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  • Posted on 12 July, 2019
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Having a job where you have to completely cover your hair at works makes for some really bad “after work” hair. In this video I talk about what I do when I want to have a good day after wearing a hat all day :)

Some of this info may also apply for people who have to cover their hair for religious or cultural reasons.

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Hey guys curly Susie here from Cape Breton Nova Scotia, you guys know that I'm an operating room nurse, and so this video is gon na, seem like it's geared mostly towards nurses, but really this video is for anybody any of you out there who have curly hair, Who work in a job where you have to keep your hair covered all day before I talk about what I do want to get to work, I'm gon na talk about the mornings before work, or maybe even the evening before I have to work the main thing That I do on these days is that I use a lot less product. My hair is going to be covered for the day, and so, if I use too much product, I just find it completely flattens my hair. I have no volume and it's harder for me to refresh so I would wake up. I sleep on my silk pillowcase to prevent like a ton of frizz, I just wake up. I put either a little bit of water in my hands or I gently spritz, my hair, with a spray bottle, and then I add like a little bit of mousse or a little bit of gel just over the surface of my hair and scrunch it just so That my hair looks defined and styled enough to make it from home to work okay, so I'm at work got my scrubs on, but again, if you're, not a nurse, maybe you work in hospitality or you work in a restaurant and you have to wear a uniform And cover your hair, I got my uniform on. We do have a very, very strict dress code policy, obviously in the operating room. So normally I wouldn't have like a chain on and rings and we have our clothing laundered at the facility. So the first option are just these regular disposable caps and in some hours and some facilities and I'm sure some restaurants and places like that. You are required to wear a disposable hat. So I have three different kinds: I have a size, small, a size large, and then I have one of these extra-large kind of bouffant caps. At some facilities and some jobs, you may be permitted to wear a cloth hat, and these are a little bit more stylish and there's pros and cons to wearing these as well and in some places you have to wear a hairnet all of these tips and things That I talked about are going to apply to anyone that is wearing any of those types of hats, advantages and disadvantages of the cloth. Hats and it depends on what brand you buy, but most of them are made of cotton, and the advantage is that I find that these don't dry my hair out as much as the disposable ones. Um. The disadvantage is that they are very tight to your head and they tend to crush my curls. So I used to wear these a little bit more often, and then I found they kind of wrecked, my hair, more so than the disposable ones. When I had a ponytail, I would take all of my hair and I would very loosely kind of twist it and I put a claw clip up towards, like the back of my head to keep my hair loosely piled on top of my head, or I would Use like a satin or silk scrunchie and I would do a little loose bun and then put this on, but with my short hair, it's quite easy. There we go very cute and then I'll kind of loosen it up. You can kind of shake your hair. A little bit underneath it, but not really it's pretty tight. So the pros of these are that, like I said, they're a little bit, cuter they're made out of cotton and I find they don't dry, my hair off very badly, but the biggest con about these hats. For me is that they're tight to my head. So if I have too much product in my hair, my hair looks really flat at the end of the day, like it will kind of crush my hair to my head and if I have mousse or gel in my hair in the morning, it's really hard to Refresh my hair, and so that's why I always recommend just very lightly styling your hair in the morning, if you're wearing a hat like this every day, I just have one thing that I'm going to suggest and if there's anybody else on here, who's a nurse or Works in any kind of a job where you have to wear a tight cloth cap. Please leave your suggestions below, but what I have done in the past when wearing these hats is, I will clip up the top part of my hair, and this is good if you have long hair or if you have short hair with my short hair I'll. Just take a couple little clips and I will clip my roots upwards. I know this looks ridiculous right now, but it does work alright. So that gives me a little bit of volume at the top of my head and believe it or not. These hat a little bit more room right on the top. So when I've done this in the past, I know what you're thinking like the clips are gon na feel annoying in your hair, but it's not any different than if you were wearing your hair. Like half up and half down with clips, it really doesn't bother me at all. I'Ve also used like little claw clips before, but when wearing these hats, I will clip my roots a little bit and then, when i refresh my hair at the end of the day, I do find I have more volume and my hair has a better shape guys. I have to be honest. I don't do this all the time because during regular week days when I have nothing to do after work, I really don't care that much. What my hair looks like as long as it looks. Okay, then that's good for me, but if let's say I had to go out somewhere after work, and I want my hair to look really good after work, I will clip my roots disposable cap. So most of you will have these disposable caps. My tips for wearing disposable caps are simple: choose the largest size that the elastic fit snugly around your head. So I mean I know it doesn't look super cute like here's a size, small, not that this looks great, but it looks a little bit better than this. I just find this soul puffy and makes my head look like a mushroom, but my after work hair looks so much better, so I make the sacrifice and 9 out of 10 times. I wear these hats. If I want my hair to look really good after work, if I was going on to dinner with friends or something after work enough that I do that very often. But if I was, I would clip the front of my hair or clip my roots and to combat one of the number one biggest problems I had with these hats. I actually ordered something on Amazon, so the thing about the disposable cap is yes, it's puffy and my hair has more room and my hair looks better after work, but I found that whatever material these are made of really dried. My hair, Oh in order to combat the drying out of the hair, I ordered a couple of satin caps on Amazon and again it just depends on how good you want your hair to look after work. So if you don't care what your hair looks like after work, then you can just do a quick refresh and not have to go through all this. But I've had days where I was