$15 Pin-Up 90'S Ponytail

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Hey y'all so welcome back happy New Year, happy 2023.. I am so excited to be back with another hair tutorial for you guys. So what we're going to be doing today we're going to be doing another quick and easy budget friendly hairstyle. So, of course, everybody knows that the 90 hairstyles are backwarded veggies. They have been back in rotation. I want to say for the last two to three years, but in my opinion they are really really bad. Super super heavy. So I grew up in the 90s and I'm super excited about bringing these hairstyles to you all. So today, what we're going to be doing is we're going to do a quick, little pin up we're going to do a pin, curl pin up - and this only cost me 15. So this is the clip in bang, which was uh five dollars, and then this is the hair that we will be using both um pieces are synthetic so uh. The synthetic will do just fine for this hairstyle and this is from um premium. Two, like I said I got, is from the beauty supply store. This is about three pieces. You get three pieces in here. This was ten dollars, so this hairstyle is only costing us fifteen dollars all right. So, as you all can see, I have already molded my hair up. I used some beeswax and some got to be sprayed. You can use whatever you want if you want to use gel edge control, it's up to you, but the main key is to get that hair, molded up nice and slick, and then I just took my ends and wrapped them in a little while, okay, so what You'Re gon na do right, um the first step. What you're gon na do right, quick, I'm gon na grab my scissors all right y'all, so I'm back and I have that first Bundle free. So what I'm gon na do is I'm going to wrap this around my ball now, because we will be using a lot of hairpins to actually form our pin curls. I kind of want to minimize how many uh hair pins that I stick into my ball, because I do remember back in the day it used to give uh. Sometimes it used to give give me kind of, like uh, make the center of my hair kind of tender with a lot of hair pins, and I don't want that discomfort. So what I'm going to do is I'm going to take this first little piece about a quarter from the beginning and I'm going to wrap that around my ball like so so I'm just going to take that piece and I'm going to pull it really really tight And then I'm just gon na get it wrapped around okay and then I'm just going to take my track and I'm gon na wrap it just like so and like I said this is going to minimize how many hair pins that we actually will need to put At our ball to secure our wefts, so I'm just gon na go ahead and just continue getting that wrapped all the way around almost done wrapping that first bundle. So what you want to do is once you get to the end of it. See right here is the end. You just want to take that piece and you want to pull it kind of tight, and then you just want to wrap that around the ponytail as well. Just like that, okay and then next, I'm going to take my next bundle and I'm gon na and I'm going to repeat the same steps and get that wrapped around as well foreign, okay y'all. So I have all three bundles wrapped around now. If you don't really want a lot of valium or a lot of pink curls, then you could have stopped at two or you could even just stop at one all right but of course, y'all know who she loves her volume. So we did three okay. So now what I'm gon na do is. I am just going to actually take the hair and I'm just going to kind of get it out the way for a minute and then I'm going to grab our clip-on bangs and I'm just popping those Combs open and then I'm just going to position. Those in the front of my head, because this will serve as our swoop just like that, and then I'm going to take my comb and I'm just gon na start, combing the hair to form the swoop and I'm gon na. Do it just like this, and the perfect thing about this hairstyle is no heat, is involved um the only when they want, and then it's not really heat, but the only thing that we will be using is our blow dryer, because I'm on my scoop to be Kind of stiff, so I am going to spray it down with some hairspray and then I'm going to take the blow dryer. But it's going to be on cold air and I'm going to use that to help fuse our swoop in place. But as of right now, I'm just combing just to get a formation on how I want my soup to look. If you don't want to swoop, then you can skip this step, but I want me a nice love swoop swoop, so I'm just getting it formed in place. Okay, so I have my swoop combed in the formation that I wanted to lay now. As you all can see, I do have some duckbill Clips, so you will need some duckbill Clips to um just it aids in holding your swoop to wherever you wanted to lay, and next I am going to take my get to be spread. You can use Spritz. You can use whatever, but I'm going to use this, because I found that sometimes aerosol sprays and aerosol spray is hairspray in the can. I felt found that those uh help a little bit more. So what I'm going to do is, I am just going to start spraying our swoop right and then I'm just going to comb the hairspray through the hair a little bit and then I'm going to spray some more on it like so, and then I'm going to Use the tail end of my comb and I'm going to smooth it just like that and then next I'm going to take my blow dryer and I'm not going to do this on camera, because I don't want the noise from the blow dryer in there. But I'm just going to use the code so make sure you you're putting it on the cold uh air and I'm going to use that and that's going to help dry the hairspray okay y'all. So I am done blow drying my swoop. So that's how it looks. It'S nice and stiff. Now. What I'm going to do is I'm going