How To Cut An Italian Bob Haircut | Full Step By Step

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What we're going to be doing today is called and halian Bob, let's get in and cut some hair together. The way that we're going to start off the haircut is we're going to work the FSE digital hair, cutting system sectioning. Of course, I'm going to follow the bridge of the nose and go center part straight down back to the crown and then what we're going to do is we're going to then shift so. We'Ve split the left and right side and now we're going to work to split front and back so I go high point of the head down and I'll comb the front of the hair forward and I'll slide. My clip up on there. So now we've separated front and back do the same thing. On the other side, there we go so a vertical line from the hairline straight up through those of you guys that are new you'll understand that we're working with the same density. So I want to make sure that where the hair goes up and then starts to come over, that's where I'm sectioning it so behind the ear here and then all the way over. That'S the same density, same amount of hair and then in the back. When you look underneath this density here, all the way around to the other side is the same amount of hair as well, and that helps me control when I'm thinking about how I want to go about a haircut knowing what density I'm working with at that moment, Tilt the head down, and now we are going to part the hair straight down Center back foreign. So now I'm gon na work from just below the occipital bone over and I'll comb, the rest of this hair to the side and clip it up. I'M going to do the same thing on the opposite side here, okay, so now our guest here has a little bit longer neck. It'S not too long! So we're! What we're going to do is we're going to go nice and low on the neck here and cut it right about this length. I want to drop it a few inches below the jawline. All of my partings follow the jawline, so The Parting comes through here and along where the jaw is and that's how I'm going to continue taking those partings and that's going to be the same way that I mimic my line in the back. It'S going to flow through and just go a little bit short to Long following the jawline in the back, so another thing make sure we are doing when cutting hair. When I'm standing behind my client, my goal is to keep my feet right over my shoulders. So my feet planted right over my shoulders and then I squat down to then get my eyes level with the section. I'M never like this right, because I want to make sure that my eyes are looking at the line. If my eyes are crooked, it's very hard for me to see a straight line or a flat line here now I've got my partings to to use as a guideline. You'Ve got your eyes, nice and level to the section come in here. Just like that, I'm gon na work. I use the comb to hold the hair, steady and aligned. If I just go in here and and cut it's going to push, so you see how it starts to push that hair a little bit if you hold it with your comb, it keeps the hair steady in the place that you want it. So now I check balance with these two pieces. I don't move forward until I know that those are good. Now we're going to move up. This section remember what I said continue to follow the jawline with your partings and now I can come through and cut my line because I've already got my guide underneath. So I just follow it, and I want no tension whatsoever on this section, because if I put any tension on it, it's going to shift it. I really want it to be zero tension throughout the whole thing. I might even comb this a little bit and continue working that line and let it just kind of naturally play out the way that wants to I'm going to move to the other side. So this line is slightly closed, a little bit diagonal forward. It'S not fully balanced across. If I cut a balanced line here, it'll push a little extra weight towards the front, which would be fine, but I really don't want the weight going that extreme. So I'm coming in with it a little bit more something you may notice. As I'm cutting, I don't have my thumb fully in the scissor first off this gets my hand in the way kind of so this pulls my hand away from the head. It also gives me more of a flat drops, my elbow, so my elbow um here has to be up in the air much harder to cut a straight line. If I come in here - and I just take my thumb out of the scissor and have it halfway in and then I work my way across just makes it more makes it easier to be more consistent in your cut, I'm taking about one inch sections up the Head biggest thing is that you can see through the bottom. I also don't want her head tilt too much, because that starts to lie to me as well, not really the true angle at which the hair is going to sit. Naturally, another little trick is I like to go the slightest bit longer than what I see this guy, because that allows the hair to kind of overlap it a little bit which will make it kind of sit and curve under in the final Style. At this point, bring it all down, because I can see through it caught my line just the way it is: go, see nice, nice lob shape. Now I move into the sides. This is why it's so great to section the way that I did, because some of you that have cut a bob many times in your life know that right around here is where you can get that hole, but there's no hole because of the density. Being the same so now, I can be aware, as I work into the side, the true side of the head and bring it down and just continue that length and it's very simple I'll do it horizontally. Just like I have been doing and I'm going to work. My sections to mimic the jawline like this slightly angled open the hair up comb, it nice and tight at the root, Bring It Around flip it out of the way, see kind of where we're at with the rest of this cut, and that angle that I want To create inside of it come down, sometimes it's good if they have ears that stick out a little bit more to tap right around there to relieve some tension and then just come in and finish that cut foreign. We'Re going to blow this dry in and I'm going to cut into it some more and just so you know the very very front of this might not be balanced, yet might not be the exact same length. It'S not because I comb it back and cut it because she's going to wear it back, so I'm going to continue in that path. I don't really care what it looks like when it falls right in the front of her face. This is a heat styling spray. It'S going to help add shine to the hair, also give you thermal protection. So that's one of the things I will spray in this to start and then another product that is really good for thermal protection as well. Is this neuro style, Prime? It'S a blowout primer. It'S also a good cutting lotion. If you want to put that in pre-cut, and then I just worked that through really work that through mid shaft to ends all right - let's blow dry here, so you guys. If you know me, I like to get the hair about 75 80 dry just with an air dry, but also making sure that I'm aiming the air down and not up too much. Because I don't want to rough up the cuticle too much. But I don't want to spend all day round brushing. I just want a round brush when the hair is 80 dry, come in section out the top got the hair about 80 percent dry here, so see how this bevels over underneath it. That is a little bit because of the fact that I went a little bit longer each time I cut my section. It'S now allowing each piece of hair to kind of come around, which bevels this up gives you some of that volume in it. Here'S a little trick, so I get the hair in the brush right heat it up, let it cool, while it's cool in there, I hit heat upwards with tension at the very front of the hair, so that breaks down those bonds a little bit resets them as It cools you can even hit it with a little cool shot if you want to to get it set and then, when you let it go, it'll have a little more Kickback to it and a little bit of volume, as opposed to laying right on the forehead And I'm going to let that wave kind of just sit in there, because I don't want to disturb it yet until it's fully cool. But that's a good little tip for you guys when you want to build some volume in the front and I'm going to finish it with a PAW Patrol, invisible, wear, undone, texture spray: it's not like a typical texture spray, so it doesn't make it the hair feel. Like uh tacky at all, but it comes out almost like bursts out Turner, so you guys can see you know it just gives that like fullness. So that's why this is such a great haircut for fine hair, even thick hair, uh, medium hair, curly, hair, any any hair type any face shape. This cut is perfect. I would definitely say that this is one of the most versatile hairstyles that we have out there. If you're looking for something that fits every single person, it sits in your chair, this is the haircut because it just fits every everything foreign. If you guys get a chance to, could you subscribe to the Channel first off subscribe, uh, whether you're on Facebook or YouTube? Whatever you're on and then go follow my Tick Tock. I'D love that as well at free salon, education appreciate all of you guys. You guys are great. This community just keeps growing, and I appreciate it very much go enjoy your day and I'll see you guys tomorrow.