going somewhere like I said right after work, and I really wanted my hair to look good, so I ordered these. They were both eight dollars for five of these on Amazon. If I can find the link I'll leave it below - and this is just a very loose satin cap - and it's in a very similar shape to these now, the issue with these is that these are not facility laundered and they're, not technically a scrub hat. So I know in my facility I wouldn't be able to get away with just wearing these, even though they look the same as a regular scrub hat. But I can wear this under the cloth, hats and it's nice and loose. So it doesn't bother me at all. So I'm just going to show you what I do so you can see my hair is nice and loose under this satin cap. If I wanted to have a lot of volume at the end of the day, I could clip my roots and then I put my disposable cap right on top of it, I find this quite comfortable. My hair does not come out from underneath it, and I do find that this gives me the best results, and you know I'm meeting facility policy because I'm covering it with a disposable hat and nobody can actually really tell. I even have that on underneath now that I've talked about my hat options, I'm going to talk about three other things that I do throughout the day that helps my hair to look good at the end of my shift tip number one I already mentioned. I make sure that I don't have too much product in my hair when I first get to work. My second tip has to do with brakes, so we get a warning break and then we also get a lunch break and what I do on both of my breaks is, I make sure I take my hat off and I just shake my hair out a little Bit and I give it a little bit of time to breathe before I put my hat back on and go back to work. The third thing that I do is, I just make sure my hair is completely completely dry when I get to work, and this is the opposite of what I did before I started working in the or before I get into specifics, I'm gon na talk about like What you're gon na need to have at work, so you're gon na have to have supplies. Hopefully you have a locker, but if you don't you just need enough stuff that you can fit in your purse or your bag that you take to work daily or maybe you can keep it in the staff washroom, I'm not sure your specific situation, but because the Situation varies and because I don't want to have my locker stuffed full of things. I only really keep two things at work, so one thing that is an option is a spray bottle, so I have a spray bottle from the dollar store. This I keep at my home because when I'm refreshing my hair at home, it's probably because I'm going somewhere or I'm refreshing my hair for the day and I'm not going to work. So I want to use a spray bottle to really make sure that I uniformly moisten my hair before I put my products in but at work. To be honest, I don't use this every time. Sometimes I forget it, and sometimes I just use water from the sink in my hands, and I do find that works. You know okay for at work, but if you can have a spray bottle at work that would really help. The second thing you have to have is some kind of a styling product with hold in it, so I used to want to have longer hair. I would make sure I had a spray bottle and I would keep a styling cream and a gel now that my hair is shorter. I find it so much easier to refresh and I can get away with one product, so I'm going to show a few products that I do use. This is the one I use most often so I just spritz my hair or wet my hair in the sink, and I use this bioterror gel, and this is a small bottle easy to keep in my locker or in my purse. I also have the Herbal Essences totally twisted mousse. I really like this and I use this some days. The only thing with this - and I mentioned it before - and it's funny because this is Polly quartz in it, and this is Polly Klaas in it. But I find, if I use this every day, I do get like a filmy buildup, but if I use it a couple of times a week, it works awesome. So I actually have one of these and one of these in my locker. The other thing that I've used to refresh my hair at work is this lust love your curls, all-in-one repair and hydrating style. This is like a styling cream and a gel and a leave-in. All in one bottle, which is really convenient, I don't want to confuse you guys. What I'm trying to do is kind of tell you that you should use whatever products. You think work really well for you, and it takes a little bit of trial and error. When I have longer hair, I found this with a styling cream work, the best for me and now that my hair is short. To be honest, I find I can get away with any of these, and my hair looks great. It might look slightly different either way, but I just mix and match these at times. The other thing I keep in my locker in my purse are like little clips or claw clips or bobby pins. Now, I'm going to show you how i refresh my hair after work. If you don't know what refresh is you're, probably new to the curly girl method, it's basically just a way to kind of revamp your hair without having to get a shower or soaking your hair. Completely so after work, I do refresh my hair. Sometimes I use the spray bottle and sometimes I just use the sink at work. It depends on what you have available to you, but I only do my hair in two sections, because you guys know when you get off work, especially if you have little children, you want to get home as soon as possible. So all I do is I take you know like. I said claw clips that I have in my locker and I just pin the top part of my hair back and then I spritz the bottom layer of my hair with a spray bottle or I wet my hands in the sink, and I put some water on The bottom part of my hair - I'm not gon na spray, my hair with the spray bottle, because I found it out in the garage and I'm very suspicious that my husband had spray 9in this. I just wanted to show you guys the bottle that actually, I would just spritz my hair and then I would take a little bit of mousse or gel or my lust three and one whatever. Not a ton rub it between my hands and I would kind of praying hand it over my hair or just smooth it over my hair. I don't rape my fingers through my hair, because I find it gives me too much volume. But if you like more volume than you can rake the product through your hair and then I give it a little scrunch, that's it takes two seconds and then I take the top part down, and I repeat so I either take water from the tap in my Hands and I kind of run it over my hair or I take my spritz bottle and I spritz my hair. Oh my god, my hair looks crazy right now. I'M gon na have to actually go in the mirror and refresh my hair, but then I take a little bit more gel or mousse or whatever, or both rub it between my hands and I kind of smooth it over my hair and some inside like this, and I scrunch, then I just give my hair a little shake there and it's a little tiny bit damp, and I leave like this thanks so much for watching. If you like, my video subscribe to my channel - and I will see you very soon in pregnancy - update video bye,

