How To Cover Thinning Or Balding Edges On Short Natural Hair

Hi guys! Today's video is on how I cover my thinning edges on my short natural hair. If you are dealing with thin or bald edges, hopefully the technique I used in the video will help you. Don't forget to comment, like the video, and subscribe!


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Okay, guys so in today's video i'm going to be showing you how i cover up my thinning edges while styling my hair. My right side, as you can see, is much worse than my left side, so i want to show you how i get those covered so that, after i style my hair, it's almost undetectable i'll make a separate video on what i did to get my left side To grow back in so i'm going to start by styling my hair as usual today, i'm using the big papa gel by the do. I absolutely love this gel guys and i'm going to be using the bumpy side of my sponge to go ahead and curl out. My hair, i usually curl out my hair and style the top area before i start on my edges and my sides, so i'm going to go ahead and let you guys watch me get that done when it comes to putting the product. On my edges, i like to take my hair and mold my sides down in the direction that i want them to go before i start curling my hair. I kind of feel like this encourages my hair to lay in that direction before i actually start to style. My edges or style the size of my hair. So that's what i'll do i'll take a good amount of the gel and just push the hair down in the direction that i want. My hair to fall, and now i'm just taking my curling sponge and i'm gon na, go all over my head with a sponge until i'm satisfied with the curl definition with the sponge and then after that, i'll go in as usual and separate the bigger clumps into Smaller curls, so i like to use my fingers to kind of separate the curls and lift up my roots as i go. I also will take my fingers and kind of push the hair on my sides down in the direction that i want them to lay. As i'm calling it out as well - and here i'm just going in and taking those bigger clumps that come from using this point from using the sponge and then i'm going to coil those pieces around my fingers to make the curls kind of smaller and then once I get something that sort of looks like this, it's time for me to go in and style my edges. I slowed this part down a little bit guys, so you guys can see exactly what i'm doing and i'm basically going to take the gel put it on my edges and push the very tips of my edges in the direction that i want them to go. And then the hair, that's above the very thin and sparse spot, i'm just taking that and pushing it down with the gel so that it kind of covers up the bigger thinning area. I hope i'm explaining this, so you guys can understand, but just watch the video you'll see what i'm doing and then i use my finger and the tips of my nails to kind of push my baby hairs or my edges into the direction that i want them To go, and then the hair, that's above the bigger thinning spot. I just take it and push it down over that spot. I like using this method, guys versus the method to where you just take a comb and slick it down, because this way it kind of looks cohesive with the rest of my hair. It doesn't look like my edges are just slicked down and then the rest of my hair is curly. It kind of blends in so that all of the hair, that's covering up my thinning area, looks curly as well, so i'm just using the gel to kind of push the hair in the direction that i want it to go to cover up that thinning area. So, even though the strands of my hair is kind of thick, i do have thinning hair. My hair is not that dense growing out of my scalp, so this method kind of makes it look very cohesive. So it's almost undetectable so and then my left side is not as bad as my right side, so this side doesn't take that much work and i'm pretty much going to do the same thing over here. I'M going to take the gel, apply it to my edges. To kind of style my baby hairs and then i'm going to take some more gel and put it on the hair, that's above the thinning area and push it down over that area to try to cover it up, and i just use the tips of my finger To push my baby hairs into place, and that is pretty much it guys and then i just go back over my hair and kind of play with it and style it and push it in the direction that i want it to go. But that's pretty much how i get those thinning edges covered up so that it's almost undetectable. I hope this video was able to help you guys if you have thinning or botting edges, so that you can style your hair. If you like to wear it short and not be concerned about your edges, if you haven't already guys, go down below and hit that subscribe button for me also hit that bell notification so that you don't miss when i post a new upload, and here i'm just Going back and forth with the finishing touches until i like what my hair looks like do, and that is pretty much the finished look guys i'm going to do a left to right so that you can so that you guys can see both sides, alright guys. So this is the finished. Look if you struggle with thinning edges and you like to wear your hair short as well. Hopefully, the technique that i use in this video will be able to help you out. As you can see, i was able to cover up my edges pretty good so that it looks cohesive with the rest of my hair. This is what i pretty much do when i'm styling my hair. I just use the hair. That'S around the thinning area to pull down to cover up the balding spots, and it's pretty much been working for me, so hopefully it'll work for you also, alright guys. So that's all i got for today. If you haven't already go ahead and hit that subscribe button. Also hit that bell notification so that you don't miss when i post another upload and until next time guys bye is

Shalayne Pryor: You represent many women who have trouble area's but can love yourself and your hair enough to look amazing regaurdless. I apperciate that because that's what it's all about, not running out to get a weave or wig. Im not down talking that move, but we have to learn how to work with what God gave us and love that too.

Audrey Evans: Wow! How did you even come up with that?! It look so natural like you have no hair thinning at all on that side. Btw you truly are naturally beautiful Sis! Thank you for sharing.

S Love: Lady you are gorgeous! Thanks for the tips and amazing tutorial.

suziq: Thank you for this video. It definitely helped me. I tried to use that sponge today but my knees and shoulders got tired. My look was fuzzy and sticking up in the topl. I used the foam bc the gel causes itching. Is there a specific motion to using the sponge to get curls to form on straight hair?

Melissa N: Excellent video! Your hair is gorgeous. I use a similar technique on the thinning hair around my temples. It’s so nice to see another beautiful FINE head of hair.

Denise: Love this video thank you so much for sharing ❤️

suziq: Very beautiful and well done. I am new to the curl scene using the sponge. What covering do I put on my head at bedtime? Do I need to add more product to my hair in the morning to refresh the curls. Do I add pressure for the straight hair bc it takes a long time trying to get it curled and using more product.

Teresa Norris: Thank you❤

Kaydra Powell: This is lovely on her gives me hope

Eddie Gilmore: Beautiful thank you so mucy

Tasha Davis: Pretty gonna try it out

Melinda Johnson: You did that!

diana smith: l would like to know where can I get the sunglasses brush that you are using

Shayne A Dane: Love it

Laine Mileleke: thank you

Toni: Did you put the gel on your hair while it was dry or damp? Also, was your hair still wet/damp at the end with makeup? It looks so moisturized and shiny!

OBE Direct: Have you done makeup vids? Yours is very attractive.

C M Bryan: p̷r̷o̷m̷o̷s̷m̷

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