VanDGrrl: I’m Italian American and I have this cut . My hair is coarse and 2c. Blows out with body and ease. ❤

Teneille Hogge: Absolutely awesome Lazer parting love it!

gforce: Everything about that hair is exactly like mine, so I'm going to search for a hairstylist who can do it! I'm tired of boring straight, fine hair! THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!! I volunteer as a live mannequin head for another tutorial of this cut, so reach out!

Carol Jansen: Wow, how adorable! Thanks for the demo and tips!


Lyn Cressler: I love love it !!! I missed the class today just too busy at the salon. And at home.

Philomena Esposito: I'd like to know if this haircut/style is flattering for an older woman (60ish)?

Kimberly Lord: Regarding Bevel technique; If you pushed the head way forward , or way to side….wouldn’t that give same effect in terms of creating the subtle bevel?

Jamie Cathleen M.: wow that's a gorgeous cut

Kimberly Lord: Thanks for the ‘thumb out’ tip. Saves the shoulders!

karen m: So well done! Thks!

julia R: ❤️ Thanks a lot! Great! When i cut exactly like YOU i get "duck nose" on back side. So frustration! How to get rid of it? P.s. my like is #590 !

Susan Hildreth: I definitely want that haircut

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Adda Koka: Thank you very very a Much

Jeremey Mangruem: Beautiful. How do you receive CEU hrs?

Zhou Luan: Thanks for your video!

Denise Stucchio: I really wish you worked on Long Island, I ask for an Italian Bob with pictures people look at me like I have two heads. Maybe a video would help. I try to be specific with out being insulting. When I ask about making each cut slightly longer in the back, it usually gets interpreted as an undercut. Could you recommend anyone that has taken further education classes from you in my area?

Mareena Lewis: Can you do this with fine hair?

Amok suyang Suyang: Awesome sir

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Вадим: Not bad Sir, not bad

Sharon La Tour: YES!!!!!!

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