot, some people like thin hair, everybody doesn't have thick hair. Nor does everybody want thick hair. So just be transparent. Tell the truth! Shame the devil! If your 150 is thin, we'll say that then you're gon na have people who's gon na get that 150, because that's what they're comfortable with capsize, they have small medium. You have entered my inner thoughts once again. I just wanted to take a moment to Showcase how seamless these closure clippings. Are you guys if you look very closely, this is without leave out yeah, look at look at this. That is with no hair covering it so just wanted to. Let you know that's how they get down. Okay, this unit is the easiest and most comfortable sew-in unit, and you part wig on the market sew in within 10 minutes or clip in in seconds for no leave out Styles or thin leave out at our invisi root closure clip-ins. To achieve the exact same, look as our patent thin part wig. This option is more comfortable for those sensitive to wig clips and for those who have finer hair in their Crown area. Generally, when I wear hair from Innovative weaves and wigs, I do the no leave out method. Just because I like to Showcase that you don't need to leave out. I decided to switch it up and I used a very thin leave out. I'M okay with that. A it's a very thin leave out B. I didn't have to apply any heat, so it made sense for me to just do it and put my back into it and that's what I did y'all. So I think I did pretty good with the clip ponytail. This is really cute y'all. This is Super Fly Like This is really fly. I like it. I like it, I'm feeling it they give you the option to choose the specific big hair type, an 8 out of 10 rating, which is a lifespan of 1.5 years. A 9 out of 10 has a lifespan of up to 2.5 years and a 10 out of 10 as far as the quality gives you a lifespan that can last up to four years, so it make it last longer. You have that option, but you know what I'm gon na be honest with you. If you take care of these, that's me personally, because I'm telling you I have some stuff from them that seem like it's going to last the test of time. I'M just saying so. You do what you want to do with your coins, but if you know how to take care of your hair, I ain't saying I'm just saying says: these four pieces are specifically for your crown area or back parting area. If you're adding a half up, half down style, these seamless clip-ins allow you to wear your real scalp with little to no leave out. I really just wanted to give you the Deets on this, so y'all can check it out and do this for yourself, because I want y'all to have it, but I want y'all y'all. This quality is really cute. This hair is gorgeous. I like this. This is cute Chad. This is a cool hand, man. Ah, it was really easy. Y'All just follow along. Let me know if you have any questions. Let me know if you want to. If you want me to try any of their other products, you guys but yeah. I I've been wearing their hair for a couple years now, so I really do like the hair. The quality of the hair makes styling so easy breezy. You know, I'm not mad at that. Let me know if you have any questions, make sure you hit that subscribe button, so you can join the family, join the fun in the meantime between time, peace, love and light. Listen, don't go nowhere. Watch this. Thank you. Thank you, laughs! Laughs! Thank you. Thank you. Foreign

lneal2800: Hey! Cousin! I'm loving the curls on this unit! Now this looks like a easy install! Super cute! Love the way you styled it!❤️

Angela Hrabowskie: Love it Mary, so easy to use.

Love Yourself: Happy Wednesday This is some beautiful hair the curls are poppin. Love the style you did and detailed video. Have a Blessed Day I can do all this through him who gives me strength.

Nicole: Definitely need to check this out. Looks great on you.❤

Carla W.: Hey cousin! These are some luscious curls right here, right here! But seriously, I love the look, it's retro and still cute. This product is clearly great quality and you make it look good!

Philly-Sha17: I love the wig! They have very nice quality wigs… how did the claw clip become Tic Tok famous? I remember using those in high school ‍♀️

Audrey Hester: I Love the results of the Clip/Sew INS the natural look. I would buy them.

Jamila Baker: So cute . I never would have thought it was clipped in.

MsPhillyG: That looks absolutely gorgeous on you. I keep trying all kinds of stuff to help get my edges off of an extended vacation but they keep extending thier stay waaaaay out thier

Denise Carter: That prince meme took me out lol!!! I love the way you styled this. I'm gonna have to give this a try.

Andrea Moore: Love it! More, please

Alexis: The commentary gets me every freakin timmmmmeeeee!! It’s like commercials that just have you giggling in between getting the tea on the hair lol

Only1Sosa: The curls on this are lovely

Lorraine Lewis: Hi there subscribing from London UK love your channel Mary you have really helped me through a sad time ,I have been laughing out loud at your videos giving me joy and learning some cute styling at the same time. Thank you x

Ramah H: Glad there is an option for low density crown. I got a similar wig from IlikeHairWig, and the combs just slide down my fine strands . This cute!!!

Alice: That is some beautiful hair Mary K. That is one beautiful style and I love it so much Mary K. Great job❤

Needmysunshine: This is so good! Could you try a twist out style on this hair?

Sara M.: I love these videos! Would you happen to have any curly gray or salt and pepper wigs you can try? I know you have one in a SOTA video, but others would be LOVELY. Thank you and have a lovely evening!

Sherry A: Splendid! Very natural looking hairstyle.

D R-K: Great job cousin Mary Kay! Thanks for posting!

Moe OverThere: Love it! Curls beauty

chillaxinchica: The side chats/inner thoughts are killing me! “I don’t always think things through!” That’s why we love you.

Tasha Richmond: I like this a lot! Very cute!

Makinni Roberts: Oooooooh couzzz.....that hair looks so soft, and the way you styled it took me aaaaaallll the back!!!

Robin Perryman: That’s some pretty hair. Those curls are beautiful

AdrienneRoxanne: Wow that's really cute cousin! I like the lipgloss too.

Shanaye T: i really gotta get my coin together cuz i dont be having the patience for the wigs i be getting this 10 minute joint exactly what i need

nikki dee: Cuz Sis Cuzin when the actor comes in saying "it just happened" and when Prince shakes his head I'm Done the music when you are doing the foundation is .. and hair is sssooo cute...

M Bell: ‍♀️Nice job ..thanks for

Vernita Salter: That looks so good on you

Andrea Eleby: Beautiful!!

Living Courtside: I love this! I don’t like thick hair but it didn’t give me the 150 thin choice only 180 n up

La-Toya: Cousinnnnn! That is TOO cute!

Coco Tyler: I was waiting for you to try this hairstyle i knew it would look bomb on you cousin ❤

CARRIE BERRY: I love watching your videos

Nikki Jay Artistry: I'm still confused on how you did the ponytail with the wig.. need a close up of just that part

Quanice Wright: So beautiful

Hair Junoda: Hey Cousin! Really beautiful curls!!Would you like to try out our wig collection and do a collaboration with us?

Honeedew04 MD: Hawnee i dont care what no body else is doing, im sticking w ur channel fo sho! Yes mam and the church said… I nd these cute styles fo my new job. ❤️ bless the Lord

Gill Perry: Wow those innovators are at it again!

Mazyck LB: Heeey Maaary hey! What's happening? Just enjoying life over here . Those curls are gorgeous.

Vicky Jamerson: Hea cousin love ya much... love the curls a must get for my daughter... Prince gone to soon... Have a question I hope you can answer for me... Awhile back you had a super mirco braid twist from Amazon that I feel in love with but when I went there to buy they didn't have it anymore and didn't know when they would have it again... Well I checked again today and they still don't know... My question is do you know anywhere else I may be able to purchase this wig??? If you do please, please, please let me know... Love you much and I tell all my family and friends all about you I send them all, your link so they can check you out for themselves... But please if you can HELP!!!

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