Mariam MJ: Oh my God Susie thank you! FINALLY covered curly hair is addressed on YouTube! Those of us who live in countries where hair covering is required, or those who cover their hair for religious reasons are going find this video very very helpful!

Debra Rubin-Roberts: Hi Susie! I hope you are feeling better. When it gets colder out, would you please consider doing a video on wearing winter hats and/or ski helmets. My curly hair has yet to look good when I go skiing with my husband and kids. They do not care how my hair looks, but I do. LOL! Easy does it and feel good during your pregnancy.

Susan Watson / emzadia: Thank you for your caring profession. I spent last year in and out of the hospital, having two life-saving surgeries that were unrelated, if you can imagine. Spent a month on a SNF after the first one. So I really appreciated all those caring nurses, aides, doctors, nutrition folks that came up to me, and rehab people. I was really needy at the time, lol. So, thank you.

Jill G: Try a hard hat lol. I'm usually bad and crush mine into a low bun, but I've seen girls actually flip their head and sort of plop their hair into the upper part of the hard hat. Seems like a really good idea

sunshineisalady: I just started following you and I love your videos! I’m a surgical tech in Labor and Delivery so this video in particular was really special to me especially once I found out you’re expecting. You seem like you’d be a lot of fun to work with too :) Hope everything goes smoothly for you from here on out, and thank you for sharing your knowledge!

Melanie Davis: This video really helped! On long summer walks, my hair gets mashed under a hat. No more! I walked today with my hair in a pineapple, as when going to bed, and just (carefully) put a hat on it. I thought it would look weird, like I had a lump on my head, but it actually looked fine. After the walk, my hair was lovely and voluminous! Thank you so much!

Stephanie Bond: Thank you Susie! I've been waiting so long for a video like this! Best wishes for your pregnancy!

Food N Fitness By Dr Puja Deshpande: Thank you Susie. I am an Anesthesiologist and all day covered in my scrubs and caps. This video really made my day.

janani Ks: Wow ! This is sooo great ! I’m a gynaecologist and I found it really difficult on my theatre days ! These are amazzzing tips ! Thanks Susie! Ur a curl saver

Shellie Mac: I’m a nurse too (UK) . I don’t wear caps but still have to have my hair tied up. I can’t wear just a ponytail as it’s so long ( has to be off the colour completely) so I usually wear it in a bun. Any suggestions from fellow nurses are very welcome as I don’t want to pull my hair tight anymore, especially when I start CG method. Love your videos xxx

Sabrina Perez: This video was way ahead of its time! Loved it! Thank you and I’m glad you also considered those who aren’t in the medical field

