How To: Revamp Your Old Sew-In.

How I make my old sew-in install look new/refreshed after it’s been up for a while. It’s been up for like 2.5 months now since I last got it installed but these are the steps I take when the closure starts lifting or “pushing back.” lmaooooo! Cheap & convenient for anyone trying to stretch their dollarsss! Subscribe for more content :) Let us know what else you’d like to see!

Products used:

• H20 in a spray bottle

• Vigorol Curls Mousse

• Proclaim Olive Oil Glossing Polish

• Eco Styler Black Castor & Flaxseed Oil Conditioning Styling & Shining Gel.

• Göt2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Gel

• Göt2b Glued Blasting Freeze Spray

• A dark brown brow pencil (or whatever pencil is closer to the color of your bundles)

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What'S up guys, it's your girl Chaz today, I'm gon na show you how to revamp my old sewing install as you can see. I have my hair up in a pineapple and this is a really good haircare method for any kind of wavy or curly hair textured hair that you have and stuff going on. The body wrap it up like this at night. Let'S look at this hot mess. Oh, my god, yeah it's a crazy, but it's okay. We bout to get it together. What I'm going first is just detangling the hair with my fingers, because of course you want to minimize any kind of shading that you can have with the Sounion y'all. I'Ve been having this hair since December, including the closure, but I got ta install twice so yeah. My apartment is a little wide, but you know I'm saying that's: okay, that's! Okay! This is how about making it look good when it's old, so I'm gon na start with the water first. Oh my gosh, I'm talking too slow we're gon na start with the water first and with a detangle, the hair, from the ends up to the roots. All right, this is very important when taking care of your hair, do not just get in there and start going crazy with the cones like start from the bottom, and then you work your way up. Next, I'm gon na use a rat tail comb, just a smaller tooth comb, to make sure that my hair is thoroughly detangled, especially at the top because, like the top is prone to have like the little hairs, hair sticking out so you're gon na make sure you Get it home, they're really really good, remember ins to roots, and I did that wrong, but don't do like I did in this video into roots. Alright, I was just trying to hurry up because it was like 4 p.m. and I still hadn't done my hair. Now. We'Re gon na do the exact same thing. On the other side, water Y tooth comb rat tail comb. I don't know why my lighting kept flicking and changing like that, but it's cool. You just want to make sure that you split your part really good to get those tiny hairs. They'Re, like might have came together, while you were sleeping, though all right now we're gon na add the mousse. So I just wet my hair again just to make sure he's dead before I add the mousse to it and I'm just gon na spread it throughout the hair yeah. I was on my last drop with this mousse like dis corn, same stuff got me in the drought. So if it doesn't look like I'm adding anything to my hair, because I didn't have much mousse in there, but I was next we're gon na use. Some glossing polish and what this does is. It helps reduce frizz and also adds a little shine to your hair. So you can see it glistening a little bit. You know what I'm saying you don't need. Much just need a dime sized amount, I'm using this smaller to come to get the front of my hair combed out evenly because, as you can see, it's kind of separating a little bit and that's from me like using gel to like lay down my edges. Like I said it's also in so, it's gon na have oils in it still, unless I wash it is something what you should do with sewing's blue yeah, it's time to wash it sir, but I'm gon na, take it anyway. So you're just going to repeat this process on the other side now it's time to lay those edges, while that dries, I'm just gon na. Do me some miniature swoops. Sometimes I do slopes. Sometimes I just brush it back. You just relay depends on how I'm feeling for that day and once again, also in here, so please do not judge that Jill that you see in my head. Okay, don't be like me, be better than me, make sure you make sure that you don't kick up as I'm doing this, I'm lifting my closure up a little bit and making sure that I get all my natural hairs underneath the closure. So it can look as neat and as clean as possible after that, I'm gon na add some guys to reglue gel, and with this I had a really small amount, because I don't know how this combination it just makes it like late longer. For me, I don't know, I think I've seen this on YouTube, but add a little bit of that. So Justin hurts more. If you need to and yeah we almost done same thing on the other side baby. Also, when using these two gels together, I use the 48 hour gel. I love it. It'S call. I use that first and our robes it until it's like a little drop and then I've got to be goo. On top of it. Now we're gon na use our got to be glue free sprite, I'm gon na lift our closure up because we want to spray underneath the closure you're gon na pull the closure forward so that the closure is as close to the start of your forehead. Is it can't be, and I'm using my column here just to press it down a little more in to make it look as flat as possible now it's time to pull out that handy-dandy phone dryer, so I'm just gon na go drive the closure, like other little Areas where I place to spray it - and I don't know a specific time to do this - like I'm gon na, come and do this I just blow dried until I can feel like the closure. Tightening like you'll, be able to tell when it's secure. Now I'm just gon na come at the front game because I got a little hard from that spray. Alright, yes, that's right! This is an iron, so I what you're gon na do with that is you're gon na put it on your hair at the top, and what this does it just makes your install it flatter and it gives it a more sleek look cuz some people, you know They have like humps in there, so nice, and I'm just like that. Like I don't know, if y'all can tell what, but you this idiot would most definitely help just make sure your things off in you go delight. You won't get burnt nothing. Now, you're gon na pull out a powder, that's the same color as your skin. So what you're going to do is you're going to apply that to the closure so that it can look more natural already apply some of this like yesterday, but I'm just trying to go through every single step with y'all. You can lay down sideburns. If you want. It'S totally up to you, but I like sideburns, so I'm gon na give myself a little scoop on both sides, because I think it's cute. I have nothing to use, but this liquid eyeliner right now you don't want to use this. What you want to use is a dark brown brow pencil or like a lip liner pencil so like fill in the gaps in your closure. Like I saying this, color is all y'all, so please do not judge me, but we're gon na make it look good. So you just want to lightly feeling like the gaps or like the areas you concede. So I can't talk areas that you can see are losing hair and like shedding it's like spring, that you're close but you're, not I'm Sam, and we are done so that's my little routine for making my so in look a little DC. I thought heading in for a while: I'm gon na take this out this weekend. So please don't talk about me but use these tips, though

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