How To Replace Overstretched Elastic Bands | Satin Bonnet Salvation

  • Posted on 12 May, 2018
  • Long Hair
  • By Anonymous

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Hey guys! Welcome back to my corner of the YT universe! In this video I detail how I replace the elastic band in my satin Isoken Enofe bonnet. Unfortunately the elastic band on this bonnet wore out very quickly and since I like it so much I had to fix it! I wanted to share the process with you guys so hopefully you find this helpful! Thanks for watching! Don't forget to subscribe! Peace and blessings!

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Hi guys welcome back to my channel. My name is ebony and if you are new here then welcome to my corner of the YouTube universe and if you're old here then hey guys, welcome back, don't forget to click that subscribe button down below. So you don't miss any more videos from me and thumbs up if you find the video helpful and without further ado, as I jump into it. So today we are going to be fixing the elastic band in my eye, so keen enough a bonnet, my satin bonnet and shout out to Savannah doors one of my subscribers who are giving me the idea and inspiration for the second half of this video. It is a much-appreciated I reviewed this a while ago in the Battle of the bonnets video. I can link that above and I do still really like this bonnet, but in the video I said that the elastic stretched it stretched on me, probably a couple months after I got it, and this bonnet is about like 35 40 bucks for shipping and handling and For me, that's too expensive for it to be stretching within a couple months of me getting it now, I'm not sure if the elastic is old or if I just over, stretched it or why elastic would wear that quickly. But today we are going to be solving that problem, so yeah. This is how the bonnet fits right now and, as you can see, it is not fitted at all. Here we have all of the space back up in here. Okay, if it's taught to my neck, we have all of this space up here, it's literally just to spin. Just like this is not cute. It'S not convenient in any way shape or form. It literally falls off if I try to wear it at night, and yet it's just got to go. Okay. The elastic band has got to go so, yes, we are going to replace it. Hopefully this is my first time doing this and yeah. Let'S see how this goes so, I'm just gon na go over all this stuff. You guys are gon na need. This is a 1 and 1/4 inch elastic band, a seam ripper safety pins, a needle threader helper outer thingy a thimble, some measuring tape. If you want some black thread, a needle jumbo size, cuz y'all, know I'm blind some scissors, some cord and cord locks and, of course, your bonnet with the overstretched elastic. So let's get started here. You can see the tag that says I so keen enough a on here and it is sewn all the way throughout the elastic. As you can see, the thread comes all the way to the other side, so we're gon na have to take this off in order to get the elastic out. So the first thing you're gon na take is your seam ripper and you're going to rip the seams from the outside, try not to damage the fabric. Obviously this was very difficult for me and my visual acuity, but I managed, thank God, and I got the thread out and you basically just have to keep ripping at each of the little scenes until a tag comes loose and you're. Just gon na repeat that process. On the other scene for the whole tag, in order for it to come completely off so now that the tag and the thread all of the scenes are ripped are completely off you're. Just gon na take your small sewing scissors and make an incision you're, just gon na cut a small little slit inside the pocket of where the elastic is like. So you don't even have to make it that big, if you don't want to, but I needed it to be that large, so I could see and you're gon na pull the elastic out and cut it. You need to go to and from here you're just going to pull the elastic completely out of the bonnet, and this is what the old elastic is looking like, as you can see, part of the elastic is still pretty good, but based off of the little ruffles On the side, you can see that it started to wear, and so that's probably where all the stretching came in, but it's okay, because we're gon na fix it. So after that, take the you're, a new elastic and one of your safety kings and put the elastic fall on one end of the safety pin. Just kidding put the safety pin on one end of the elastic curl and you're just gon na close it up, and you are going to put it into the cut you made earlier. This is the pocket of the bonnet, where the elastic was so just scrunch that through and scratch and scratch and scrunch that through and the reason we're doing. This is because it's easier to hold on to a safety pin than it is just to try and string it through yourself. It is very difficult, and here you're gon na make sure that the elastic didn't fold at all and you're gon na try and flatten it inside-the-park. That was already on the bonnet now after you've gotten the elastic all the way through you're, going to use your measuring tape at this point. If you want to - or you could have measured out the elastic prior to putting it into the pocket. But I like to use trial and error, I'm just putting the bonnet on and off to determine where I want the bonnet to fit and how firm I want it to fit around my head and then you're gon na safety pin that down at your desired tightness Level then you're gon na take your needle and thread and thread it through. I did this off-camera because it took me a while, and I used this as my threader helper outer tool thingy. I don't know what it's actually called, but it came in a sewing kit and it's awesome because I totally need this, and this is also the part where you will use your thin Bowl. If you like to use them, because you will be pushing at the end of a pin at the end of a sewing needle so anyway, here I just showed you guys that the safety pin is at my desired tightness level and I'm just gon na begin to Sew make sure that you have a little knot at the end of your thread so that you don't just pull the thread all the way through, and I did already know how to sew see here: here's where you would use a thimble okay, don't be like me. Um, I didn't already know how to sew prior to this prior to me being diagnosed, and everything and um not a super amateur at this, but this also isn't super difficult. So I'm not being super careful but be super careful if you are not comfortable using a needle and selling anything then just get somebody else to do it for you, but here I'm just showing you guys that I made an entire. I don't even know what you call these seam all the way along the safety pin where I would like it to be. It doesn't matter if you sew over the safety pin because you're just gon na take that out and again just be careful because you can't prick yourself sewing can be painful, but I'm just gon na go back and forth, maybe two more times after this all the Way through the entire elastic band, just to make sure that it does not come apart, especially if you plan on watching this at any point in the game which I'm assuming you will and something that would make this entire process much easier would be a sewing machine. If you have one of those girl use that honey use that they're awesome and would make this literally, this would be like two seconds anyway. I remove the safety pin and I'm continuing to sew and mine is very messy looking. But who cares because no one's gon na see it? You can also overlap the elastic. I did not do that. I sold mine together, but in the elastic that I took out, it was overlapped and that makes for a more seamless transition. So now, you're, just gon na cut off the excess and yeah be careful not to cut off the thread that you just sold, and here we are new elastic intact, bonnet on fleek. And so now we are going to use the cord and the cord locks that I had showed you guys earlier. This is for precautionary measures. Okay, because the elastic is not titanium, it will wear down again and you might have to replace it again. So I got these and this is actually you're going to put the safety pin on the end of the cord after you take everything out of the package. So this part is the idea that I got from a subscriber and it also mirrors the same setup as my globe ID a bonnet, which I love so much so all you're gon na do here is take the safety pin and scrunch it all the way through The pocket, just like you did with the elastic and after you've gotten it all the way through to the other side, I am just making sure that the cord is on the edge. It will still move. It doesn't matter unless you plan on slowing that down which I don't, but this is what everything is looking like and you're going to cut to your desired length of what you want the cord to be now. The first cut that I made was very messy, and so I'm cutting off the excess fluff inside the cord and what you're gon na do after this is actually burn it so that it doesn't continue to fray at the ends and be careful with this. Do not play with fire you're, just gon na melt it a little bit and mold it with your fingers. Don'T worry, it won't burn you, but just burn it to the point where it's not gon na continue to fray, and this is what everything is looking like. I did tie a knot on the end of it and you can tie it to your desired length. I admittedly probably tied mine too long, so I might we tie it lower, but this is what everything is looking like. This is all the frayed stuff that came out of the end and yeah. Everything is super complete at this point now. At this point I did not put on the cord locks, because it was just really hard for me to do that, but I did end up getting them on there eventually and girl. I had to struggle and do it off camera, so it's not recorded and I don't think I have a method doing it. But if you do leave it down below in the comment section, it was really hard for me or maybe I just needed a different type of a lock altogether, but this is what everything is a looking like, and I'm about to show you guys now you can See how fitted everything is up against my head and there's no extra space like y'all, saw in the beginning and here's my precautionary measure. I told you guys I got the cord lock on there and I'm just going to adjust it. This will give you more time before you have to switch out the elastic again in case it wears down, and that is how long my cord is. I will probably cut it and retie it shorter, just because there's no reason for it to be that long, but as you can see, everything is taught to my head and we are all set and ready to go to bed. So I hope you guys enjoyed the video, don't forget to thumbs up, remember to let your spirit, soul and hair stay lifted like an afro puff subscribe to my world down below. So you don't miss any more videos from me and if you do, then I will see you in the next one bye, guys