Sewingwithemmi: I’m a theatre nurse too this has help me loads I worked last night and my hair was so flat and curls crushed when I took my disposable hat off!!! X

Whitney Wujko Ayala: I have the same satin bonnets from Amazon! I wear them inside out to sleep so that the smooth side is on my hair thanks for another great video ❤️

DriftwoodBeachMom: Thank you! Your recommendations were spot on and perfect for my curly hair!

pjwhite1002: Those satin caps are great! I actually found something similar at WalMart and use it to sleep in. It helps protect my curls from crushing too much. I actually wear it inside out, though, as the satin is on the outside and really should be on the inside to keep it slippery. But I wonder if it should actually be a silk/satin as satin is usually a man-made fabric, polyester or rayon or some such, not good for curls as I think they dry out the hair. Same goes for satin pillow cases, silk is better. I have that as well. Will check out the link for amazon's caps. Hopefully, they have silk ones. Thanks!! :-D

Laurie Kristovich: Thank you for all your help but most of all thank you for being YOU. Blessings to you with all my heart ❤️

Krystle: I work in medical device manufacturing and we have to wear the awful bonnets that dry out your hair. They’re polyester, I believe. Thanks for the advice on wearing a satin bonnet underneath! That is going to be a life changer!

Ally Newton: Finally! I work as a cna and always have to have my hair up. Thank you for this Susie!

vanilla beurrehaus: Oh my god! I'm a surgical tech and I have been wondering if other curly girls suffer in a bouffant all day like me...To find a video addressing this issue is amazing! Thanks!

Erin B.: I am a dentist in the US. Used to wear my hair in an octopus clip and wash every day due to the contaminated overspray and debris from peoples mouths. Now that my CG journey has started, I am wearing scrub caps to decrease the number of times i need to shampoo. This is a great video!!!!!

Melissa Espinoza: Thank you so much for this video, I'm new to my curly hair journey but I wear caps for work and needed to find out what to do with my hair. thanks again!!

Michelle Knowles: Thanks for this. I'm a care aide who works in assisted living, & caps aren't required. I do wear headbands to keep the sweat out of my eyes. I do have two cotton caps that just arrived from Amazon & I'm going to try them. Thanks for this video for ideas on how to keep my hair from being blah after my shift. Something I learned recently that's been helping is to add dry shampoo to my hair before I get all sweaty, whether from work or other stuff, & it really does help to keep my hair from being too gross after work. Also, after work I can shake my hair out & run my fingers through it, & I have plenty of volume & the sweat hasn't had a chance to build up as much. So I figure the caps might add to that to keep my hair from being too full of sweat, especially because of the salt, after. Thanks for this video - you've given me some great ideas. I have type 2C hair. So not as curly as yours, but there is a lot of it & has definite curls & waves.

Allison Roundy: Hi Susie! I just wanted to tell you that I finally got the bioterra gel and I’m really excited to see how it works for my hair! Thank you so much for your simple curly girl videos, a fellow curly girl, mom, and nurse from Maine, Allison

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Katarzyna: Thank You!!!! I'm a neonatologist and we spend a lot of time on NICU wearing scrub hats and I'll definately try the silk one. Maybe I can sew one myself. You're brilliant! Thnx again!!! :*

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Murphy Sealy: I’m a cath lab nurse and must wear a scrub cap as well. The best way for me to preserve my curls is to put my hair half up half down w a claw clip. I put on a satin sleep cap first. Then put on a cotton bouffant scrub cap over the satin.

Nancy B: This video is so helpful! Thank you❣️

Jacqueline McPhee: Aaaaahhhhhhh, so excited about this video!!!! Also amused that you also work in Sydney, mine is a little further south than yours. I'm an anaesthetist/anaesthesiologist and I've been asking how to not squish my curls in a theatre cap FOREVER! Thank you, thank you! No-one in normal curly groups gets it. As a wavy I just get squished mess (from cloth caps similar to the first one you showed) despite putting it in a loose bun on top of my head with an Invisibobble. Must admit I loathe the disposable caps. Pretty sure my workplace would have no objections to the satin "artists" cap as there is no logical reason why they are any different to cotton caps and we are allowed to make our own. There are also a few papers which show that bacterial and skin shedding is significantly less with material headgear than those disposable ones plus better for the environment. Will try bringing some clips and root clipping as well.

