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  • Posted on 20 May, 2019
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Beauté Seoul Set https://amzn.to/2YXgBqV

Soft Bonnet hooded hair dryer Attachment -https://amzn.to/2HbZb3t

Curl Defining Spray Leave in Keratin Treatment-https://amzn.to/31D6Mjw

Spa Facial Headband -https://amzn.to/2Hce7P3

You do it's for every day here and I'm here today with a video in today's video. I'M gon na be doing a review on this product on this company. It'S called Beauty stole, so they sent me some products and I would love to share them with you guys. So, let's get right into this video. Alright, you guys. So again the company is called Beauty, salt, I'm. So what beauty soul has brought me today? It'S gon na be at this headband, which is supposed to protect your head from the heat. They have also gave me a hooded dryer. So that's what's in this travel size bag right here, and they also gave me this dy c3 and they spray on before you go into the hooded dryer. Well, I just could the deep conditioner in my hair, I'm so I'm leaving this in there for about 20 minutes and I'm going to use the hooded dryer. I'M just add some heat to it now the little travel-size bag that they gave me. So it does happen, but it air dryer in it and I'm just going to show you guys what it looks like so houses like this. That kind of looks like a rain jacket. You asked me I'm leaving so let's put your head in it and then of course, the headband I'm gon na put that over my head um just to protect my head from the heat and then I'm just gon na put the air dry it on, and then It comes with the adjustable string on the side and they don't also comments with the little helmet snap thingy at the bottom. Don'T let me know what to call that I'm the dot so that when the air starts blowing, it doesn't like fall off your head and then you take your regular blow-dryer any old blow dryer that you have, and it has this adjustable, strap being eaten by your Dryer and you just want to put your border inside the hole and then you just turn it on, so I have it on medium, so I think mine goes with like either lower and, like I invert my ear there. Oh, my gosh, alright, so I'm just gon na go ahead and rinse out my deep conditioner alright, so I just actually did my wash and go like my regular washing go routine and I'm going to add DYC spray that you just spray on before you put your Hair dryer on - and you want to do this right after you've already did or you know normal washing now again, I'm gon na put the you like, I said so I have it on the medium key and then just the first right. So I just let it dry for about I'll, be like five minutes. As you can see, the back is completely dry because I believe that since the bottom has like the air coming in the back of your head dry, its first alright, you guys. So I just finished using the product. This is the fluted air dryer and it's essentially like using the fuser, but instead it's supposed to reduce the dry time for your hair. Instead of you know, waiting a long time for your hair to get dry so um. This is my first time actually using a product like this. I think it's really cool with that. You don't have to you know, sit there in your future hair. You could just kind of put the cap on and let your hair dry and then, let's see, if you have to like, do your makeup or something like that. You can be doing your makeup while your hair is drying. So it's kind of cool and it only takes probably about five minutes for your hair to get dry and then once you take it out, you can just you know, kind of fluff it around or whatever. If that's what you would like to do, so I really like the fact that, once you do finish doing your wash and go, all you have to do is put the hooded dryer on and then you don't want to set your hair at all, which that would Eliminate a lot of frizz because I know sometimes when I am diffusing my hair - if I wanted really really really dry it'll, take a lot of shaking and stuff like that, so that could cause a lot of friends with the hair. But since the hooded dryer it just kind of sets your hair, your curls in there, the way they are and just like - puts the heat on top of your hair, letting your hair dry. It avoids all that. So I think that's really cool and I really like the results and my hair isn't flat or anything like that. It'S still bouncy, it is still volumize. I can tell that I have you know some volume going on and everything. So I really like that. So it's really excited like I said: I've never used a product like that before. I also think it would really work well, if you're doing like a braid out twist out or if you're, using like any type or like roller sets cuz I know sometimes or when I was younger. I would sit under like a dryer, so this would work perfect for that all you have to do is just you know, do your rollers or twist out or whatever you could even put a plastic cap over it, and then all you would have to do is Put the hood dryer on for, however long it was like, and you don't even have to hold the bow dryer like I wasn't, holding the blow dry the whole time I kind of just try to set it down so that it's still you know coming up to The to the head part: it's travel size, it can like fold up, it comes with a travel bag and it also has this headband. I have the uses head Ben just because I put it on really high heat. Whenever I was doing my deep conditioner treatment, I wanted it to get a little bit warmer than what it was and grow these ears like I am you can see right now. My ears are still red from the heat and just blowing directly along the top of my ear, so if it kind of burns just a little bit, so I really liked using this - I just have to like adjust it to like cover my ears, a little bit. Um so I like using this um, it did protect. You know my ears and kind of this area from the heat and audience to do is just push it in like this, so it's really small and then you can just kind of like both this pad part. Nickels right in that have a bag takis and then this is the keratin leave-in treatment, so typically you're supposed to put this on after you do your wash and go I'm just kind of like a setting spray type, and then you wouldn't put the hood in air Dryer on this is supposed to do is supposed to eliminate frizz resource, a lack tissa T & D tangles, while preparing hair for the ez blow dryer. So you wouldn't want to put this on after you've already done your wash and go I'm just so that you can eliminate that frizz and then make your hair more manageable. Once you put the air dryer on it only took about maybe like five minutes. Normally, when I'm using my hair, I could probably take me Mesa brown like ten minutes or so just kind of, depending on how wet my hair is I'll, be sure to put everything down in the description box below. If you guys are interested in trying out the beauty, soap, products, I'm I'll, be sure to put their Instagram and also the page where I got everything which was off the Amazon, that's where they have their store, all right guys. Well, we have reached the end of this video. I really hope you guys enjoyed it. If you did please be sure to give me a thumbs up, go ahead and like and subscribe to my channel, if you haven't done so already - and I will see you guys at my next upload - bye

Beauté Seoul: THIS IS AMAZINGThank you Daesha! We are in love with your hair and video It was a pleasure working with you! We really hope you enjoy the products!

Blasian K Curls: Will purchase this and your looks gorgeous!

Joni Rivers-Patel: Lord I am happy to see this. This is a life saver.

Catherine Butler: Nice video. If you cover your ears completely with the band it should help.

Janie Jones: OMGosh! I love it! TY 4 the video!

Ntokozo Monoko: it is definitely hot without protecting your ears

Tea Spells: Do you think I can do hair rollers and dry my hair in this??

VirginiaStarlite: I bought a hooded dryer because I'm horrible with a diffuser. But I CANNOT FIGURE OUT how the heck I am supposed to put my hair into the hood. Do I flip my head over and put it on? Do I arrange my hair the same way I wear it? Do I put my hair toward the back of my head? I should not be this confused

Belinda Fortuna: You look so beautiful

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