Sitara !!!: GIRL! I can’t with the expensive “bonnets” that lose elasticity right away... Literally triggered. Great video / Thank you!

Michelle Fonville: That was so SMART and it definitely will save you money!! You have just inspired me to fix the broken elastic in my shower cap!! Thanks!!

Dani Tureud: Good ideas! I usually just sew mine when the elastic band wears but I never thought of using a string and cord lock. Thanks for the vid

Jazmin Chuba: Girlaaaa you just saved me so much money! I was about to purchase a whole new bonnet because I'm having the same issue. I'm so glad I came across your video, thank you ❤

DanyelleArielle: New subscriber!! This was a great tip! Definitely going to try with my bonnet

Beautelle: Great video!!!! This was one of the reasons I hadn’t purchased one of these bonnets.

Gloria Torain: Thanks for the video! I just purchased a couple of these beautiful bonnets. I'm heading out to purchase your "repair kit " to have on hand!

J A N D E: Mines over stretched within 2 months im so going to try this on mines! Thank you so much for this.

Eurydice McDaniel: Oil breaks down the rubber in the elastic along with heat I usually tack our over stretched bonnets into my daughters winter hats but those are the $3 kind

Black Butterfly: They changed the design in mine. Tag is sewn inside the bonnet and the elastic is actually stitched all around so I cant just pull it out. Instead I used your second option with the string and cord lock. Cut two slits, pulled through the cord, put some eyelits in the bonnet, pulled ends through the eyelits and then attached the cord locks. Perfect adjustable bonnet. Thank you for the idea!!

Cherie P: Thank you for this video, it was a great help.

Tanya Williams: Thank you. This is a great video!

Loving Life’s Every Moment: I have two of these bonnets from the same company. They stretched just as yours did. I plan to take mines to get them fixed just the way you did. It’s laziness as to why I am not repairing them myself. You did a great job.

Veronica Nickey: That is SUPER smart and a money saver!... But unfortunately I don’t have the patience or coordination for it. FYI, your skin looks gorgeous Evani!...

Megan M: God was your eyes! You did an amazing job! ☺

ellebeesworld: My stretch is gone in A month and a half I’m not coordinated enough to do this though lol

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