MaryAnn Bohlen: Susie, I need your advice, (and anyone else with a suggestion) I have to wear a ball cap with a hard hat liner. I sweat. Alot. If I use gel it can run down and is sticky. My hair gets broken from the hat rubbing it. Any thoughts? Thanks. Your are an inspiration in so many ways.

Alex Pardey: Ha! I'm a medical student in Sydney, Australia and I do some stuff at North Sydney hospital here, so seeing your scrubs was really funny. I've been looking all over for a video about how to keep my curls looking happy in a scrub cap for aaaages, so I'm glad I found you! Super helpful!

Courtney Rodgers: Could you DIY a satin lined cloth cap? You could get a bit of satin or silk from a fabric store and hand sew it ( possibly even glue) into your caps.

Princess Pea: So you steal his T-shirts, and he steals your spray bottles. A match made in heaven!

Jill Hill: So I live that you did this video! I have commented previously that I am also a nurse in the OR. I am currently wearing two of the xl printed hats (usually palm trees and , can’t respect myself in the s). I clip 1/2 my hair up loosely and put one hat on the top 1/2 of my head, then I take the 2nd cap and cover the lower half of my hair up to the clip. The double hat method makes my hair keep the most curl at the end of the day without too much crushing. I am going to try the silk caps from amazon using the double hat method and see how that turns out. Great tips and as always thanks for sharing!

Paula Hillier: Praying for a safe and healthy momma and baby.

Gillian: Hmmm- my only option is a disposable cap shaped like the cotton one you show - it has elastic at the nape of the neck. My hair is always terrible after work but i just get on with it at this point! I will give the clips a go and report back but have a feeling they might rip the paper/fabric(?!)

Haley Anderson: Such great advice Susie! I love your hair short too by the way

Cindy Bentley: That’s what I do with my hair before work!

mortygal: I am a funeral director and embalmer. The funeral home supplies the disposable caps for when I embalm. I never liked those. Seemed to make me sweaty and crush my hair, so I'd just pull my hair back and forgo the head cover. Now that I'm doing curly girl I'll either do a satin cap, silk scarf wrap, or a buff to protect my hair. That seems to keep the smell of formaldhyde off my hair which is important now that I only wash my hair every 4 - 5 days. I have a bottle of shea moisture spray in my locker to lightly refresh once I'm done, especially since the chances of dealing with the public is pretty great when I'm here at work.

Christ’s Warrior: I have both the cloth hats, and the disposables. I usually end up wearing the big bouffant. I have never seen the satin hats, but I might try it under a disposable cap! Are you a surgical technologist? I'm a CST! :) Thanks so much for this video!

Rochelle Hotta: wooooh we have exactly the same satin cap. i don't use this for long hours because the band(garter) is quite tight, it leaves marks on my forehead. i use a silk cap with little band at the back and you just have to ribbon the long lace to tighten it up

Ms. Sally Ann: I’m a vet technician. I have found some cloth scrub caps for long hair that work well.

Sailboat RN: Who knew you were a nurse? I started following you due to curly hair! I am a retired RN of over 23 years.

Wilmatoday: Susie I just use Lily of the Desert 99% Aloe Vera and I got the best cast and curl ever!!!!!!!! I feel so good about this and it's all good stuff for my hair to absorb wish you would try this while pregnant ♥

Stevie Ray: Medical is the worst for having to hide/cover/pull back hair!! if you're going somewhere after...ugh!! Thanks for the tips!!

Alissa Mills: I’m a vet tech and need my hair in a baseball cap for work. I like to do a long ponytail braid to at least keep it clean and off my neck. I just style it on the weekend unfortunately ‍♀️

Nicole McCafferty: Such a good video. Thanks! I want to try root clipping, any tips and tricks?

Elizabeth Orsillo: I work in food service, and I normally use the disposable bouffant-style hairnets. So if I have to work a long stretch of days, I don’t put product in my hair. And most of the time I’m sweating! . I find that I need to shampoo and condition my hair every other day. I use products on my days off, and that seems to work best for me. I have type 2 hair cut into a chin-length bob, so shorter hair is definitely so much easier to take care of!

Tina: I wear a hard hat for a 12 hour shift in a hot, sweaty nuclear plant...I haven’t found anything yet that helps keep any style to my hair so I end up just tucking it up under the hat & hoping for the best. Thank you for your suggestions

Donna Foust: Use a good fitting disposable hat as a pattern & make your own loose fitting one. Easy & cheap.

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Cindy Ostrowski: Hey Susie! What if you were to plop your hair in the cap? I wonder if that would help the volume some?

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