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  • Posted on 20 November, 2018
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Hey everyone! My name is Isabel Galvin. i'm a 26 year old stay at home mom of two little boys. I started my youtube channel in January of this year and I've been having so much fun with it. I make videos on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and the ups and downs of being a parent. Please subscribe so you can follow along! xoxoxo

Oh hi, everyone welcome back to my channel. My name is Isabel. If you are new here and in today's video, I'm gon na show you how to get these tight. Dutch braids. I wear my hair like this all the time and I've had quite a few requests to do my hair, I'm sure there's a ton of videos on how to do your hair like this on YouTube, but hopefully I explained to you how to do it somewhat easily. I hope it makes sense um. I love doing my hair like this. I do it all the time. Alright enough of me talking, let's jump right into the video and I'll show you how to Dutch braid your hair alright, so we are going to start out with know, I'm having this crooked whole done. I think together alright, so we are gon na start out with just a couple things that you need um. I prefer to have these teeny little plastic elastic band so that when you tie the ends that you can't really see them that well whatever these are called with a little pick at the end, unless you have acrylic nails, so you can use that to do your Part and then right now my hair is like super. It'S not like super super dirty, but it's pretty dirty um and the ends are just kind of like they're doing what they want down there. So I'm just gon na put a little bit of my bio silk. Serum just like a blob, and I'm just gon na put it through the ends of my hair, to just kind of slick and just put whatever the rest lighting isn't like this, so make sure your hair is brushed out. Obviously I already brushed it out but um, depending on where you want to have your part. Oh my god, I don't like it. I prefer it to be right down the middle. I have like a weird hairline um, so I just follow from the middle of my nose up and that's how I prefer like a straight middle part. So using this just making a perfect, that's not perfect. Okay, I had to get my mirror over here, but I hope you can still see there. We go so just do the best you can to make a straight line and net go straight down the back and then part it and grab one section of hair, and then you can just do a hair, elastic or whatever. I just have a clip right here. So definitely pin back so definitely pin back once whatever side you're not working on, so that nothing gets tangled up with each other. So before we started anything just keep in mind, you want to take really small pieces, at least for how I, like my braids, to look, I like to try to take really small pieces instead of taking big chunks, because the braid will look a lot tighter and It will be that smaller to bigger braids look, so I also do a Dutch braid, so I'm gon na do an inside-out braid instead of going over instead of pulling the pieces over you, you put them under. So I'm gon na try to explain this to the best of my ability, but I just start out - and I just take my finger and do like a little triangle in the front like that break it into three pieces. I just put my fingers just like that and make one two three pieces: okay, so with the piece farthest to the back, I'm gon na put it under the piece in the middle. So we're looking like that and then this piece all the way in the front. I'M gon na put under the piece that I just brought forward and then we're gon na looking like this and then I'm going to take the piece in the back again go under the piece of the middle. The piece and the very front go under the piece in the middle and then you're gon na start collecting hair. So make sure you do a double braid like make sure you do two passes over to make that really tight and then we're going to start. Adding really small pieces of hair, so I'm gon na grab a little section from the front a little section from the back and we're just gon na continue doing that so put it under the middle beus and put the front piece under the middle piece again and Really, my biggest tip for you is just to take small pieces and take your time and pull everything really tight, so just make sure you're keeping all fingers separate just grabbed a piece of hair put it in with that back piece under the middle piece and the Same with the front piece, all right so one side is done, is easy enough. It'S funny for me, because whenever I do my hair like this people will be like. Did you do that yourself and I'm like yeah? It'S like the easiest thing. I do it all. The time and it's like so therapeutic for me, I don't know if that's like so weird but like when I'm in bed watching a show like I just braid my hair, not like this but I'll, just like braid pieces of my hair. I just find it so therapeutic okay. So now all we're gon na do is do the exact same thing to the other side of your head, all right. So, if you can see, I have a couple crazy pieces sticking out like that. So all you have to do is just kind of like play with it and just tuck it back under the best that you can. If they keep sticking out, you can take a bobby pin and just like push it around and push it into the braid. Alright, everyone, so here is the final product. I hope you learned something new here today. If you have any questions, leave a comment and I'll absolutely answer it for you. If there's any other hair looks that you want to see, let me know - and I will see you guys in my next video bye

Road Block: To the girl/guy rewatching this video for the fifth time, about to throw their hairbrush in frustration, you got this! It's gonna come eventually ❤️❤️

1004myg: this is actually talent that people just don’t even recognize like i’ve been trying to braid my hair like this my whole life AND I CANT DO IT

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