How To Cut And Sew A Reversible Hair Bonnet

  • Posted on 13 March, 2022
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Guys, hi soul mates welcome back to my channel. Thank you for coming back. If you're new here, please consider subscribing to join this family in this video i'll, be showing you how to make this beautiful, reversible bonnet that you just saw. So i have my african print fabric, a beautiful pattern of flowers, and then i also have my satin satin, with a dark face, a silk or setting, whichever one that you have so i have my taboo. I have my pair of scissors and my piece of chalk. So basically, these are the materials that i'm going to be using. So let's get straight to the tutorial so guys to begin weight. I have my square piece fabric of 29 inches on each side, 29 inches at each side, then um to continue. I'M going to be folding my fabric this way. Equally, i will find this fabric this way. Equally, then again i'll continue to fold it this way, yeah, okay. So, after the second fold um, you realize that i will be having four openings one, two three and four and and directly opposite that opening you could see that we'll be having the footed edge over here and mind you. This measurement doesn't necessarily mean this is the exactly measurement that you need to be using for your bornet. This is a big bonnet, so you can make it less or more so i'm going to be marking four inches from there from the radius select it from the points that will be using the folded point, so i'll be marking 14 inches around through the point. I don't know if i'm making sense here, so you watch what i'm doing and from the point or from the footed edge marked throughout 14 inches. That is how i want my. I want my bonnet to be big. If i want it to be small, you can reduce the inches to be say: 12. 11, 10. Depending on your preference, i want my bonnet to be big, so that's exactly what i'm using so after marking. I'M gon na cut this out. Okay guys! So i'm going to open this up after cutting off the esses, so this here we have my big circle with my beautiful flower pattern and my african print fabric, have you subscribed yet, if not, please consider subscribing like this video leave a comment in the comment section And don't forget to share so after cutting that of the african print fabric, i'm going to be using that same that same piece to cut another piece of the satin. I mean other setting that i have so i'm just going to place my circle microcom point circle by the right side facing the right side of the satin, the right side facing the right side of the satin. This enabled me to be to be able to sew this fast and easy, so i'm just pinning them down before i cut it out. Okay, so this is it i've. I'Ve cut out another piece for this setting, so what i'm going to do right now is to sew around the circle, with half of an inch and before then i'll be leaving a gap for for for me to be able to turn it out. So this is it after stitching all round excluding the six or four or more inches that i left out. So i went ahead and gave it some notches, so this is it after nothing all round, then i turn it over. I turn it out instead, so guys. This is it after turning it out. So what we're gon na do right now is to pull it out a little bit then give it a price okay, so i just flat iron it in a bit. So the next thing to do is we are going to go in and mark one inch and, on top of the one inch i'll mark half of an inch. That is exactly what i'm going to do around the circle. I mark one inch and mark half inch on top of the one inch and connect them as i go along the whole circle. Unfortunately, my chalk couldn't help, so you couldn't see the mark very well, so you just go in by one inch. Then you mark half of an inch on top of the one inch as you go along and the half inch. That is on top of the one inch as you can see, the half inches on top of the one each the one inch is going to be. The waffle on the bonnet and the half is going to be the hole that we are going to use to to pass the elastic through it to create the ruffles. Okay, guys, i'm going to the sewing machine and stitch. The second line, which is the half inch after the one inch all round, but then the first one inch line. I will stitch and exclude the five or four inches gap that i left. I hope i'm making myself clear here so guys. This is it after stitching. It so i have my second line, all stitch round and the first line stitch, leaving a gap of the four inches or the five inches here. So with my elastic band console drain, your head, circumference i'll, be using 21 inches by the way. So i'm going to pass my safety pin through the elastic bun. That is what i'll be going to be using to pass through the tiny hole about a half inch hole curated in the circle to create a ruffles. So exactly what i'm doing? I just passed. My safety pin through the half inch hole i'll push it carefully or gently while pulling the fabric now to be on the safer side, you can pin down the other end of your um, your elastic band, to the to the circle, to avoid everything entering into the Hole which is going to be a very big problem for you, if it helping so so gently push your safety pin through the circle and then pull out the the fabric exactly so so i'm going to go around by creating the ruffles hello there. So have you yet subscribed if not yet subscribe, please what are you waiting for click on the subscribe button? Click on the like button and leave a comment in the comment section. Don'T forget to share to your friends and family so guys, as you can see, after passing, your elastic band through the half inch hole in the circle. This is your roughly curated, so at this gentler you can decide to tie your elastic band or take it to the sewing machine and stitch it down. I prefer to stitch it down, so i'm going to place the other end of my elastic band. On top of the the other and stitch it down like this, so i'm taking it to my sewing machine and to justice. To that don't forget, i just pulled out my safety pin so guys i just stitched down the elastic band. So i'm just going to close the one inch gap that we left then close the edge of the circle. So this is done. This is our burnet. This is our beautiful bonnet. You can rock this anywhere anywhere necessary. Okay. So i'm placing this on my dummy head. This is it; this is how big my bonnet looks like. Thank you guys for watching this video stay tuned for more videos subscribe and like for more videos, bye,

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