Delia'S Hair - Sew In Cheer Ponytail

Okay, all right, so this is Julia and we're getting ready to put Delia's hair in for a quick demonstration. So right now I have her hair in a bun on the top of her head, and if this was competition day, I would flick all these hairs and spray them all pretty. So that way you know her hair is not fuzzy, but they don't care right. Now. All right, so I am going to use just an embroidery thread. This is just a cheap plastic needle. You can get it at a craft store with some embroidery floss. I pick a bright color because when I'm cutting it out, I'm going to want to be able to see what to cut so. My hair pieces have a drawstring and an ascension. They are elastic, so you just loosen your drawstring and slip it over and pull the drawstring there's a little toggle on there. So you just pull that nice and tight over her. All right turn around make sure it's all tucked in there nice and tight okay. So now it's time for sewing in her hair, so daddy's gon na hold the thread and I'm gon na start by working through the hairpiece just straight through here, and the next piece goes through her hair turn and we are going to go here and we're just Gon na keep alternating like that all the way around just straight stitches through hair piece through her hair, her hairpiece and through her hair. So the first stitch that I did was through the hairpiece, so I definitely want to make sure that the last stitch I do is through her actual hair. If you don't do that, then you're gon na end up with a knot in her hair and you're gon na have a hot mess when you are trying to get it out. So now I'm just going to cross over pull tight and just put a couple of knots in there. Not not a big problem, get your scissors and voila all right now, when you are putting her bow in what I do is I loop an extra rubber rant or rubber band around her cheer bow. So that way, it's nice and long here and she is going to hold her bow, please step back a little bit so that way you're in and the extra-long piece, I'm just wrapping around the entire bow and done, but your hair's, not quite as big as you Want who cares this isn't her hair? So you know what does it matter if it's all teased up and the thing that's beautiful about this - is that you don't have to brush it out, because when it's time to take it off we're just going to done all right. So now she's got these great nice big poofy. You can make it as big as you want or as small as you want, doesn't really matter all right turn around. So she's got this great full ponytail going on. It looks great tumbling. This is not going anywhere. So I can take this pony and pull pull, pull, pull pull and it's not going anywhere. You know last step you might want to. You, can take this and wrap it around and then pin it in there. Also, when you get it home, you can judge you can snip this cord, because it's kind of long and make it shorter if you need to all right. So let's talk about how to take this out so take it out we're just going to take the bow off by looping it back through the way we had it there you go and grab your scissors. Remember we picked this bright color here. You can see the floss right there, so I'm just gon na stick my scissor in there careful not to get any of her hair snip it pull it. It'S all out and the hair comes off you're done all. I do to store this is I have a bag or a Rubbermaid container you're, just kind of smooth it back loop. It together like this and just store it in your box. So we hope that helps that's our hair, Billy's hair. It'S been great for us. We wore these all last season. They looked amazing they're they're, just gon na they're, just gon na look polished and easy. This is 100 % human hair. So if your team has curls, you can curl this. If not, you can just require it. If you're, if you like your bumps bigger, you can tease it bigger spray, it with lots of hairspray and you're good to go. So we hope you enjoy our hair

Stephanie Phenis: what brand of hair is this ?

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