to spray a little oil chain on it, because sometimes when you're putting Spritz or uh hairspray on it it and it dries sometimes a white cast will form, and we don't want that, and sometimes it can be a little Sticky - and we don't want that - also so I'm just putting a little oil sheet on it to bring that Sheen and luster back to life, and so this is how the swoop looks if you want. If you want more security, you can add hair pins in it, but I feel, like my soup, is nice and stiff, so I really don't need any hair pins. But again, this is how your soup looks, and this is how the back of it looks. Okay, so now, let's jump into our ponytail, so I'm gon na go ahead and release it out of our rubber band, and I am going to basically build our pink curls in layers. So I'm going to take uh. My first layer will be about right here and if you see like little uh white stuff, that's residue from the Hairspray okay, so I have my first layer. So what I'm going to do is I'm just going to comb the hair out a bit and I'm actually going to break this up into two pieces. Okay, so I have my first piece now. What I'm going to do is I am going to take a little hair grease or you could take a little pressing oil. It'S up to you and I'm just gon na rub it on my fingers and I'm just gon na distribute it throughout the hair. Like so, and what that does is it gives the hair something to bind to, and it also gives our hair some shame, and since this hair is already curled, it's basically going to do the work for us. So I want my first paper curl, I'm actually going to lay it this way, so I'm just going to take it and I'm just gon na. Let it form itself just like that. I'M gon na take a hairpin and you want to make sure that it is the open hairpins just like that, and I'm just gon na pin our curl just like that and I'm gon na take another one and I'm gon na place it right there and then I'M just going to repeat those steps all the way around, so I'm going to take my next piece. I'M gon na do the same thing, get a little hair grease just like that, make sure I'm getting the ends and then I'm just gon na form. The curl foreign of curls in place - and they are popping so y'all this style right here - is super super easy. I feel like um, it's a little bit more um easier than doing it. This way, instead of back in the day when we were using a human hair and we were using our curlers to actually form the curls, that is being the synthetic blend, it already has it in there for us, so it cuts it in half, because the time Of The Styling in half it makes it pretty quick and pretty simple, so I'm just going to repeat those same steps and I'm just going to add um my second row of pink curls. But this is definitely giving me the 90s Nostalgia that I love y'all. So let me go ahead and get it popping. Let'S see okay y'all. So this is how the hairstyle is turning out as you all can see. I have uh the second layer of pink curls and by me doing, the three bundles is giving me height that I wanted. So this is what we have left of our hair, so I'm just going to continue to form the uh paint curls and then at the very end. That'S when we'll add our hair spray to stiffen it up, but I don't really like to do it while I'm forming the pink curls because sometimes um I feel like. I want to make sure that I have symmetry. So I want to make sure that the style is proportioned on both sides. So if I started spraying the hairspray, it would make it difficult if I have to move any of the curls, so I'm just going to continue forming them and pinning them okay y'all. So I have placed my last pink curl in place and this is the finished look y'all. This turned out so well, so well so! Well, I'm so excited! I have not worn this style in years and I must say I still got it yes y'all. This is so pretty now, of course, what is a 90s hairstyle without some Pump It Up, duh, no just playing so yeah, so I am going to spray some of this pump it up on it, and that is going to give give us the uh that stiffness That we were looking for, of course, you can use your aerosol hairspray as well, but I want to use some good old pump it up on it. I'M gon na spray just a little bit on the swoop, and the smell of it just reminds me of High School Beauty School all of that okay. So this is how it's looking also I'm gon na spray, some uh hair glosser on it as well, because I want it to have that extra shine spray, some on the back okay. So I'm going to turn to the side, so you all can see and then I'm going to give you a look at the back all right. So, ladies, if you're feeling this, then I encourage you to give it a try. Like I said, this style was really really quick and it was really easy. Plus it only cost us 15 and we didn't. Even we didn't even use any heat. It was a heatless hairstyle all right. So if you try it out, let me know how how it turns out for you or send me some pictures. I want to thank you for hanging out with me and I will see you in the next video bye

Dianne November Songbird: This style will never go of style. I'm 60 and will rock this everyday now.

XtraK 38: I actually remember rocking this exact style a few times in the late 90s. Love it and tfs gorgeous.

Lovechild: Awesome, thanks for sharing. I love that and I grew up in the 90's also. Those were the days....

sherveta Robinson: ❤beautiful. I remember helping my Mom do this style with what she called a microwave ponytail

Missy Grando: You still got it!! It looks so good and authentic to how we really wore it back then.

Evangelist Leverne Brown: Yes ma'am! Thank you

Valentine Kennedy: Wooo chi that's beautiful.... I love it

D W: Yay! She’s back. Beautiful

Shanda Joy: Looks good

It’s Me Tracie: Cute!!!

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